Building Australia's $3.6BN Megaproject

čas přidán 13. 01. 2021
Rising from an historic site in Brisbane, Queen's Wharf is the largest district development in the southern hemisphere - and one of the most complex. See how Nemetschek Group is supporting the team -

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See how Cottee Parker used Bluebeam to create a paperless workflow at Queen's Wharf -

See how Solibri enables error-free builds -

Discover how to manage building data with dRofus -

See what's new in Graphisoft Archicad -

This video contains paid promotion for Nemetschek Group.

Narrated by Fred Mills. Our thanks to Nemetschek Group and Destination Brisbane Consortium. Additional footage and images courtesy of Bluebeam, DBM Vircon, Destination Brisbane Consortium and Brisbane Airport Corporation.

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  • 16 different bits of software and 39 companies? That's an insane task. Amazing that they can coordinate such complexity. It's an interesting looking project - my personal favourite part, weirdly, is the 5 storey UG car park. Expensive but great use of space.

    • Public transport is poorly planned in Australia and therefore people use cars more than other larger cities.

    • @MartyvH Congratulations on not being an ordinary person.

    • No way in the world I would ever drive 5 levels underground.

    • @jamrollz they will have to get more creative, or progressive, like more car stacking options. Public are more paranoid about public transport and are willing to spend more just to drive personal vehicles.

    • 39 Companies including suppliers though... 39 is not high at all.

  • Was in Brisbane last week and my hotel room was overlooking the construction site, it's absolutely massive

  • Alright we got the Olympics! 🥳🥳🥳

  • Even in my own country, the Australians are famous for being incredibly talented engineers and designers. They're a lot more capable than the Americans, light years ahead of the Chinese, and many European engineering companies have an Australian office, so we send a lot of our most complex stuff to them. The only country on-par with Australia is Norway, and in Norway a lot of the engineering companies are government owned so they can really undercut other companies on price. But you really have to hand it to the Australians. They're an incredibly well educated bunch.

  • 🤗

  • You forgot to mention that "The star casino" will also be rebuilt at Queens Wharf.

  • Belt and road ! Unaffordable project ? Will this hand Brisbane over to the Chinese ?

  • Brisbane 2032 Olympics! 🥳🥳🥳

  • Brisbane is always trying to be something it's not lmao

  • I can't wait to visit Brisbane again... Will definitely visit the city again after the pandemic

  • it's been built beside a high rise with a slanted roof, they really missed a chance by not painting the top sections red. Looks like a lipstick then :) On top of the complexity of this project, quite a bit of the underside if Brisbane is still not properly mapped. When there was a refurbishment of the valley, a popular entertainment district, they discovered all kinds of things underground they didn't know were there and it dragged out the time to complete it considerably. Meanwhile we're also getting a rail line under the river which is something I'm personally more excited about.

  • How many old world buildings did you destroy for this crap? Btw - it would looked so much better ON the water. All those buildings behind now don't have views. This world gets more ridiculous by the day, unreal.

  • Video on BNE Auto Mall please.

  • Amazing project

  • Sponsored by archicad

  • I know everyone has to make a living, but I would appreciate more of a heads up that this is paid content. It clearly is just an ad for their software with almost no mention of the project. Significantly lower lot quality content than you other stuff. Hope future paid content is less of just a commercial for software I will never use as an amateur

  • queen "wharf"

  • Yikes. That abysmal rendering on the 3D models shows that even billion dollar projects aren't immune to the GPU shortages 😂😂

  • I also use a computer :)

  • Omg Brisbane is bigger than Perth wow I didn't know that

  • Thanks for saying the city correctly haha.

  • I live In Brisbane, and this has lead to some of the worst road conditions on the busiest motorway that I've ever seen

  • Wow that looks really cool!

  • Queensland has both syllables emphasised. Queens-Land.

  • You just know some idiot is going to jump off that upper deck and into the pool...

