Building the World's Last Megatall Skyscraper

čas přidán 24. 02. 2021
It's the end of an era. Malaysia's Merdeka PNB118 is the second tallest building ever constructed - and the world's last megatall skyscraper. For more by The B1M subscribe now -

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Narration - Fred Mills
Producer - Dan Cortese
Video Editing - Aaron Wood and James Durkin
Graphics - Aaron Wood

Executive Producer - Fred Mills

Special thanks to PNB Merdeka Ventures and Fender Katsalidis Architects.

Additional footage and images courtesy of Syamoes, Southern Corridor Malaysia, Styfly Studios, IDIA. Design, Grand Land Canal, Kohn Pedersen Fox, bKL Architecture, CTUBH, Jeddah Economic Company, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, SRSSA, Woods Bagot, Nakheel Properties, Gensler, ECADI, Robert Bird Group, Thornton Tomasetti, Santiago Calatrava, Foster + Partners, Google Earth, Rescubika Studio, Eric Kuhne and Associates, Fender Katsalidis Architects and PNB Merdeka Ventures.

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  • Amazing structure and clever design to create so much space. This to me is more impressive than Burj Kalifa!

  • Build the skyscrapers in a city with a functional sewer system.

  • What a great looking building

  • There WILL be plenty of other mega-talls here on out! Economies rise in wave patterns. There WILL be a building taller than the Burj soon!

  • nice view up there

  • Seeing buildings like this and their construction makes me shiver. I hate heights and I could NEVER do something like that.

  • You say "lost", I say "lost"... what??

  • How does a country with a GDP the same as Ireland build these buildings?

  • Jeez those workers must have had iron stomachs c

  • 0:26 ayo what’s the PlayStation 5 doing there

  • KL is gonna be the new york version of sea

  • The world has changed since 911. Mega tall skyscrapers all seem to have bombproof super-strong concrete cores and steel coverings.

  • 160 metre spire Ukrainian tallest building: *Wawing hand* "Oh hello, i'm 167 m tall!"

  • Such a waste. Look where they’re built. Ugh!!

  • The Avengers gon finish if this if yall dont

  • The ps5

  • Looks cool but after seeing that collapsed apartment complex in Miami, I look at tall buildings diff now

  • SciFi fans should recognize this: "Trantor." 👍

  • Mine is bigger than yours.

  • "Developer set to occupy most of the commercial space." Uh Huh. Said before developer went broke finishing building.

  • Beautiful but I’ll bet the hallways stink.

  • Ye the spire is also part of the tower where its houses highest observation deck in the world were it count.To make sure the spire mist be count,it must have a useable space where people can go inside plus it will be counted

  • Basically giant wastes of money. All those buildings are basically tourist attractions owned by billionaires, none of it is office space, its just bullshit.

  • Build a building like a tree, with deep roots stretched out.

  • Saying that anything is the "Last" is so stupid imo, and then to make a video about it haha

  • "was a magnificent markstone for mankind"...." little bit like the genesis-tale. h.m.

  • If the spire was there it would have stole the spotlight from the Sears Tower.

  • I believe that Adam Something would advise to build a train station at the top so more people can be get there

  • Sky scrapers are money burners. Usually only 20% occupied

  • Not the last! You mean the latest.

  • Madekasbig

  • In all honesty after the atrocities of the twin towers on 9/11 I have no interest in stepping foot into a large building like this as long as we have Nutjobs still running rampant in the world

  • The title is such a dumb and unnecessary clickbait I just have to leave a dislike.

  • With population always increasing at quicker and quicker pace. This will SURELY not be the last.

  • Why?If something happens won’t be able to get down.Didn’t the twin towers teach you anything.

  • Hopefully no more tall buildings built like this, as they are altering the earths tilt and in danger of the earth flipping.

    • The earth wont flip as its flat. gosh

  • you forgot my skyscraper, its going to be 1,5 km tall, and building starts in year 2080.

  • The globe didn't emerge from global crisis until Trump became president. Joe Dementia is a world embarrassment and should be dealt with. All those floors in your new building will be empty without Trump.

  • This building is planning new construction for the bill of rights collapse

  • Why would any nation waste money on this? That money should go towards the cure for cancers, HIV/AIDS, and other viral diseases that kill millions around the world.

  • Lol Dubai really wants to be New York, if you’ve ever actually been, it’s not a busy city at all, lol sometimes even seems abandoned

  • Complete waste of time and money when there is so much suffering in this world SHAME ON YOU for supporting such meaningless tat.

  • is a petty corrupted building

  • What happened to the Tower of Babel? ☀️

  • okay but does it have a Sodosopa ???

  • I hope everyone that’s watching these videos about mega tall buildings realizes that it would not be possible if we were on a ball spinning at 1000 miles an hour for these buildings to even stand. The earth is flat! Wake up America!

  • What a shitty stadium next to it. LOL


  • 0:25 The one on the right looks like a PS5.

  • Why have we not ceased building more skyscrapers until we work out why the WTC fell?

  • Never had vertigo so bad than to watch this. Yikes!

  • No thanks. I'd rather stay closer to the ground, especially after what happened in 9/11. Plus these towers are just monuments to man's hubris, nothing more. If mankind would put his genius towards solving the world's problems like plastic pollution and global warming as much as it does to creating these odes to his ego we'd all be in a much better place.

  • i thought it was vertigo from csgo lol

  • Thumbnail looked like gta 5

  • How about constructing the worlds tinniest fully functional Skyscraper 🤪

  • What is the background music in this?

