BTS (방탄소년단) 'MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)' Official MV

čas přidán 24. 11. 2017
BTS (방탄소년단) 'MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)' Official MV


Music Video by GDW, Directed by Woogie Kim
Producer: Cathy Kim
Production Supervisor: Andy Iere Kim
1st AD: Hyesu Han
Directing Team Supervisor: Doori Kwak
Director of Photography: Hyunwoo Nam
Gaffer: Hyunsuk Song
Art Director: Sangseon Kim
VFX Director: Donghoo Yoh

BigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved.
Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea.

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  • مايك دروب ~~

  • I practice this dance moves alone at home!! Gosh!! Literally, I feel so tired 😔 I mean, this dance moves!!💜💜

  • Jungkook ( b side) Acts like a baby. While on MV I'm God of Visual, you know!

  • Haters gonna hate Players gonna play Live a life Man Good luck

  • army fighting!!! one billion b4 suga's birthday

  • 900M cmon

  • Yeah I'm on the bay

  • Yeah I'm on the mountain

  • Wow

  • Jhope rocks this era

  • WOW

  • streaming rules: 1. search for the mv 2. never creat a playlist you always gotta search for the mv 3. Don’t skip adds if they’re too long watch at least 30 seconds then skip 4. watch the whole mv without stopping, going back or forth 5. Like the mv after you’ve seen the whole mv 6. Don’t comment more than 1-3 comments everytime u watch an mv, but don’t keep commenting the same thing over again or else it will be spam 7. Comment at least once everytime you watch the mv so yt won’t delete ur view cuz they think you’re a bot 8. Watch 3 mvs in bey before going back to the main mv [u need 5-10 minutes gap in between before going back to the main mv] 9. don’t delete ur watch or search history or the view won’t count 10.Volume 50% or more 11. The quality should be 480 or more 12 Don’t report any comments no comment will effect the views untill we report it 13. Wait at least 20 sec before commenting again or else it will be spam and u will get blocked

  • Mic drop


  • Jimin dance steps are so sharp that it is difficult to keep your eyes off from him.... He is so 🔥🔥🔥lit

  • 900m Fighting!!

  • I love bts

  • Suga my favorite

  • Omg sooo cool

  • Suga looks awesome

  • RM part🥰😍

  • who Wants more songs like that? 👍👇🏼

  • Adoramos

  • Joya

  • Areeee

  • They are someone every girl wanted and every boy wanted to be.... our boys

  • suga’s part had me shook!

  • A hugggggeeee shoutout to their stylists🤩🤩🤩

  • What? :/

  • Mic mic bungee~

  • 833.3 сегодня утром 16 Января 2021, сиреневую вас всех БТС и АРМИ, которые приходят сюда каждый день

  • Str34m

  • I want this era back.

  • I missed this era :(

  • So cool

  • Let's get Fake Love, Mic Drop, Idol & Dynamite to 1B vi3ws!!!

  • Bts love you

  • 1 b comeon Army!!!

  • 1 Billion soon.....💜

  • Suga and jungkook are looking the most handsome in this song

  • Let's get it to 1 Billion amii 💜 stream ❤️

  • Aaahhh I love it so muchhhh Mic Drop is my fave



  • Namjesus should really give a piece of brain to those who hate on BTS 💫 Well....if not namjesus , let me then 😇 Now you got it scroll down you jeez -.-

  • To hate bts you just need these things 1. A brain without wisdom 2. A worst mentality 3. To hate yourself first than only you can hate bts Senior haters have all these things

  • OK so no one notices mochi's accident 3:20 2:13

  • I'm Obsessed with suga's voice & smile🤒

  • I just love to look at their legs in this MV

  • 833.2 mio...road to 1 Bio

  • It’s 2021 but i am still watching this Cz song is savage.... 🔥

  • Hello bts 😔

  • The world need another Collab of Steve and bts to cure from pandemic

  • 2:51 JUNGKOOK PART 😱

  • Nevermind what haters say , ignore'em till they fade away.

