BULLETPROOF GLASS vs World's Strongest Man!

čas přidán 2. 01. 2023
my friends and I try to BUST the world's CRAZIEST myths including can the world's strongest man break bulletproof glass!
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  • Brent never fails to entertain us. he puts so much effort in his videos for us❤

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  • This video was so entertaining! Love your creativity, Brent!

  • Brent never fails to entertain. 🙌

  • This video was so funny! I love your creativity, Brent!

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    • RedStar 123 we know that you are lying… lots of people have watched the video. You say that you met multiple CS-tvrs and direct people to the same video. Stop lying and do something other than lying to people and scamming people of their time.

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