bullying famous youtubers in minecraft minigames

čas přidán 13. 07. 2019
minecraft monday week 3 highlights
im so tired but i had to stay up and edit this or they'd take pig rank away lmao
incredible thumbnail made by Party_cat101
teammate: www.twitch.tv/chriso2
links to perspectives used:
JunkyJanker: www.twitch.tv/videos/450031365
CallMeCarson: www.twitch.tv/videos/450030943
Grandayy: • We Fought Technoblade!...
CaptainSparklez: www.twitch.tv/videos/450030884
BajanCanadian: • Video
Aphmau: • Minecraft Monday With ...
ConnorEatsPants: www.twitch.tv/videos/450023278
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  • I almost want people to stop commenting RIP techno under every video because we want to remember him for the laughs, not the sadness of losing him.

  • honestly the cuts to other streamers showing how shocked they r towards techno’s skill is just legendary

  • "They put a thirty second cool down on soup?!!" There needs to be a quote book 😂

    • “Request Acknowledged. Creating Technoblade quotes book”

    • @Ant Farm I remember he once said in a video: "we don't have pants and we're beating people with our meat" and that made me fall of my chair

    • @Mark Werner yeah, inserting into book

    • Finally, a funny comment after his passing! Jood gob :D

    • @AutumnSunday Thanks lol I'm kind of sick of everyone posting sad comments like guys c'mon he wanted us to be happy not in a state of constant mourning.

  • I never watched this guy prior to his death. But I will say that I wish I did so that I could understand how insane this guy was at this game. He’s actually crazy, he’s the GOAT of Minecraft

  • Looking back, appreciating how good of a person and how much of a blessing he is to the community

  • seeing all the other creators being scared to even face techno is funny and really shows that he is the best

    • *he was the best

  • Technoblade 2016: Stabbing people in skywars for virtual coins Technoblade 2019: Stabbing famous CS-tvrs for real life coins

    • *Technoblade 2016: Stabbing little children for hypixel coins

    • Technoblade 2016 Stabbing orphans for coins.

    • @spedd carrot you're*

    • @Sreeto k

  • Despite the years, the thumbnail still makes me chuckle. RIP Techno

    • bro… i realised it happend so long ago:/

    • Damn, relish all the good memories

    • Bro please stop commenting rip Techno, I’m here to recall the memories not for your dumb comment

    • @JellPancakeRIP techno

  • I love how the sight of techno strikes fear into anyone who sees him, Rest In Peace Alex

    • Bruh ive seen like 17 of these BRO WE GET IT YOU ONLY KNEW ABT HIM AFTER HE DIED

    • @Imsokoolol? And what’s wrong with that? It shouldn’t matter how someone found a content creator or a fandom. It just matters that they found it

    • @Carrot Kidyeah but so many ppl are going “rip techno” we dont need every one of hid video to have a depressing comment section

  • Little did techno know, this wouldnt be Chris' last cross over 😂

  • The first video I’ve watched of Techno is him playing Minecraft using a steering wheel I never really watched him prior to his unfortunate passing, but I can see why he was so loved by the community, thanks for making me and so many others smile!

  • 12:15 techno calling Carson bald is my most favourite moment in this whole video. This made my day

    • Do you miss old Chris and techno? 😢

  • People vs Techno before: Who is this guy? People vs Techno forever after: *Fear and run, don't question, just fear and run*

    • Louis Robitaille “He’s weak and small and stupid” -Someone I don’t recognize 2019

    • @Lucid famous last words

    • @Ohako lolollllollolo

    • that sums it up.

    • 16:38 2019 is the *strangest* timeline Me in 2020: U serious?

  • I will always rewatch this videos, thanks for making me laugh

    • Same bro I will always rewatch his videos hundreds of times

    • Same bro I♥Technoblade

    • when u realise he will never see this

  • The fact that CS-tv is giving us techno videos that means that he still wants us to watch his videos over and over again even if we get bored that will never change. Techno you will forever be missed rip king 🕊💔

  • Every time I watch techoblade I get more happy

  • “A legend is only truly gone when people forget there name ” in this case techno will never die.

  • I love techno, a trick I always use in skywars and stuff like that is placing a lava bucket to burn my enemies, that trick has saved me more times than I can count. I wouldn't have known that move without techno

  • Technoblade: does absolutely nothing Everyone: “he’s just standing there, MENACINGLY!”

  • Got this recommended after the tragic events…. You really made literally millions of people laugh and feel entertained, maybe after a long day’s work or something like that. Thank you, dude. Rest in Peace🙏

  • It's really great to just come back and watch these videos on occasion. Miss you Techno

  • *The fact that CS-tv is recommending me Techno's old vids is just so comforting*

  • 1.this is not bullying it's proving content 2.i'll miss this guy

  • RIP techno. we love you more than you ever knew. we’ll miss you.

