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BTS (방탄소년단) - Magic Shop (Color Coded Lyrics Han/Rom/Eng)

čas přidán 18. 05. 2018
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BTS (방탄소년단) - Magic Shop (Color Coded Lyrics Han/Rom/Eng)

English Translation:
• Jin
• Suga
• J-Hope
• RM
• V
• Jimin
• Jungkook
Track: Magic Shop
Album: 'Love Yourself 轉 'Tear'
Artist: BTS (방탄소년단)
Year: 2018
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  • Jk: drink a cap of warm tea Me: sipping tea loudly

  • The lines that Jin sing especially “when I hate being myself” and “ill comfort you” mean a lot to me and no matter how hard I try not to I cry, BTS gave me a magic shop and I never want to leave thinking of the day they are no longer a band hurts my heart....

  • *I just-* *Stanning BTS was one of the best decisions i've ever made*

  • One of my favrt song😭....But can anyone tell me what does magic shop mean here? Is it happiness?

  • I dont understand korean bt when i heard this song it take me in differen world where bts r there😢😢😢😢aanyonhaseyo bts saranghaeeeee💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💝💝

  • Magic shop:H- Me: *sobbing*

  • Wish I could listen forever 🌌💖🌌

  • When yoongi said “Comparing myself to others was my everyday” it hit me hard because of how relatable it was, until bts showed me im my own person with my own thoughts and my own opinions and I shouldn’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not or compare myself to others because nothing is more beautiful and perfect then myself

  • Can we just appreciate jin's voice in this? It's so beautiful.

  • Omg I’ve never actually cried over lyrics. This song hits me so hard. The vocals, instrumental, and the meaning of this song washes over me with so many emotions that I can’t even describe. Bts actually changed my life, and now i don’t know what I’d do without them. And it doesn’t help that All the comments on this video make me wanna cry 😭😭😭 Honestly, this song is just so comforting and these amazing boys are a blessing. Thank you Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook; I purple you 💜💜

  • I will love you bts and love me too

  • okay idk why this soNg always makes me waNNA CRY

  • i have a friend that had a really depressing period of time i introduced her to bts and this is the first song i showed her. she's feeling better now and is also an ARMY 💜


  • KIM NAMJOON💚💛💜❤💙 KIM NAMJOO💚💛💜❤💙 KIM NAMJO💚💛💜❤💙 KIM NAM J💚💛💜❤💙 KIM NAM💚💛💜❤💙 KIM NA💚💛💜❤💙 KIM N💚💛💜❤💙 KIM💚💛💜❤💙 KI💚💛💜❤💙 K💚💛💜❤💙 KI💚💛💜❤💙 KIM💚💛💜❤💙 KIM S💚💛💜❤💙 KIM SE💚💛💜❤💙 KIM SEO💚💛💜❤💙 KIM SEOK💚💛💜❤💙 KIM SEOK J💚💛💜❤💙 KIM SEOK JI💚💛💜❤💙 KIM SEOK JIN💚💛💜❤💙 KIM SEOK JI💚💛💜❤💙 KIM SEOK J💚💛💜❤💙 KIM SEOK💚💛💜❤💙 KIM SEO💚💛💜❤💙 KIM SE💚💛💜❤💙 KIM S💚💛💜❤💙 KI💚💛💜❤💙 K💚💛💜❤💙 M💚💛💜❤💙 MI💚💛💜❤💙 MIN💚💛💜❤💙 MIN Y💚💛💜❤💙 MIN YO💚💛💜❤💙 MIN YOO💚💛💜❤💙 MIN YOO N💚💛💜❤💙 MIN YOO NG💚💛💜❤💙 MIN YOO NGI💚💛💜❤💙 MIN YOO NG💚💛💜❤💙 MIN YOO N💚💛💜❤💙 MIN YOO💚💛💜❤💙 MIN YO💚💛💜❤💙 MIN Y💚💛💜❤💙 MIN💚💛💜❤💙 MI💚💛💜❤💙 M💚💛💜❤💙 J💚💛💜❤💙 JU💚💛💜❤💙 JUN💚💛💜❤💙 JUNG💚💛💜❤💙 JUNG H💚💛💜❤💙 JUNG HO💚💛💜❤💙 JUNG HO S💚💛💜❤💙 JUNG HO SE💚💛💜❤💙 JUNG HO SEO💚💛💜❤💙 JUNG HO SEOK💚💛💜❤💙 JUNG HO SEO💚💛💜❤💙 JUNG HO SE💚💛💜❤💙 JUNG HO S💚💛💜❤💙 JUNG HO💚💛💜❤💙 JUNG H💚💛💜❤💙 JUNG💚💛💜❤💙 JUN💚💛💜❤💙 JU💚💛💜❤💙 J💚💛💜❤💙 P💚💛💜❤💙 PA💚💛💜❤💙 PAR💚💛💜❤💙 PARK💚💛💜❤💙 PARK J💚💛💜❤💙 PARK JI💚💛💜❤💙 PARK JIM💚💛💜❤💙 PARK JIM💚💛💜❤💙 PARK JIMI💚💛💜❤💙 PARK JIMIN💚💛💜❤💙 PARK JIMI💚💛💜❤💙 PARK JIM💚💛💜❤💙 PARK JI💚💛💜❤💙 PARK J💚💛💜❤💙 PARK💚💛💜❤💙 PAR💚💛💜❤💙 PA💚💛💜❤💙 P💚💛💜❤💙 K💚💛💜❤💙 KI💚💛💜❤💙 KIM💚💛💜❤💙 KIM T💚💛💜❤💙 KIM TA💚💛💜❤💙 KIM TAE💚💛💜❤💙 KIM TAEH💚💛💜❤💙 KIM TAEH💚💛💜❤💙 KIM TAEHY💚💛💜❤💙 KIM TAEHYU💚💛💜❤💙 KIM TAEHYUN💚💛💜❤💙 KIM TAEHYUNG💚💛💜❤💙 KIM TAEHYUN💚💛💜❤💙 KIM TAEHYU💚💛💜❤💙 KIM TAEHY💚💛💜❤💙 KIM TAEH💚💛💜❤💙 KIM TAE💚💛💜❤💙 KIM TA💚💛💜❤💙 KIM T💚💛💜❤💙 KIM💚💛💜❤💙 KI💚💛💜❤💙 K💚💛💜❤💙 J💚💛💜❤💙 JE💚💛💜❤💙 JEO💚💛💜❤💙 JEON💚💛💜❤💙 JEON J💚💛💜❤💙 JEON JU💚💛💜❤💙 JEON JUN💚💛💜❤💙 JEON JUNG💚💛💜❤💙 JEON JUNGK💚💛💜❤💙 JEON JUNGKO💚💛💜❤💙 JEON JUNGKOO💚💛💜❤💙 JEONG JUNGKOOK💚💛💜❤💙 BTS!

