Britain's Got Talent 2019 Auditions | WEEK 1 | Got Talent Global

čas přidán 10. 04. 2019
Watch the best and worst auditions from week 1 of Britain's Got Talent 2019!
Including performances by:
Fabulous Sisters
The Queen
The Singing Cabbies
Flakefleet Primary School Choir
Vardanyan Brothers
Jimmy Tamley
Siobhan Phillips
Sassy Steve
Y Pedwar Covi
High Five
David Watson
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  • Rtyy

  • El mejor espectáculo de danza que he visto en ese programa

  • El mejor homenaje que recibirán por siempre amigos de Got Talet.. El hecho por estos increíbles niños y su maestro 😇✌️😍💝😘😘

  • Was it actually the queen?

  • SHE Saviour Hebrew Eliminate. #Think you are?

  • I have never seen the judges cry?

  • Zzz Hola mi amor, perdona que no me comunicado para nada contigo, sweetheart, estoy portándome mal contigo. Eres la persona mas excepcional que yo he conocido y mira, amorcito, como te maltrato. No mereces nada de Esto. Estás seguro que quieres casarte conmigo? Sabes amor 💕 te has dado cuenta que soy muy voluble? Debes de tener un.

  • How could the patrols stand still and not laugh😂


  • I loved how the 2nd one I think kept on saying “ok” that was adorable for me lmao

  • Trash!!!!!!!!

  • Steven doesn’t even have a golden buzzer 💀😂😂😂

  • I’m sorry but the creepy Agatha one made me shiver

  • The children's choir was pure perfection. It doesn't get better than that. David was emotional because his love of children. He has written many children's book. I don't have the words to express how amazing I think the head teacher is. I have my own story about a teacher I met where my granddaughters went to school. The man I thought was just another parent turned out to be a teacher at the school. He begins to tell me how impressed he is with my granddaughters. He tells all these wonderful things about them. I then introduced myself and asked who he was. He then introduces himself. He tells his name is Matt and teaches three different grades and subjects. Then he continues to say these very nice things about the girls. He is about half my age with this kind, gentle spirit about him. My intuition tells me this man is a great teacher who loves what he does and truly cares for his students. Now, I'm impressed.

  • The singing men may have not been the best, but I kinda feel bad for them 😢

  • someone said she will die this year and harry leaving is end of tyrany monarchy

  • if the queen start breakdancing suddenly that would be awesome show

  • اكو عرب اهنا شارك بلايك

  • brothers Vardanian are the Best!!

  • I don't think that the queen was actually the two queen

  • I loved when David lifted up any from the bin

  • Jame, I think you are right

  • So funny

  • That was one of the new episodes. Flakefleet primary school was the best

  • Fake, doctored show manipulated by no less than cowell

  • Talantlar shou zõr bu shouda haqiqiy talantlar bor

  • Je ne c omprend ce gag Mais c'est comique Merci Yveline

  • Wonderful this guys are magnificent dengeourus

  • the robot was the best one


  • How cn they do this 2 brothers with weapon i mm shocked

  • 12:00 damn, im crying

  • i like steven. but why have im on this show when we have ant and dec. i dont get it

  • DAVID👍👍👍👍👍

  • 🌹🌹❤⚘⚘

  • David traumatized Simon again and again

  • 日本人すげw

  • Gmoloji Sanat Dünyası /KANALIMIZ NABİT YANİ NUGGET ALTIN BULDUK DOĞAL NATURAL ALTIN DOĞADAN İNSANA EN BÜYÜK HEDİYE Gemoloji Sanat Dünyası/Gemology Art World/My Channel #altınlar#dağlardan#sel#sularıyla#göllere#sürüklenmişler#sizde#bulabilirsiniz#natural#nugget#gold #natural#nugget#gold#altınlar#dağlardan#sel#sularıyla#göllere#sürüklenmiş#denk#geldi#topladık BLUE SAPPHİRE,RUBY,EMERALD #diamond #blue #sapphire #red #ruby #emerald DİAMOND,RUBY,BLUE SAPPHİRE Test #diamond #blue #sapphire #red #ruby #emerald #elmas #doğada #her #yerde #bulabilirsiniz #kırmızı #yakut #mavi #safir #ham #kesilmiş #özellikleri

  • Nút vàng nước ngoài , thấy rất quang trọng, có thể làm nên lịch sử, còn vn như loz

  • 29:11 I expected Simon to buzz the red. ---> 30:44 I was expecting David to buzz the gold... but nope.

