Building a 5 Acre Pond! (Filling it with Water Part 2)

čas přidán 24. 10. 2021
Building a 5 acre pond for our two pet bass! Subscribe for weekly pond build videos:

Day 1 Pond Build:
Day 2 Pond Build:
Day 3 Pond Build:
Day 4 Pond Build:
Day 5 Pond Build:
Day 6 Pond Build:
Day 7 Pond Build:
Day 8 Pond Build:
Adding Structure:
Filling it with Water:
Hurricane Update:
New Pet Ducks:
The Final Chapter:
Big Problems:
Filling it with Water:
Filling it with Water Part 3:
Filling it with Water Part 4:
Filling it with Water Part 5:
Filling it with Water Part 6:

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  • 2:52 most likely it is planes flying by. The playback of the video is so fast it would be hard to spot them. but I think there was 1 or 2 shooting stars there 👍

  • why do you sound hank hill sometimes?

  • odds of space junk burning up as it enters the atmosphere 10000 odds it was a meteorite 1

  • Take the ducks home they won’t survive long there

  • honestly with all the predators i dont know if your gonna be able to have just a couple ducks without bigger flock just 2 of em would be easy pickings for a predator

  • You could use the waterline pipe that you are using to fill the pond with as a part of a circulation system to help keep the pond aerated. Hook up an intake from the shallow end and have a shutoff valve coming from the well to the joint at the circulation pump so you can still use the well to fill if needed and also have a circulation system without adding much to the system already in place.

  • You should put a tracker on ur bass so u know witch bass is witch and were there at on the pond

  • Still think you have both weasels and grey fox

  • I would name the Owl, Night-wing, just seems like a cool name for any owl, especially a big one.

  • 11:29 that is a Possum

  • I’m so concerned for those ducks after seeing all those predators trying to attack them during the day. When they’re finally set free during the day, that could potentially be lethal for them. Here’s hoping they stay safe.

  • Name the owl Frank.

  • badgers

  • Why can't you give Mr Moby is freedom in the lake?

  • What kind of camera do you have? I'm looking to buy one to use for hunting videos.

  • Those are grey foxes, the other mystery animal I bet is a opossum base on the walk alone.

  • Does moby look really big in this video? Or is it just me lol

  • ernie the owl

  • the mystery animal here looks like a opossum

  • Badgers they looked like

  • It might be a badger

  • You should get a gator bro that would be sick, you could put a tracker on him so he don’t sneak up on ya lol

  • The small animals are 2 different ones, foxes and weasel/Martins

  • ❤️❤️🌞〽️

  • The Bird Stand of Alcatraz (referring to the Bird Man of Alcatraz, Robert Stroud).

  • what are you planning on stocking your pond with?

  • you should make some bat houses to combat mosquitos in the summer

  • Those are not shooting stars. They are airplanes. They move by fast. Causing that look during long exposures or Timelapse’s.

  • Astrophysicist here: 1) this is a great series! 2) Those "shooting stars" are indeed most likely satellites and planes. Everything moving in the direction of the rotation of the Earth is going to be satellites and things moving opposite to that are planes. Best of luck with this endeavor! :D

  • How far is the pond from your house?????

  • Some of those creatures look like otters Which I've heard is bad news for bass fishing ponds

  • that 1 is a fox

  • I hate to say it but as soon as you let them ducks out they are gone.

  • I like Owl Capone, but was originally thinking about the name Bobber because he is always bobbing his head up and down on camera. You should use the some leftover pilings to make a Huck Fynn style raft for floating structure as well as shade canopy and anchor it like a bouy.

  • Sheriff Peanut

  • I think that mystery animal is a mongoose

  • Big AL

  • How long before an alligator makes an appearance? I wouldn't think long once they're in the mating season.

  • 1st could of been a badger

  • I was going to suggest naming the owl "The Warden" he keeps his eyes on everything... but love the "Owl Capone" comment.

  • That time lapse. Ladies and gentlemen, we're cruising around space on a giant rock and it's awesome.

  • You are so very fortunate to have the space and resources to do this. please do not lose focus as to why you are doing this. This is an ecology project not a business project.

    • Nice that you do this for animals! Great job and very interesting to watch over time.

