Building a Lego-powered Submarine 3.0 - balloon and compressor

čas přidán 11. 09. 2021
Depth control is done with an air-filled balloon and a Lego-compressor. Steering is done by turning the propeller direction with the help of linear magnetic coupling. Otherwise it's more of the same as before. Swimming pool and lake tests at the end. Enjoy!

Displacement: 2.35 kg (5.2 lb)
Test depth: 6 m (20 ft)
Hull: glass jar (IKEA 365+ 1.7l), plastic lid
Balloon: latex water balloon for kids
Motors: 2x Lego PF L-motor (88003-1), 1x Lego PF Servo motor (88004-1)
Compressor parts: Lego pneumetic pump small V2 (bb0875), Lego pneumatic switch (bb0874), Lego Gear 24 Tooth Clutch (60c01), Lego Hose Pneumatic 4mm (21825)
Magnetic couplings: K&J Magnetics D34-N52 neodymium magnet, TapeCase 423-5 UHMW Tape
Propeller: Lego Propeller 3 Blade with 24t Gear (2740c01)
Radio control: 27 MHz controller dissembled from a toy submarine (Zantec Mini RC U Boot), L298 H-bridge to drive motors
Power supply: 9V Lego battery box for the motors, 3.7V Li-Po for the radio
Pressure sensors: Lego Manometer (64065), Jolly Logic Altimeter One

Note: The depth control I use here is called RCABS or Recirculated compressed air ballast system.

Previous subs:
1.0 piston ballast for depth control
2.0 propellers for depth control


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  • You don't need a pressure vessel. Just fill the mechanical/electrical Lego compartment with mineral or vegetable oil instead of air. Oil is incompressible, non-conductive, and boyant.

  • Optimising for maintainability over manoeuvrability Vs block ii.

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  • Could you explain why inflating the balloon changes the depth? Isn't it just putting air that's inside the container into the balloon? I'm sure the solution is obvious once you understand the mechanics behind it. I'm just not understanding it atm.

    • @PyramidSchema thanks 🙂

    • The air weighs the same whether it is in the balloon or the container, but when the air is in the balloon the balloon expands, increasing the volume of the vehicle and the amount of water it displaces. When the volume/displacement increases but the weigh remains the same the vehicle rises, when the volume shrinks but the weight remains the same it sinks.

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  • This is so impressive, your issue with buoyancy (coming from a diver) will be purely because of the fact that you are using air to control depth. The pressure will completely throw off your buoyancy because you are at such a shallow depth that the pressure change is so great. The only reason scuba divers can use air to control their depth and it work is because we go much much deeper than this so the pressure change isn’t as great if that makes sense. This is why you’ll notice that as the submarine becomes more and more shallow the speed it comes up at increases even though you don’t add any pressure to the balloon, there is really no fix for this as it’s down to pressure and not the design but this was a really impressive video none the less!

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  • Sorry but can someone explain to me how inflation/deflating the balloon makes the sub go up or down? Isn't the amount of air within the sub constant? Its just pushing the air from the hull into the balloon. I know I'm wrong but I don't understand how. Thanks!

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    • The translucent tape is low friction tape. The other tape is to keep the magnets in the gear, and they don't need to spin.

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  • You could look into adding a little automation using NXT. Make a program that takes water pressure and puts that into adjusting the balloon ballast to maintain depth. Then up and down will be change depth, not change bouyancy, while bouyancy is regulated automatically to maintain the set depth.

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