  • **looks for the door**

  • I'm so loving this song right now....tears everytime I listen to it...

  • I Was Really Trying My Best Not To Cry.. That Was Hard.. 😓 I "Hope" This Doesn't Get Lost In A Wave Of Comments

  • من الساعه 6الصبح الى الساعه 8. وانا اعيد الاغنيه والحين الساعه 2 الظهر

  • I have very law esteem.I cry sometimes why i born as me but Kpop and honestly BTS helped me a lot to love my self.I'm stuck with a exam with 3 years.I didn't face it last year to do my new final exam I went to a new school i can't able study properly.i got so many shame.even teachers can't understand me.I want to finish my self.i want to disappear.but that's when i found Kpop.I wondered my deep feelings were in some kpop songs as same as I feel.specially Rap monster ssi's Forever Rain , Always,Taeyeon ssi's I etc....I feel so lonely , depression anxiety.I wanted to suicide but I promised someone that I never do it.that some one is BTS I promised them as an army I never do that.Sometimes I even think of infertile my self because I thought I'm not a successful person.Let me tell you my story.earlier I'm very introvert person.i was not good at either academic or athletics/extra curricular activities One day I saw how first 1st,2nd,3rd places were honoured by the school assembly.I have a dream to go to that stage one day in 9th grade I honestly studied so hard So I became 6th place , 5th place and 4th place by each term and 10th grade I became 2nd in the class and my dream come true.i got 2nd place straightly for five times.but no extra work no balance .I tried my best to keep that place because i have nothing no first love either.but I can't able to get very good marks for my final exam.I thought I not successful either as a student or a girl who hasn't get her first love even after 19 years old so it damaged me so hard So after that I lost faith in everything So many people including relations,cousins and even teachers bully me by passing hits and i was really hurt.I have no faith for next exam.i eat non stoply sleep more than I used to and gain a lot of weight and I became so angry and feel so ugly because i'm not a weak student but I afraid to study for this exam because i have no faith No one understand me at that time.i lost everything according to me.I have law self esteem.but I have kpop .first I watched and listen to Kpop because of their looks but after time passes I tied to find the idols life stories and I got to know how hardships,ups and downs they were gone through So I thought I can stand again and accomplish the things which I want to do.I have no so many good memories.that's also a one reason that I want to infertile my self but after found KPOP ,BTS now I have things, sweet stories to tell my children one day. I have to say a one thing every negative thing as a positive side back then all I do is study I can't able to talk anyone properly.i have social anxiety and actually i live as a fake me.but now I can talk properly,trying to find my self,listen music and being positive my self.I the only problem is my looks and the exam.I want to build my faith again.I want to be a person that I can proud and also BTS can proud So I think I can do it ! Thank you !