  • Ufo 👽 spotted

  • For me there's only one name for an owl. It's the name the owl gave to himself in the Winnie the Pooh stories by A. A. Milne. Owl is able to write but can never spell so his name is: Wol.

    • Are you going to hunt your land?

  • You need to teach the ducks to roost in their house

  • Love it.

  • could be fisher cats

  • The night Timelapse was spot on! And your comment about wishing on the shooting stars gave me Bob Ross vibes (in a good way) 😁

  • Need to add a picture of Bonnie and Clyde to the logo

  • Look like some kind of animal further back in the background behind the deer maybe a coyote stalking the deer?

    • It comes into frame 5:39 top right corner

  • This is like when little kids try to make a pond with hose in the backyard and Dad tells them how much water they're wasting. Only there's no adult here and the hose is a limited freshwater resource in the form of an aquifer.

  • Name the Owl Al...

  • For the duck camera, why don't you put a clear Plexiglas box around it?

  • Tell the hawks and owls to wait, and they can fish all they want.

  • Be careful racons will stick there hands through a rip the raccoons throat

  • Nice that you do this for animals! Great job and very interesting to watch over time.

  • This is a great example of faith yall seen it before it existed now its seen

  • This is very bad... You are using groundwater to fill up a surface water pond... It's wastage of resourses.. When you can wait for rain to fill up the pond...

  • Are you going to hunt your land?

  • The owls name should be crumpy

  • Oliver the owl 🦉

  • Owl Jolson from the 1936 "I love to singa" Cartoon

  • Crappie/blue gill crib for the pylons

  • Tootsie the owl

  • They are called airplanes, and they fly through the air transporting people and cargo.

  • For the extra logs maybe build 1 or 2 small rafts 3'x3' and then anchor them to the bottom. It will give birds a place to land on the pond and give fish and other aqua life a place for shade and to hide.

  • With the design of the lights are you worried about fish hooks accidentally getting caught on the cage around the light? Might be something you want to check into. Possibly remove the cages so nothing gets snared on them.

  • Put bait fish in as long!!!

  • I think you should name the Owl Horton

  • You need to plant some trees on that dam to keep the soil from eroding

  • Hootie hooterson

  • Name the owl "hootie hooterson"

  • Grey fox mystery animals

  • Dr. Whoo

  • Those were stars but they were moving at the same speed as the moon so they were stationary but they looked like they were moving because of the rotation of the earth!

  • I’d call the owl “Owlen” (like Allen)


  • Name the own Frank Hamer the person who killed Bonnie and Clyde

  • those are coyotes

  • Name the owl OVO IFYKYK

  • Name the big owl: Big Al

  • Seems to me if you let the ducks eventually rome around they are going to be shredded by predators.

  • Are u gonna put fishys in there

  • When you put money in the pond you should use a top water with no hooks just to see the blowups

  • along. One of my favorite parts of time lapse.

  • This pond been filled months ago, spoiler a storm came through and filled it

  • Call the OWL 🦉 MASON 🤙🏼🤙🏼👌🏻

  • You should put a wooden sign on the docks and maybe name it 'Sarah's Dock' :) oh and the owl should be named Al. After Al Capone since you already have Alcatraz over there.

  • How is taking all that water to fill your pond affecting the rest of your land? Are you noticing that the ground is any dryer?

  • Should you consider putting some kind of a float on your underwater structure so you know where they are at? Keep from getting snagged. Especially if bottom fishing for cats.

  • Dude I won’t be happy until we get a new upload I’m watching all of them over and waiting patiently

  • mystery animal looks like a fisher

  • With the extra pilings You should make a sandbox for the kids next to the dock

  • why are those seeds so blue?? is that some kind of mold protection or sth? :O

  • Name the owl marlin and I killed a 6 point buck this morning

  • Name him al since you pronounce owl al

  • Poor ducks, Lions, Tigers and Bears.....Oh My!!! But seriously: fox, coyote, owl, crow, coon, bobcat, hawk, possum, ferrel cats & everything but wolves out there looking to make duck stew.

  • Owl name is Hooters

  • Owl Capone

  • What cameras do you use to capture all the nighttime wildlife?