  • American Corporations reached the conclusion a decade ago that competing for ever taller skyscrapers had no real sensible resolve to it, its likely that nations that have this need to impress the world with height will do so until they too, understand that it becomes rather silly at some point.

  • 2:27 "intended to reflect the diversity and legacy of malaysa" ya. I think of malasia when i see that. Very malaysan. Wow.

  • As a structural engineer, these mega tall buildings really scare the shit out of me

  • why not taking about the slavery and deaths used to build those stupid buildings?

    • What are you talking about? That’s western bias fully displayed by your tiny brain. This mega project has recorded impressive safety parameters, and no major incident has occured (other than the pandemic) and zero work-related casualties.

    • Lmao what, this isn't ancient egypt


  • How stupid is that statement " it could be the last skyscraper. " the world is always moving toward the future I'm sure in the future like 100 years there will be skyscrapers even bigger

    • It says megatall skyscrapers. Most of those tall ass building are mainly for shows and way too unnecessary. Soooo how is that moving towards the future? Look at the highest skyscraper right now? That shit doesn’t even have a sewage system, as if it’s built to waste money and to show off. Ohhh wait because it fuckin was. There’s more towers that’s not even half the size and more significant that these towers, that’s what moving forward means. More towers that you can actually use and not for useless buildings like burj khalifa.

  • This video wont age well

  • Most of these supertall skyscrapers are built by the same Western architectural firms. Ever wonder why the western countries don't bother to build these toys in their own backyards. Most of these Asian countries sadly only want bragging rights to the biggest and tallest. Better to be the leader in science, technology, agriculture, human resources development etc than such fancy geegaws which will certainly not garner any respect for originality. It's just a monument to money and ego.

  • These buildings make no sense other than their symbolic value. And when you realize it is their symbolic value that matters there are better ways to differentiate a city or attract attention with the same or less money.

  • We are all human and yet we can spend billions and billions on weapons and rubbish that the world can do without and yet over half the people on Earth don't have enough food, water or shelter never mind the money for operations to either help them to stop suffering or to save their lives and yet US the 8 billion people are all one being.God Almighty, The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ Of Nazerath help us the blind to see our wrongdoings in life.God help and Bless every human being that has ever lived or ever will.

  • When you need a crane on the building you are building to build higher you know its over the top LOL

  • Hey it’s that Gta Construction building that’s been there since 2013….

  • Kinda crazy they can build this tower but people in towns a couple of hour drive away use buckets and a tap to “ shower”.

  • Someone is always going to want to "top" the tallest. It will never end. Slow down, maybe.

  • The Talibans “GET READY”

  • Hi

  • Wow, what a stunningly beautiful building! I donno if base jumping is allowed in Malaysia, but, they're about to have a lot of base jumpers traveling the world to leap off that bad boy!

    • They have annual base jumping events there in KL and other cities.

  • Pfft last one my ass. Give it 5 or 6 years. You'll have them cropping up everywhere again. Humans cant stop one upping each other... Its in their dna.

  • They will all come tumbling down one day in the not-too-distant future.

  • Oh that fragile ego

  • Last? Nope.lies.

  • Huge waste of natural resources. What a nightmare on so many levels.

  • Apa ini?!

  • why not make more medium size buildings instead

    • @MUCKFOOT - that was the old part of the town. This tower was purposely there to relive that old part. It was where the independence event took place

    • @T wize it takes more land making 1 story buildings,. make more medium sized. they have 1 ridiculous sized building surrounded by micro buildings.

    • It will take out much more land to serve the same capacity. Save the earth

  • Does it need poop trucks?

    • Nope Malaysia already have impeccable underground sewage and cable system

  • UAE: Building megatall buildings before building functioning sewer systems.

  • I'm going to save you by not telling you what I think about your towers of babble. The motherfucking ferris wheels where bad enough.

  • US shuould claim it again

  • So this is the "last" one huh? How did you come by this deeply prophetic information?

  • By the looks of the artist rendering, this is going to be an absolutely beautiful skyscraper when completed 👍🏻

  • Sound like a tall order for a tax right off. Ha that lean ing tower of Pisa really caught on.... No the real joy is all the workers it employs. It is good practice for building more mega projects including a machine to build send up to space to clear of the junk once in a while. PS. Remember this when government try to sell you on A.I. future investments we are ever more than any machine built by plutocrats for plutocrats and to slow us down by weaponizing our children's values. YVO Eh? the World's Last Megatall

  • No excuse for going "all in" and then not making it the tallest on the planer.

  • How do they get them cranes up that high?

  • I heard it said of the WTC in NYC; It took 10 years to erect, and 10 seconds to destroy.

  • "How did we build the pyramids?" -Skyscrapers exist-

  • if my schlonzer was a building, it would be a megatall skyscraper..............with an attic

  • Shit bring it down before it gets taken by nature

  • The completion of the Bujr Khalifa was a significant milestone for mankind - How? It is a big penis for rich people located in a tasteless kitschy city that literally needs trucks for taking out dump and shit every day...

  • 🤣 Last mega tower. Yea right. It's only 2021. We got billionaires shooting themselves in a single seat rocket to edge of space. They make that money back in a year and will get bored again.

  • Never say last

  • The only type of people that would ever get to experience staying in places as this are the people who have thousands upon thousands of workers who work below them.

  • The Burj Khalifa was impressive but the fact that it needs dozens of poop trucks cause it doesn't have a sewage system, makes me think less of it.

  • 2:37 Must be old-old English. :P

  • I always feel sad or disappointed at the cancelled projects. They look so beautiful, and it seems like such a waste to not build them.