  • finally i found this video. i decided to learn more archicad instead of revit

  • Absolutely Amazing and Proud for Engineers, Specially Civil.

  • We need a high speed rail to link Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, Adelaide and Perth then Darwin once their populations gets bigger which makes economic sense to link it up. It will great to travel on trains instead flying and great for the environment but sadly Qantas will never allow It to happen.

  • Nice to see Australia on B1M more often.

  • Meanwhile over in Perth, they're finally getting a rail line from the airport to the city, which should hopefully be more useful than more glass towers and barrels. Western Australia's abreviation is WA, which locals refer to as Wait Awhile. So much mining revenue and consumption tax is grasped away by the Federal Government, occasionally there's a trickle back.

  • A "physical link" across the river is called a bridge

  • Had some great piss ups in Caxton Hotel years ago

    • No more of that this city has been completly gentrfied the bogans are leaving and not a moment to soon.

  • B1M is just a long software commercial...used to be about construction.

  • The question now is. Will this mega structure be self contained in power and water works? If it does, it will be the worlds first arcology

  • If I’m being honest. It’s ugly

  • Deep tune in background?

  • They should put in more roads leading out and into the city also. Has anyone tried driving at 5pm out of the city ? Absolute shit show

  • Yeah it’s an eyesore what a mess we don’t need it

  • Adore the way he says mall

  • This video was sponsored, that is not clear enough, it feels like an advertisement and only a brief mention at the end of the video gives any indication that is the case. There is not enough clarity on this.

  • Like a promotional ad from Utopia

  • i prefer the "she'll be right mate" method of construction in Australia.

    • We grow pass that mantilty deceads ago when we implmented someof strictest construction methods on Earth.

  • How did we build things before computers lol?

  • Would be $3.2Bn if the CFMEU wasn't involved.

  • As an Australian I had no idea about this

  • Nothing says ''heritage preservation'' like building a gigantic gaudy skyscraper next to 19th century buildings.

  • 3.6 bln, not great, not terrible

  • I live in the Gold Coast area and they are starting to expand with more luxury residential towers and more pedestrian access too. The tramline will be extended to reach Coolangatta Airport in a few years. The airport needs an upgrade and expansion too.

  • All this designed next to a building that looks like a camel toe.

  • Australia rocks

  • After this video Archicad got into my mind. 2 months later here I am starting to learn about the software and I can say that it is awesome. I'm probably switching from revit to it in the future

  • Crazy, building this during the upcoming property crash

  • I've driven by thhe construction site before, doesn't look that amazing lol

  • To get the train from the gold coast to brisbane (ONE WAY), you have to pay $12. That is fucking insane. Name me a city in any other country that charges that much. You cannot. This is why public-private partnerships are so abhorrent. The corporation siphons billions from the working class and there can never be any competition or regulation to keep them in check.

  • I walk past this on my way to get lunch from uni. It's going much slower than it should be. Billions of taxpayer dollars into the black hole, corporates walk away with huge profits, the initial plan is cut back, government uses it for a PR stunt, the paperwork could fill the entire river. true blue aussie bureaucracy. Wake me up in 12 years when it's actually anywhere close to "completed".

    • You do know its not a government project but a private enterprise rigth. Tax payers are not funding it.

  • 3.6 billion? I think you mean 4 billion uh, make that 4.3 billion uh, make that 4.8 billion uh, make that 5.2 billion uh, make that 6.1 billion uh, make that 6.55 billion uh, make that 7.25 billion uh, make that 8 billion uh, make that 9.3 billion no, we still won't lower the train fares. You're paying 30 bucks a day just to get the train to work? Fuck you, we don't care, Translink CEO gets rich while you stay poor. That's how Australia works.

  • Not much of a video about the project but more the software involved... I'm curious to know more about the actual project!

  • It should be renamed Brisbane's mega project

  • Where my Logan bogan people @?

  • Convict island just got an upgrade

  • This video was just an ad for the engineering and architecture software.

