Brother Terrified of Sister's Driving

čas přidán 18. 01. 2023
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a brother is terrified of his sister driving.

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Also in this video, a person saved a cat from street dogs. A guy breaks a weight machine. Someone turned off the lights at an ice rink. A pig is wearing a hat.

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  • I lost it when the random guy asked for 100 dollars and then started to fill up his whole bag with money.

    • @Daily Dose of Music I was SO excited to listen to Fill Gollins, but then nothing!

    • that guy has definitely murdered a teenager in his lifetime

    • Atleast he asked. The end. I would have done the same.

  • the audacity from the officer to ask "are you sure about that" after she literally said she was a lawyer

    • ​@Aaron O'Sullivan there are no consequences for simply talking to someone like that. It doesn't matter if he was being recorded or not 🤦

    • @Loonie Moonie Yep, I would love to see how that worked out for her! When the cuff go on she can NOT yell "Objection your honor"

    • I thought he said "sorry about that"?

    • His name is JOHN CENA!!

  • She's legitimately concerned she's about to raise a child with him. I would be too.

    • @Rihand Parde Yeah OK buddy. Men are not allowed to express happiness. That's what you're getting from all these comments. Life must be hard for you if you wildly misinterpret everything you read.

    • @VoidAndCold Yeah and then cry for child support.

    • @Alyssa Smith ok who asked

  • The person who helped that kiddo out needs a Good Samaritan Award

    • he just missed his target and stopped before hitting the turkey instead XD

    • @Darren Chen you need to restrain yourself from plowing turkeys?

    • Good restraint not plowing the turkey

    • @RoanTheMad same.

  • Can we just take a second to appreciate how he doesn't make you wait until the end of the video, just to see the thing on the thumbnail like most people would. It honestly surprised me at first. Great job 👍

    • Fr

    • @CitrusButter yeah that's a mistake on my part then

    • @CitrusButter if you're talking about me, I understand, but can a guy just appreciate a good CS-tvr now.

  • The flash of immense regret and dread on that mother's face in the gender reveal clip says so much..

    • @JKBisms thanks 💪😎👍

    • ​@Alyssa Smith You're kidding right

    • Seriously, the way he smashes that table with food on it, shoves past her just to make a mess out of the carefully prepared decorations, and yells the whole time, I don't blame her for the reaction she had. She did mask it pretty quick though. I really feel bad. If that's how he "celebrates," I'd hate to see what he's like when he's mad.

  • 2:08 this part makes me so happy 😆 just the calmness that the driver takes to deter the terror turkey, just so slow and determined yet gentle, the smallest things make the biggest outcomes sometimes 😂

    • @Isaacreeper It is funny

    • @Bobby Lawson I understand, its just the expression "terror turkey" that got me. Like the way it was used and the alliteration made it super funny.

    • @Isaacreeper Wild turkeys are real aggressive

    • that kid is probably gonna have a turkey phobia

    • Facts, instead of recording

  • I've never seen anyone being this afraid of a squirrel. I'm shocked.

    • ​@kennington rundthey also have a higher bite force than lions

    • I know what my grandpas face looks like because of a squirrel. His fear is justified.

    • It reminded me of Christmas Vacation 🤣

    • @Galen Burnett 😆 I actually messed myself up a bit with that one. I love squirrels I was like “noooo”

    • @JG Pudlum D: don’t say such terrifying things please

  • I love the last one. He calls her "little miss" to make her feel small and less worthy then himself. And she's like: "Bam, in your face, I'm a lawyer. I studied this shit."

    • @GoldenBoy nope, they can only stop you if you were going against the traffic law. The law isn't an subjective perspective that it can be bend by police officers, they enforce the law not make it. There are cops that abuses their power too, so you have the right to refuse to step out of the vehicle in order to be able to report the officer later if they were in the wrong.

    • ​@Dave S do you genuinely think telling people you think are women that they're cat ladies is an actual insult? Like are you 12 or 40?

    • @Trey Wingo What is reasonable and what isn't is up to the officer. If he thinks you constitute a danger while on the steering wheel he has every right and duty to ask you to leave the vehicle, up to the point of arresting you. Have you never seen footage of a drunk driver getting stopped? Where the heck did you get your take from.

    • @GoldenBoy you are crazzzzy wrong they need reasonable evidence for you to have to leave they vehicle

    • That cutoff from the officer at the very end, too. "Are you sure about that--" Jeez...

