BUGI's BMW E36 325i | f i x e d

čas přidán 8. 07. 2020
Today we present you the process of restoration My friend's BMW e36 325i which was involved in an accident during drifting. Check that video in link below:



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  • I bet that tree shit itself when it saw you were back again....

    • Почему у вас название видео по русски

    • Manma xxx beta

    • @Eryk Quattro is for sissies. RWD. No nannies. That's driving.

    • @NIGHTRIDEmuw po polsku

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  • That is a great group!!! Nice job, but be safe for driving!!!

  • Ej Macie Polski kanał

  • Видосы просто пушка, настолько передают атмосферу, просто нет слов)

  • Kocham ten kanał

  • ja nie moge piekna robota!!!

  • was that idubbbz driving the convertible? XD

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  • es una obra de arte este video

  • где русский ???? шо за наебалово?

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  • Piękna bema❤️

  • does anyone know the model of the truck they use to tow the e36?

  • Polacy też was oglądają

  • Through that legendary video i found your channel !

  • Polska???? COOO?

  • nie rozumiem ale każdy ale to każdy polak ma taki sam akcent jak mówi po angielsku. Czy tylko ja to tak słysze?

  • Уважение полякам, люди везде хорошие, а политика… не будем о политике. Нас объединяет любовь к машинам, а не границы

  • it's so cool to see them laughing and joking around after the crash... someone was a the "comical character"... relief of the moment if i crashed my car, or my dream car i'd be devasted for a couple of hours until i start to fix it shit happens guys... just... try to stay calm and focus, things are gonna be fine

  • Legenda głosi ,że bugi zaraz się obudzi

  • То они по русскому говорят то хер пойми

  • Freakin awesome work and story telling

  • biedne drzewo :'(

  • @nightride its been 5,095,476 views and now the key question : has Bugi's mom got any of them ? has she seen this ? where is the reaction video ;)

  • polskaaaaa

  • Told you man gta5 trees are strong as hell dont crash in them

  • bro car guys scare the shit out of me. THEY ALWAYS FIX THE CAR GOD DAMN IT

  • по кайфу когда при сборке все встает на свои места это круто

  • yandex video translator connected people

  • Повзрослел, поумнел)

  • sick shots, sick car, sick work! 🤙

  • Very nice video guys! thank you.

  • Perfect🤜🏻😮💚

  • Camera quality and drifts?💖ohh man you had me subscribed

  • Wszystko spoko ale po co ten Angielski

  • 5:02 Thx i check phone

  • 6:14 ok សួរស្ដី 5😄💗

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  • Нужно починить и дерево..

  • szkoda gruza

  • what is the code name of the paint?

  • This channel is amazing, makes me wanna find a group of people to do this with, even tho I don't have a car lol

  • Ботаны чинят бэху ахахаха найс контент.

  • i want rims name please>))

  • its crazy ho wive watched this video lik e10 times in the span of 1 month probably one of my fav vids, such a vibe and it helps me keep going on building my e36

  • This is what happens when you try to drift with a europe car, m8

  • Nie wiem za bardzo o co chodzi w tym filmie . Autor nie ogarnia auta to raz , dwa tak się kończy jazda na zjebanych naciągach, negatywach i przesadnych glebach . Tak kończyły najładniejsze egzemplarze zwane forumowy mi igłami . Na koniec śrutowanie tego auta level hard . Wstydzilbym się pokazywać taką pseudo robotę jak to spawanie i szpachlowanie podłużnic . Auto 4 śladowe w obecnej chwili

  • Dobre wideo 🥺👌🏼😍

  • Pls, be careful

  • What’s on your dash at 1:31

  • Pozdro z goleniowa XD

  • What camera u use for filming? Thanks

  • The badge still after after crash

  • Polak potrafi XD

  • it's brilliant seeing all these young chaps working together to fix something that's broken. Truly magical.

  • nice job guys! goodluck!

  • 10:48 a na strom se vysejre

  • Вас смотрят даже в России

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  • Ну вы ведь по руски балакаете, английский ближе к телу, контент там заходит, ладно, удачи саксоны...

  • This wat happens when needs think they in fast in tha furious

  • 2:47 so cute lmao

  • kto z polski

  • What wheels are those?!?! I can't figure it out for the life of me

  • 💯 badass video guys ‼️ Eat, sleep, FIX, drift, repeat ;). Very impressing job you guys did in such a short time.. But that's what you Czechs do 🙏😍.

  • Friends like these seem to be so rare, you guys are all real ones! Great videos

  • El comentario en español que leerás y que sabrá que un maestro mexicano, hojalatero o laminero, te saca esos golpes, te endereza, te reconstruye el carro y hasta te lo pinta y estos como dice mi maestro, están pollitos estos novatos. El may se lo avienta en 5 días y hasta pulido.

  • Ale dajcie chociaż napisy polskie :)

  • Cool👍

  • Polacy zgłaszany się | | \/ (tak w ogóle to swietna robota tak trzymać)

  • amazing work guy's

  • Бля я не фанат БМВ,но вы красавцы

  • tyrytytki i auto zrobione


  • Spoko bmw

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  • What lense is he using?

  • Polak to potrafi

  • O Polacy

  • Polaka dymy

  • Niestety nie ma bmw e46 gtr

  • You were lucky to have the direction ok, i also crashed mu bmw into a tree and the direction was gone, so exepnsive to repair, i had to say bye to my bmw. It was diesel anyway.

  • Awesome story, top driving skills and pro level of movie making. I did't saw nothing better on YT for a long long time. Respect guys! Me has been addicted :)


  • Hermoso video!! amigos saludos desde México (Guadalajara Jalisco)✌✌

  • what is a life saver for you? CAR GUYS: ZIPTIES

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