  • Great video B1M - please cover a video on Brisbane’s Green Bridges Program - a massive investment for Brisbane too.

  • Brisbane’s a shithole

  • yeah... but ... its still in Brisbane.. so... pretty sure this building wont make me go back there.

  • Go Space Brisbane!!

  • This doesn't make brizzy not a shithole

  • My heart lives in Brisbane...... I'll be back oneday!

  • Im trying to think of a project described as "a city within a city" - by definition inward looking and isolated - that has ever been a success or contributed to the life of its community. Fred I like your videos. They're extremely well edited, put together, and informative, but the script here sounds like it's being read off a developers press release.

  • Aye🤙

  • Jesus christ, 0:35 I think that woman ate the team, fuck me,

  • Im sorry but i dont like it. is there any way in which i can get them to stop building it? its really not my style....

  • I am always amazed by the level of development that Brisbane has, even though I have been studying in here for 3 years.

  • So sick seeing my city on this channel

  • Pundi X NPXS

  • Even though I arrived here 4 years ago just to be with my mum, this will be finished before I get my permanent resident status. This country’s Visa rules have caused me so much emotional despair.

  • 3.6b? Yet there are families in this country that cant even buy food. Sick world

    • @Frankel Cummings I see

    • @J Lord I'm highlighting the wealth displacement

    • @J Lord that isn't my point.

    • You do know its not a government project but a private enterprise rigth.

  • Haha but how was the empire state building done.

    • That being said, $1000 to the peeps that work out how to make the river blue!

  • So Brisbane is building a Mega City to attract millions of tourism, that's great! I get it if you have never being overseas to see some of the greatest architectural wonders of the twentieth century that's already being made from countries that were forty or more years behind us in the seventy's, however unlike the Eiffel tower, as you all know was built over a hundred years ago and attract 11 million people each year, however if you believe that the B1m will fuel this kind of interest well let me tell you, your Delusional! Now to top it all you can only catch a train every fifteen minutes at most and still they arrive late, while Captain Cooks bridge is at a snail pace at peek hour, yet nothing is being done about that either? But the most incredible piece of resistance is that not one indigenous Australian got a job on site? when Labor speaks of diversity, equality and more opportunities for all Australians?? So go figure, you won't hear about that on the news? Now that's insane!

  • A mega project so huge I’ve never heard of it.

  • This channel is starting to feel like one big ad for whoever took control of this channel. Too bad, it makes everything else questionable too.

  • Watching this I keep imagining Tony Woodford from Utopia - they could probably use this project as inspiration for Season 5 :D

  • Right across the river from me, so hasn't cranes 😯

  • Soaring skyscrapers?? Brisbane? 🤣🤣

  • Brisbane: building epic megaprojects Also Brisbane: removing car lanes to add some bike lanes and creating jams through the cbd

  • 1:38 should have been narrated over as "excavated by at least one racist"

  • Indian government should learn something from them 🙄 great work guys 👏👏 appreciate your hard work 👍 🇮🇳❤️🇦🇺

  • Complex... lol.. cut and paste previous floor which is basically a cut and paste of the previous floor. No more complex than a shopping mall with an apartment on top. Will be another cheaply made overpriced building with cheap materials and poor construction.

  • And wheres the Tourism going to come from to finally pay the debts of this place.

  • My Brisbane ❤️

  • 6:07 lol at the kayaks in the brissy river. No one is that stupid

  • Mantap 👍

  • Fuck this casino, ruining southbank with a bridge directly in to the building

  • Don't need more foot traffic in the city :( it will be interesting to see when it's done.

  • this is just a big ad for the software... not the usual standard of videos from this channel

  • Who lives in brisbane anyway

  • looks shit

  • The parched father holoprosencephaly expand because basement clinicopathologically drag in a tasteful rake. shrill, nifty caravan

  • What an eyesore. Leave Brissy the way it is, it's turning into another Sydney at this point.

  • Tourism? Good fucking luck with that

  • This is shit!