  • Watching a grown man react like that to a squirrel is amazing haha

    • That was a man?

    • Its probably a phobia

    • @John hey! i know a 6 year old girl. she would never scream like that at a squirrel

  • I must remember to film my children when they are having an anxiety attack. What a world.

    • @Kat. did- did you just call a like 10 year old boy sexist for being afraid of his sisters driving?

    • @John Doe CALM DOWN

    • Really blowing it out of proportion calling it an "anxiety attack". He was afraid. Not having an anxiety attack. It's like how you cant call just being normally sad the same thing as having depression. It's not at that level..... 💀💀

    • @3DS Master yeah man its not the seterotype at all. hes scared theyre gonna crash because shes new at driving.

    • @Kat. So, you're saying that this kid is sexist, and is only scared because of the stereotype of women being bad drivers? I don't think this is that deep. I think he's just genuinely scared they might crash. This isnt a gender issue imo

  • The officer was making fun of the lawyer saying things like "imaginary law firm" and she roasted him with "well there's my imaginary card I just gave you so why don't you give them an imaginary call" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 good to see you posting daily!

    • @mysterypond "The legislation being referred to here would be paragraph B, subsection 8, 164 of the Road Traffic Act 1988" These are exact words you wrote while ending 1st para. Yea, very common knowledge and very common sense, I think everybody knows this, stupid of me to think there infact are some minority of people who doesn't even have this common knowledge 😐

    • @Freakin' Student Huh? I'm not a professional in anything relevant, it's just what I thought from watching it a few times

    • @mysterypond Sir, you are absolutely right! But you can't call all of this common sense lmao. THIS is professionalism and only professionals can point out so much details in such an elaborate yet simple manner. As a common guy(as in common people) I can assure you I need a professional degree to be this discreet.

    • @mysterypond ok 👍

  • 2:37 that poor kitty literally looks like “please help me I’m so scared!” Poor thing I just wanna go take it to my bed and snuggle it and let it know it’s perfectly safe forever.

    • @CoolAntipine playz The entire situation was just awful and its stuck with me. I gave the cat loads of fuss before it went. Felt awful about the dog too (it's the owner that made it like it was).

    • @William Bishop poor cat

    • Whoops my finger slipped 😏😈

    • @Valiant T That's just incorrect, I've tried to save a cat before from a chavs dog (who was letting it do it). I pulled the dog off the cat, got biten by the twats dog (had to get shots and stitches) and took the cat to died. Got the chavs dog put down.

  • That father at gender reveal party was so toxic. He surely has anger issues. The way he stabbed everything he could see with a knife was terrifying. His wife was clearly scared and rethinking her marriage choice lol. I feel bad for them.

    • wait he wasnt happy? damn

    • @LIC Online yall making a whole fanfic out of that clip huh, let the man be overjoyed and stab cakes lol

  • I appreciate how even though you didn’t actually start making videos daily, they’re each about a minute longer. Keep up the great work, you put a smile on a lot of people’s faces!

    • @Nik your loss man

    • @Jeron Fishburn Shorts? Time to unsubscribe to this channel.

    • @Jeron Fishburn I always forget about those cause I never see them in my feed. More respect to him

    • He makes shorts on his off days

  • She's legitimately concerned she's about to raise a child with him.I would be too

    • Same! How did they get to the point of having one together or how much trauma has she suffered so far to be in that mode where you think it's normal to have to bear that (and that out of your brain desperately trying to protect you. Not by any fault of her own!!).

  • I was freaked out about how calmly she said that, with no tone or additude towards the officer.

    • I'd be calm to if I was filming some fake bullshit.

    • Attitude*

    • @Jin_cotl he won't get fired because he's not a cop, he's an actor.

    • He’s definitely getting fired 😂

  • That first clip, same thing happened to me when I was younger and my older brother was getting on the freeway for the first time. I can confirm it was actually traumatizing and horrifying for me. Looking back it was no big deal, but in the moment I was literally terrified, and called my mom on the phone.

    • @Broken Reality Trans?

    • @Traion Jones my brother is trans. 😂

    • @Broken Reality👩🚘=🚫

    • @Traion Jones which is?

    • Not really the same thing since this little boy has an actual reason to be afraid for his life.

  • Okay but give the person that protected the kid by blocking the animal a medal please

    • if that was my kid id let it go on for a little while and have a good laugh, turkeys not gunna fuckin kill him lol.