  • 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵

  • The ventriloquist is copying the 2015 agt champ

  • Those kids were amazing and talented and they made everyone love them they deserve it hope the best for them💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 the best teacher

  • Mix talents

  • Does Simon Cowell shows still exist?

  • Simon's scarred for life

  • Love the dalek, love Dr Who! I had a dalek sticker on my car, EXTERMINATE ur stick family, with the ppl running, with the dad pushing the stroller but the baby running in front. Gotta get a new one! Would've love him to say EXTERMINATE after getting buzzed! LOL

  • #FlakeFleet xDD ;D 😄😅😁😸😹👍👍👍👌

  • Bravo paidia

  • 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍👍👍

  • Super

  • Eeerrr!! Wtf that old fart over sixty seriously annoys me fundamentally, and gave me one of the worst cringe feel I got in my life. Its just badly annoying and I soo much agree with Alisha Dixon and Dave but he then changed his mind for the other two judges, and I believe Simon also would’ve press X on this old fart and then tell him the reality after his performance just like he normally does with every contestant on his show, whether they like it or not he tells them exactly what they need to hear. But these days his changed and become more lenient. I know he would’ve say no to this old fart but he didn’t because of the cheering of the fans who cheer to anything and everything most of the times because they drunk and hyped up and exited over the lights colourings and barely even paying any attention whatsoever to the the individuals performing on stage, and those you see who are, they are only acting because they know they on camera. The only ones who watch these performance are the ones sat at home. Simon should say no to that dude but he went with fans and David only took that X off this old fart because he thought of siding with the other two judges and leave Alisha alone. And that’s haw they judge the performance most of the time. It’s not about haw good they think about the individual and the performance, it’s more about which judges each of these judges feel comfortable with while sitting on the judges panel, and who’s kissing who’s ass on that panel. I can believe they let that old fart through, I mean I would’ve asked him, has he missed out on his life, or has he not grown yet. I know old people can sing but this old fart wasn’t even about that, and came to Britains got talent with a childish behaviour and liked to embarrass himself, and thats his talent. Believe me people like this old fart are just wast of life, seriously if I was him I’d be reading books learning more about life or the planet we live in and read and study all religious scriptures most definitely and also seek general knowledge. I seriously don’t see what this old fart sees in what he does and finds it a form of pleasure to him or talent in his case, Waaaw seriously its ridiculous. The old fart doesn’t have the slightest clue of the precious time his wasting.

    • Tiffany Kibria I'll keep this short. That was longest and extremely negative comment I've ever read. Why are you such a bitter and unhappy old fart?

  • 27:35 where did “Ron” the robot say he was from that was funny, I couldn’t understand. I’ve been rewinding and repeating it soo many times for half an hour just find out but still could not grasp the words. Then I started looking all over comment section to see if anyone was talking about the robot and mentioned it but couldn’t not find it. And naw that’s just made me even more desperate to know and it’s stuck in my head just messing with me. Please can someone ransom me with the answers that’s the key to releases me from this mental toucher I am chained in and help me become Scott free once again in my life. Until then am going to remain fundamentally in this hostage situation. You can support and sponsor in discovering the cure and supplying the right treatment to this vulnerable situation. Please help thank you.

    • Am just trying to sound professional and serious as much as I can. That should tell you haw desperate i am, seriously I don’t think I can sleep at night without it, it’s just going to be messing with my head until I find out and have that assurance in my heart, until then there’s no peace in my mind but just no mercy

  • Nagyon szépek nagyon jó nèzni !

  • Я не учитель и не преподаватель. Но! Я с удовольствием дал бы счастья и радость детям. Как на 13:00


  • Got me -

  • I'm American and I am super confused about the Queen, was it an act or for real. 😕🤔🤨😬

  • I really live the soul of joking you know guy's when heart be open and smile filled faces ... and that tge real show for all

  • #BRASILLL😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💪🤴