  • Quá tuyệt vời

  • Any haters here ? Just wanna know cause I bet u r burning Do u want some water?.

  • How can he be something so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so ................................................... . ... .. ..... .... ...... ..... ..... ..... ........ ...... That I cannot even put into my words. He has godly charm man. This man is my Gawd. Leaves me awestruck every single time .

  • Taehyung will make me dead 💀 now .

  • Common army💜 Lets make this to 1 billion💜💜💜

  • 900M next

  • Woww💜💜🔮

  • Suga❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💗💗💗💓💓💓

  • God

  • Wish me birthday someone- Day-21 It my birthdaaaaaàaay :]

    • @neetu mistry 🥺💜

  • what's wrong with these people? yes, im talking about the "antis". if you hate BTS, fine...end it up there. why do you bother them so much? why are u after them? what will you get by humiliating them? nothing...absolutely nothing. we all know that r@pe is the one of the cruelest act in this world...irrespective of their gender. its pretty humiliating and embarrassing for the person who has gone through this or receives such threats. can you imagine? y'all are giving r@pe threats to a boy? seriously? like, have you lost your minds? everything has a limit, ok? you antis are ever ready to cross this limit. is r@pe the thing which comes into your minds often? why do you people always end up with such horrible thoughts and ideas? how would you feel when you come across such messages? have something got feelings? if you would then you prolly haven't done this. atleast know how to respect others...? Jimin...we ARMYS love you a lot....alot means a lot...can't tell how much. just ignore and let go all these stupid things. we all know that you came across these messages...its very painful... there might be more number of antis in this world than that of ARMYS...might be just by 1%...but remember...the 100% love of ARMYS towards you Jimin and the entire of BTS, is way more than that of hatred. hatred might be more...but love...even being stronger than anything in this world. love is above all. me there are many ARMYS in this world who love you like anything. there are people who are not ARMYS but love you alot. so Jimin please please please...dont do or take any such step...that will break our hearts. you have helped people suffering...i myself am one of those...i didnt give up...because of...just because of you, Jimin. just notice the love and respect we ARMYS give you...and we'll always do so. promise us will not do anything wrong and will continue inspiring people around. ok? love ya BTS! we ARMYS were, are and will keep loving you.💜

  • 3:48

  • Stream!! let's go to 900M 🥳

  • This is on fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 2017 V: did you see my bag 2021: Legends has it v is still looking for his bag

  • 833,231

  • Can anyone tell me what shoes J Hope is wearing in the beginning of the video?

  • It has views above 800 M . Armies lets make it hit 1B !!!

  • They get me so hype with every song. I can't even compare them to H.O.T or DBSK but damn they are super close!!! I love everything they do! 🥰🥰😍😍😍

  • Wow that sick

  • Did you see my bag? ~

  • 835M soon

  • *8MVs to 1B on 8th Anniversary (june 13)* DNA - 1B ✓ BWL - 1B ✓ FAKE LOVE - 1B Fighting MICDROP - 1B Fighting IDOL - 1B Fighting DYNAMITE - 1B Fighting BST - 1B Fighting *FIRE ( 1thK) - 1B Fighting*

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  • who watch this on 2021??

  • Oh my God 😵 the stage is on FIRE😲😲😲😲

  • 833 210

  • Wah

  • Idk where her bag? I like auga and j hope part mix I follow jimin I am Sing up? oof I like the her bloopers BTS lock rm in 🚑 car LOL see that vidoe guy's name bts lock rm

  • Suga🤤

  • Hiting 900M

  • Me encanta

  • Hi

  • Mic mic bungee~

  • Hai jimin

  • When i played this song the playback speed was on 0.75x and i let it play like that it was fun but then i played it on normal speed then 1.25x and 1.5x and 1.75x and 2x I tell you!! It was LIT!! 🤯

  • Who's going to come with me we're going to fakelove after this

  • ❤️👋🥳🥺

  • مو اغنيه ضيم

  • BTS 💜💜

  • BTS 💜💜

  • BTS 💜💜

  • BTS 💜💜

  • BTS 💜💜