    • @Constant Chaos you’re right. it wouldn’t have been difficult to just get out and chase away the bird.

    • @It's Just Ryan D: whoa man you’re tough! jeez i wouldn’t want to mess YOU around THAT’S for sure 😳

    • Legendary driver

    • Fug that. I called PETA and ASPCA.

  • Loved it. You always pick the best. That poor little kitty managed to get all the way up the wall to get away from those dogs but couldn't get any further until that nice woman picked it up. That poor squirrel being pummeled by that lunatic with the broom. I hope it got away.

    • He's a psychopath for not wanting to get rabies?? 🤨

    • @Dapper Changeling wtf 😂

    • @Dapper Changeling Are you okay, buddy?

  • I love the lady's face when she tells the police officer that she's solicitor 😂.

    • I love that you thought that was actually real, lol. Incredible how gullible some people are.

    • yeah that was so fake it's not even funny.

    • @Anders Hansen it’s simply gullible people. They see a “gottem!” Clip and acceot is as true without looking into it because it’s cool

    • I'm curious, why have so many people like you been fooled by such an obviously fake 'girl boss' clip? Anyone with any experience with either law enforcement officers or lawyer/solicitors can spot how fake and contrived the entire thing is immediately, and yet here you are jumping on the bandwagon of "she said she's a lawyer, that means she is a hundred percent in the right automatically!!!!"?

    • @JSP5 I know, I was wondering why that is. Like does “solicitor” have two meanings there then, would they also call someone doing door-to-door advertising a “solicitor” or do they have a different term for that?

  • I love how she answers "I'm a solicitor" and the officer goes "Are you sure about that?" LMFAO

    • @John Doe "Own"

    • @John Doe Ngl I don't think I'm good at spotting fake, but I will definitely take your word for it xD

    • there are actual vids were lawyers are pulled over & own the cops, but that part was so fake. rewatch it, so fake.

  • Literally cannot stop laughing at the dude vs. squirrel 🤣

    • @galenburnett9791 inheireted from my grandparents ,I just have a camper on a couple acres on the lake

    • @John don’t casually drop ‘my lake place’ when getting a mere house of one’s own to live in requires either a herculean effort or else sucking 3 metric-tonnes of ahs

    • @jimkid1392 the ones at my lake place like people , especially the chipmunks, they are really curious, but nice and will chat with you

    • @mitski lover I've been feeding squirrels by hand since I was 3. Let's just say I know more about squirrels than you do.

    • @Jeff Larson Are you okay? God forbid an animal attacks you and you think it’s ok. I pray for your safety. Squirrels can carry multiple diseases and it’s dangerous. Do not underestimate rabies. That squirrel is showing abnormal behavior. If the scared was actually scared, it would typically try to run AWAY instead of running towards him. He has every right to be scared.

  • I've never seen anyone get so damn freaked out over a squirrel, and he's a grown ass man :D People really have the funniest reactions to some animals, especially when surprised by them

  • I love how the lawyer is like “i’m a lawyer” and the cop is like “ are you sure about that”

    • @j p it is kind of obvious though. No police would act like that first of all. Second of all, the police car lights are flickering incorrectly, and third, the woman in the clip is an English ACTOR.

    • I love that you thought that was actually real, lol. Incredible how gullible some people are.

    • @Dirk LaserMaster Well, it's fake. So I'm scared about the level of intelligence of people such as yourself.

    • @SwordMaster444 it is fake though. You threw a boomerang and it hit you in between the eyes

    • @Jariid 🙄

  • I know how that kid feels when his sister was driving. My mom got her driver's license late in life, and I felt just like him when she first started driving!😉

    • Damn your YT's nine years oolddd

    • Ok know I am very confused is the car moving or is it parked in the first video. 🧐

    • I have to correct what I said too. I got my license at 18 and I didn't drive til I was 21 because I WAS a nervous driver. You will do fine and even if you are nervous in the beginning, that's ok. You'll get the hang of it.😊 Incidentally, I typed this, because my text to speech was reset so it seems lately everything I say is coming out wrong. I have to go check on other comments I've made to videos!😳 Well take care, and good luck with your driving.

    • @Chickie thanks for the encouragement. I certainly hope I’ll be a safe driver to everyone out there, and that starting late doesn’t mean I won’t do well. Nerves won’t stop me getting out there as soon as I can, even with a nervous laugh to myself.