  • The english lyrics really bringed me to stop hating on my self and this song hit me so much

  • 따뜻한 차 한잔을 마시면 나만 v랑정국같나..?

  • I hate myself...... So reliable

  • 3:14 صوت جيمين وڤي هنا عميق جابلي قشعريره وزاد حبي لهم شكرا ل magic shop متجر السحر شكراااااااا

  • Shut up your crying too 😢😢😢

  • شكرا احبكم بكل لغات العالم ( اسفه كتبت 15لغه والجوال علق وراحت وانا من ذكائي الخارق حذفت الترجمه ) شكرااااااااااااااا كمسميدا كومايو 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Mano que foda ❤️ amo muito BTS sério

  • الاغنيه جابتلي قشعريره في جسمي من اصواتهم الجميله والعميقه

  • am i the only one who is thankful that bts actually keeps it real? like the world isn't cupcakes and rainbows guys i mean when yoongi says "comparing myself to others was my everyday" am i the only one who was touched? like same, i feel the same way. and there not trying to cover reality, just add to it. any other armys feel me?

  • Nou is English is español Bra me gusta pero no me gusta como cantan

  • É verdade que foi o jungkook quem compôs a música?

  • Before I listened to BTS I hated my looks I covered up the real me to be"cool" or "pretty" one day on my recommendations bts came up it was a song from love yourself:Tear. Magic shop was the very first song I really listened to. I was so deep in the wrong path that I didn't listen to any one telling me to stop being someone you are not. But these boys changed me to my normal self . So I purple you BTS 💜💜💜💜💜

  • I really love V's voice 🐯💜

  • I'm new ARMY and now I know why they love BTS:)

    • Congratulations! Can you subscribe to me if I subscribe to you? I already subscribed to you, my fellow ARMY 💜

  • I’m bawling my eyes out... I’m a different person after getting to know these 7 guys. Bangtan is more than just a boyband.. they’re our crutches , our therapists, our way out of the darkness. They’ve taught us so much just by being their authentic selves... there is something so extraordinary about how ordinary they are

  • 2019/6

  • Where is tiếng Việt =.=

    • @Trinh Nguyễn tôi quên; xin loi

    • @Crystal Snow =.= Tui không biết tiếng Anh

  • I have both anxiety and depression and I will start crying for no reason. One day I was looking at my wall and started crying (the wall has nothing on it). I was crying uncontrollably and then I remembered bts and started playing this song to calm myself down and in the matter of minutes I was back to normal. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️👏🏻👏🏻thanks bts for helping me through this with just your music

    • @Demon _ay you're welcome 💗 sorry for the late reply <3

    • Thank u I will try my best ❤️❤️😂

    • I subscribed to you 💙

    • same here 😢😢 you will get through it, I 💜 you! Stay strong 💖

  • BTS:Let's all look at camera and don't tell j hope😂😂😂

  • Magic shop and truth untold makes me cry like nobody 😭

  • Hey army can u please explain to me where is this magic shop and what do they mean about it ?

    • The magic shop they are pertaining to is in our hearts. Our own galaxy. When you open that, you'll see them😊 hope it helps a tiny bit

  • They told me to hear the word of God today. I'm listening :D

  • Hi

  • Such a young Jungkook yet could write this kind of song. I’m crying right now. 😥 I feel so down.. I hope someone could find me. 😓

  • why Jimin very good for song ilysm! are you love him? yes? like nope? comment

  • I wish I found BTS sooner, but I am happy I found them at all. If not, I wouldn't know how much I needed them in my life as one of my inspirations. BTS taught us to be strong on our own when we have no one. When you are broken and everyone walks away, you are the only one there who will be able to fix everything. As someone else has said before me, I wasn't here for the beginning, but I will be here until the end and beyond that forever.

  • can we take a moment for jin’s vocals 😭💛💛💛💛💛

  • I love this song as it is in Korean😍🤩🎶🎵 But I wonder what it would sound like if they have an English version..hmmm 🤔

  • 언제들어도 좋다💕🙈🇰🇷 진이 “매직샷” 할때 너무 매력적이다...🙈🙈🙈

  • 내가 사랑하는 그 아름다운 노래. BTS 그룹이 가장 좋은 kpop 그룹입니다.