    • @Christina mann no no no! I didn't mean to discourage you. You're going to do just fine. I was just laughing because I was overreacting just like that kid. When I say late-in-life , my mom, she was 35 and that's really not late in life. I had my driver's license at 18 but I didn't start driving till I was like 21 because I wasn't nervous driver. When I finally started driving I felt so free! You can do this!🤗

  • The siblings everywhere know each other so well they are honestly terrified if the other is given any kind of task where education, carefulness and responsibility is expected to avoid certain injury or death.

    • @woah, trans be upon ye touché

    • @JSP5 yeaaah... i tend not to be very optimistic when the parent is sticking a camera in their kid's crying face, and later uploads it online. if she was trying to comfort him, it's like you said, she really could've done better. not filming it would've been a good start.

    • @psycless it’s clear she was trying to comfort him but could have def done a better job at doing so

    • yeah and also that was genuine fear... he was probably in a bad car crash recently bc i remember being like him as a kid too. its kinda messed up how they included that clip and how uncaring the mom was... "ur not gonna die" like comfort your kid lady!


  • I was having a bad day. Seen this and it just made me laugh. Thank you Daily Dose, appreciated. 😃

  • As a brother I can confirm this is how siblings react when you drive them anywhere.

    • @Galen Burnett definitely he got caught in the act of cappin could never in a million years be me.

    • @Gangari TheWanderer he’s just a fantasist liar.

    • @ThePCguy17 he’s a fantasist liar. probably not an adult. read all his comments in this thread.

    • @Where’s My Grasses? maybe you are 🤷‍♂️

    • @Dank i like this comment

  • Thanks for these little pick-me-ups! I've been having a rough time this week with some personal stuff, and these always cheer me up and make me smile. Keep up the great work!

  • When I was 10 my sister was 15 and learning to drive on a quiet disused backroad. This kids reaction is nothing compared to mine. I screamed at my mother and leapt from the car, I wouldn't get back in until she was in the drivers seat. It was like she had become mad and no longer cared for my life. Never been so afraid in my life.

    • @Galen Burnett I'm lost.

    • @C Smith it needs to be experienced to be understood. unbelievable otherwise i know.

    • @Galen Burnett Please explain.

    • @Galen Burnett What? I was just giving a compliment. Get over yourself lmao

    • @JD 🏳️‍🌈‍⃠irony: people who use the word ‘based’ are about 1,000% removed from the ideal they think that word represents

  • Another great episode of "Daily Dose Of Internet", thank you so much, I enjoyed it. You have a great day!

  • I can't get over how pleased the lawyer looks.

    • that part was so faked

  • The poor kitty! Ugh I’m so happy she saved him.

  • You can tell they are actual sibling by the fact how little trust the brother has on his sister.

    • @Saqvobase floorboards..? just how old are you dude? did your parents drive carriages rather than automobiles?

    • you all are just dramatic someone made a comment and y'all fought over whatever toxic masculinity is and what a driver is, have any of you been to preschool? its stupid to fight like taht. just ignore someone and they'll shut up.

    • LMAO

    • @Echo Sierra The argument is over if you're done replying but just saying "I win because I said so" based on your opinion does not mean you won lmao, it does mean you're a quitter tho

    • @M T You just lost the argument with that ridiculous response. Thanks for playing. Better luck next time. I’m happy to chat with you in a later thread. All the best

  • my brother (who is currently 15) hasn't started to learn how to drive yet but once he does start driving I'm gonna be exactly like that kid.

  • Dale the pig is so funny. I can’t stop laughing 😂

  • That dog made my day and I am very happy now☺️

  • that smiley dog was so adorable and the lawyer one was pretty satisfying to watch

  • 2:36 That Was A Heart Warming Moment ♥️ 🔥

  • Man it's good to see an old school prank where there's nobody gets hurt physically or mentally

    • You don't think not getting tens of thousands of dollars you thought you'd be getting hurts mentally?

    • And they say omen arent controling when 0:07 demanding he not BE TERRIFIED..... AS IF IT WAS NORMAL! Do YOU SAY HOW CONTROLLING THEY ARE, these THESE CREATURES.

    • @Nic Cage With Bird Hair idk bro, I think he was in on it. Sound quality’s too good IMO but idk

  • I felt the same way about my older brother learning to drive

  • That’s a cute golden retriever right there smiling and 🥹 not nervous or anxious at all😊

  • That scream when the lights got turned off sounded so real haha

  • the squirrel guy had me falling out my chair laughing

    • That squirrel was flying too!

  • I think I broke the world record for the hardest laugh in my life 0:18 I still cannot stop laughing

  • I like how that guy reacted like he was fighting a bear with how scared he got😂

    • @binder dundit squirrels are in the city as well ,this "guy" needs some testosterone pills

    • Clearly faked video, btw.

    • @Echo Sierra did he overreact? Yes, but is it understandable? Yes. If i was in his position, i would most likely screamed oh fuck wtf etc. N try to get out of the room asap. Cuz i think those thing would scratch me, n who knows what ill catch fom it.

    • @Uasakura Saying ‘Oh shit’ for any reason is fine by me, but jumping up, stretching like a school girl, and waving a bat historically is beyond the pale

  • My sister was also absolutely terrified when I was driving for the few first times. She at least had a reason, I used to be rather reckless.

  • Another good video. When we need them the most let’s hope there are people like that lady who helped that cat escape the dogs. God bless them all 😊

  • This is the best form of entertainment. I can't wait for more videos!

  • Honestly I'd be really upset if in high-school my teacher followed me with the whole class after I left. Often times during class I had to leave due to anxiety and panic attacks to try and calm down, and if I looked up to see my teacher and all of my peers standing over me asking what I'm doing I'd instantly panic more.

    • yeah, i feel you. seems like it was well-intentioned, but that shit would probably give me a panic attack tbh.

  • Great as always Jason. Keep it up!

  • The car that saved the kid from the turkey was so nice. He wasn't just filming and laughing.

    • Some people don't think before commenting. Wtf is the dude recording supposed to do?? Drive into oncoming traffic?

    • Well the filmer in the car was on the other side so

    • @This guy Dannyyy It`s a bot, report it don`t talk to it

    • It just a turkey lol

    • @You are Loved kid wasn't even running so it's not like he was distressed

  • I watched the gender reveal video in slow motion and the man looks so aggressive at her for a second. It's shocking how much that shows about him.

  • poor kid lol. Im sure he was ok after. and his sister drove like a champ and made him feel safe after.

  • In my entire life I only got on my sister's bike once while she was driving. Terrified me a lot.

  • The first time my mother drove a car on a gravel road at 90km/h, I was crying too.

  • I was the same way with my sister when she started driving. She’s 18 now and nothings changed!!

  • The guy screaming and fighting the squirrel is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.🤣

    • That's how I react in my head when I have human contact

    • I lost it when he pointed his baseball bat at the squirrel

    • @paul that means nothing.

    • I wonder if he's afraid of bunnies too..

    • Rabies

  • I do the same thing when i'm with my mom. It makes her a little annoyed but at the end of the drive we both laugh it off.

  • I love dining out and breathing in motorcycle fumes 😂

  • honestly i feel this man the last time i drove with my sister she almost flew of a mountain while text driving

  • I was going to ask for the source until I remembered to check the description first. Thanks for the great dose as always!

  • My dog smiles like that lol melts my heart every time 🙂.

  • Finally someone who doesn't just sit and record while an animal is clearly in danger. Respect to that woman

    • @bananapeel3126 attention seeking pick me

    • @Rrp67 You mean after she pulled her phone out to record and letting the camera roll for a few seconds?

    • By the way the big black dog from the cat video is actually the cats brother

    • @bananapeel3126 nope I would do that same thing

    • "long live the king"

  • What I think is so funny is that they call lawyers in the UK a solicitor but here in the USA that's someone no one wants knocking on their doors.

  • So can we talk about how the man who helped the prank robber in the elevator is as solid as gold? 😂😂😂

  • This entire video is GOLD 🤣🙌🏼

  • Tell me you work in an office without telling me you work in an office, man just gave that squirrel a heart attack poor little guy😂

  • Poor kid, I’m sure he’s fine tho. 😂

  • Everything about that bird chasing the kid was great. Love the comedy of it, but also the kindness of the person in the car to stop the bird without hurting it. Great clip.

    • @Nevan people are calling it “the animal” and “the bird” because they don’t know what it is lol

    • @redstar1239 Nice try, bot.