  • BTS will always have a special place in my heart!Why?Because they thought me through their songs I need to love myself I don’t need to inpress others!Others In my life told me I needed to kill myself.I wanted to grant their wishes so I tried.Yes I tried.I cut myself before but now I heard everyone talking about these angels and I decided to listen and that was the first time I heard I need to love myself!They made me change into hating myself to loving myself I hope they have a lot of success in their lives and they all have great wives/Husbands don’t come at me saying why should they have husbands?We don’t know who will be their true loves is yet!Always remember something that I’ve learnt from BTS.Love yourself don’t listen to bullies cause their just stupid and their jealous of you don’t EVER think your ugly because you can be the most beautiful person on earth!Dont be like jungkook saying he’s ugly when he’s literally the most handsome person on earth! KIM NAMJOON🧡 KIM SEOKJIN💗 MIN YOONGI💚 JUNG HOSEOK💙 PARK JIMIN💜 KIM TAEHYUNG 💛 JEON JUNGKOOK❤️ BTS 🖤💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💗 I purple you 💜💜💜

  • When I hate being myself, when I just want to disappear forever I open one door and there I was in your heart. Wow, that line hit hard... that was so true for me, then.. heartbreak. ;(

  • I just love to read the comments how we, army's relate to their lyrics!

  • Me gusta esa cancion😢😢😢😢

  • BTS❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • 민윤기♡♡♡

  • bts are the reason i love myself first 💜

  • stan a group that stans you 💜

  • Thank you for made this beautiful lyrics...

  • I’ll show you...

  • "When I hate being myself, When I just want to disappear forever. I open one door and there I was in you heart" that made me cry :

  • I don't consider them as bts only.....i consider them as my real and best friends....they are the first group who made my life completely colorful and meaningful...i dont stan them because of their looks....i stan them of who they are💓

  • 방탄소년단이 성공한 이유는 노래가 좋아서도 있지만 다른 아이돌에게도 갓띵곡 뿜뿜, 으르렁 등 은 다 있지 . 근데 이유는 진짜 확고하고 마음에 닿는 " 메세지 " 때문이 아닐까 , 이 한 " lövë my sëlf " 란 메세지로 이 7년을 활동한거 대단하다 : )

  • So show me i show you❤❤❤

  • I L♥VE THIS SONG OMGGGGGG♥♥♥The lyrics make me so cryyyy!!!!♥Thank you very mch for the lyrics♥

  • LOS AMO TANTO!!!! estos 7 angelitos son los que alegran mi día y me hacen olvidar mis encanta

  • bts is the reason why you choose to love yourself first.💜


  • SO SHOW ME !🔊

  • Am i the only one that still cry when this song comes on?

    • nope , I'm here, too! Can you subscribe to me? I subscribed to you! 💓

  • ◽️◼️◽️◼️◽️◼️◽️◼️◽️◼️◽️

  • É muito linda essa música

  • While hearing this, something is often healed in my life. I cannot find what has been healed!

  • Bts-so show me~Army-I’ll show you~

  • Aun no supero esta canción, definitivamente, mi favorita 💖

  • This song made me cry, I PURPLE BTS AND ARMY🤗🤗😍😍😍💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • 한국인 없어요?

  • I don't think I even need to try to explain what I am feeling because all the Armys are feeling the same emotions. I know that all of us here are struggling with ourselves , accepting ourselves , our scars are still bleeding but trust me , together we all are gonna heal....

  • V's voice is lower than my grades.

  • Beautiful 💕😭

  • Jimin's picture is actually Jimin wearing a jacket without clothes so he showed his abs but you can't see it p.s: this song is so beautiful this top 2 most beautiful song BTS made in my list

  • I love bts and they are my life

  • 진파트에서 울컥했다...

  • im crying watching this again at 2am

  • Jin voice is just being my words. I just love his voice very much

  • OMG, Jimin's voice in this song... holy crap

  • Written by My bias Jungkook 😍😍

  • They speak at me yes because my name is star 👯👯👯😍😍

  • 💗💗💗💗💗

  • So show me

  • They are my everything I listen to there songs each and every song I love kpop I will love them forever and ever

  • This song bring me to the fandom >

  • So show me Ill show you

  • I heard it first without Lyrics tell me why it felt like my heart was talking via the song😭😭😭😭😭 Seriously I haven't been able to cry like full on ball out in a while. I lost a family member been 5 months and I had to supress the pain because I have kids that need me so I'm numbed out. Yet this song expresses my current situation.

  • My love *BTS*💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Magic Shop ♡

  • Jimin’s voice on this holy shit

  • Jungkooks line of “ drink a warm cup of tea, and look up to that galaxy” hit me hard