    • @Nevan exactly, my hometown is called Goose Creek afterall. And I have seen a handfull of geese with weapons in their mouth in my childhood so the goose with a knife is not unusual for me

    • @OmegaQ i like how your pfp is a goose

    • @TurtleCrawling66 everybody does

  • The Breakfast at Tiffany's framed poster was a clue. The screaming like a sissy was the closer 😂

  • the cat one just melted my heart

  • Bro got from “ can I get a 100” to filling up his bag 😂😂

  • This kid knows a lot of stuff.

  • The kids trying to beat the waves was epic. The kid filming was enjoying every last second.

  • I love the lady’s face when she tells the police officer that she’s a solicitor. 😅😂

    • @Wholesome Degenerate Well for starters, the video misrepresents what you should actually do if you find yourself in a similar situation which will lead to worse outcomes for anyone that attempts to follow what's portrayed. If you think it's a solicitor who works every day dealing with the subject matter, it will bite you in the ass, but if you realize it's just an actor following a script written by an idiot who doesn't know shit about the law, then it won't.

    • @Mae so the goal here was to make others mad and annoyed for ur own fun and gratification..? I still don't get the motive behind that, like is ur life now complete now that u did that action? I just don't see how that would equal gratification in someone and still see a point to want to cause those feelings in others.

    • @Spiderfreak for my own self-gratification, obviously. im not doing it anyone but my own sake

    • @Mae congratz? do u want a cookie...? what goal would that even achieve in the first place? The whole felt like making people mad and annoyed part.

    • @Eidolon You work on getting smarter, I'll work on getting clearer. Let's leave it at that.

  • Getting strong "SCAR! HELP ME BROTHER!" vibes from that cat on the ledge 😅

  • Wow the turkey chasing the kid had me crying 🤣

  • the lawyer stayed so calm 💀

  • Fear of victim doubles if someone says you are not going to die in a high risk situation 😂

  • The boy being terrified of his sister's driving is literally hilarious XD

  • Bro the variety of content got me cracking up. We go from a crying child to a swag pig and a deer smashing into a car. Keep up the good work

  • To be honest that's how I've felt when my little brother was driving but now am used to it

  • 0:45 imagine he was on mute and the rest of team thought he was mental 😂

  • daily dose has gotta be the coolest dude on the interwebs for sure

  • The kid crying because of his sister driving reminds me of my brother when I first learned how to drive. I thought I was going reverse but instead I put the car on drive and stepped on the gas hard. Let’s just say, I went over the sidewalk. 🤣

    • Why in the world would anyone step on the gas hard when going in reverse?

  • "you're not gonna die' its so nice of her to reassure her family when the car is going extremely slow, kid has had a lifetime of an experience

    • Bot and trolls comments everywhere

    • Flying a plane is safer than driving a car.

    • RedStar 123 Oh no not a bot in my name oh god

    • me too though i get extreme car anxiety

    • CS-tv *JX100*

  • Honestly, that was also my reaction after my brother first got his driver's license and offered me a ride

  • the start is relatable because my sister almost crashed 3 TIMES and my mom had to save her 3 TIMES, so basically we had 3 near death experiences

  • That driver just saved that kids life from the bird 😂

  • The best part about the squirrel guy is that he keeps a baseball bat on him at all times. This must be a regular occurrence.

  • Never in my entire life have I seen anyone so afraid of anything as that man is of the squirrel. Better for everyone to just keep that guy in the room, lock the windows and put some padding on the walls.

  • 2:35 that poor cat. You can see the look of internal prayer like just trying not to picture it’s own death. It’s holding on so tight

    • @AK_804 yeah but I fall behind on notifications. Plus I want the best for both people and animals so if I have a way to help through words, I'm going to do my best

    • @vincent trigg this was 2 weeks ago...

    • @The Stickman Animations So here's what you need to know. If you want them chained up at any point I suggest you being around that entire period because otherwise they could get attacked with no way to get away from whatever attacks them. The next thing is you need to get them fixed. It's VERY hard on female cats when they go into heat and if they aren't fixed then they will mark all over. Also cats don't really care who their partner is, they will mate with family members so if a female goes into heat, a male will breed her. So just get them fixed as soon as possible because again it's just really not good for them to be in heat

    • @The Stickman Animations if u chain them up, in their eyes, u hate them and thats why they hate u

  • The guy who thought it would be a good idea to feed his car some cheese must be an urban planner. 🤣

  • I just got my permit yesterday. I can’t wait to see my parents when I’m driving 😂

  • I’d be crying if I was that kid too

  • His reaction to the gender reveal is actually really scary.

  • This is probably the best video I've ever seen 😂