  • With all the Chris drama this really shows the true chill Chris

    • I dont understand why there even is drama. Let the dude be him he's not hurting anybody

    • @TuxTitan word bro they all support him until he accepts himself as who he is now suddenly everyone turns on him. it's kinda funny that ppl r like MRBEAST WOULDNT SUPPORT THAT! yet he does lol

    • ​@TuxTitanexept his wife and kid of course how dumb we are you are right

    • @Ozzy thats what im sayin

    • @Panda neither of them care. neither does Mr beast. grow up, you are the only problem

  • Cant believe its been one year since we lost you man. Your videos still bring me smiles and joy. We miss you Techno. Technoblade never dies ❤

  • When dream tweeted and said I just got done crying I thought of all the people that truly loved techno and how they are feeling. I am so heart broken that techno had to go so soon I'm truly glad that he made videos and put a smile on so many people's faces

  • the legend says that technoblade didn't win intentionnaly so he could be invited in Minecraft monday #4

    • He still won individuals :/

    • Yeah but he doesn't get money from individuals so they don't get mad lul

    • @BaphometSA He was given pig+ from another week for coming in first for individual so in the end he won

    • Genius

    • @BaphometSA didn't the mods remove the stakes or some shit this time?

  • I miss your uploads but I’m glad I got here when I did before it ended. Thank you for the streams I would watch during lunch break and thank you for being a big brother I never had.

  • love how goofy he always is

  • I love the fact that this is some of the videos that we were left with. We’ll all remember him for everything he’s done ♥️

  • Im still rewatching old Techno content and I just found this again, the video that got me into Technoblade. Rest easy King.

  • im not usually one to leave comments but.. it feels like i should, after im beginning to heal after the loss. he was amazing, and BOY was this video funny as ever! thank you so much for this content, and an especially big thanks to technodad for keeping on techno's fame in his own way. thank you to the whole family, you guys are all so amazing and so strong. i hope every single one of you here can read these comments and watch these videos and remember who he was. he was amazing, and never forget that he always did his best to entertain us. i couldnt be more grateful. really, thank you to everyone.

    • mfs be getting way too attached to youtubers ☠

    • @LiibertyMutual mfs dont be understanding the thing called emotions 💀

  • Techno is one of them lads who says they’ve done shit in a test then gets the best in the class

  • 😂 Man am I glad I missed this one! 💖🥰 Technoblade never dies!

  • these are what first got me watching techno so I had to revisit them, rip techno you will be the most missed and we will never forget you.

  • Even death can't stop techno, he is a legend even after death

  • Chris is really funny! he meshes really well with techno

  • Honestly this guy was so good at pvppppp I just love his content for the commentary, but this is something I don’t realize I missed

  • 2015-2018 technoblade : stabs children for coins 2019 technoblade : stabs famous youtubers and streamers for money

  • For everyone watching this now: Don't cry because he isn't with us anymore. Smile and laugh because he was with us before. Techno made the most legendary and hilarious content, and the most we can do for him now is to enjoy it as we would have before.

  • 2:40. i hiss those perfectly cut screams from him. you brightened my every day even when the most horrible thing would happen. i know some may have gone through so much worse than me, but nevertheless, techno was always there

  • Coming back to these videos after knowing how young techno is makes me so proud and a little sad

  • I keep getting recommended his videos and I am so glad for the fun and funny moments he gave us

  • Rest In Peace Alex You may have passed, but your legacy will live on. Millions love you. Thank you for everything.

  • Techno: “this is we have been practicing for in spleef” Chris: *walks straight into a hole*

    • Sandwichboi 69 i laughed way more than i should have

    • Was his teammate Chris from mr beast

    • Mocha Tea yes


    • English be like "This is we have"

  • Techno was a legend I hope Minecraft Monday does something to commemorate him.

  • "Time to Advertise!" God, I love Techno's sense of humor

  • technoblade never dies! he will always be with us in our hearts.

  • Techno videos will always put a smile on my face all the time

  • Rest In Peace King💔. Your cheerfulness and humor will never leave my heart. Thanks for everything you have done for us.Technoblade never dies

  • "Its too easy for Techno" Techno: *hyperventilating* "HOW AM I ALIVE?*

    • People expect too much of him alot of the time and hes here like "WHY DID I WIN THAT"

    • He exspecs so little; from him that is y he so good

    • Yea his fans will also like YOU DIDNT EVEN GET 47 kills. L. And then as soon as he does that crazy insane chats like “YOU DIDNT DO IT BLINDFOLDED WITH YOUR MONITOR OFF AND MOUSE UNPLUGGED” but techno doesn’t mind I don’t think and also he also has his chat spammed with “❤️Technosupport❤️” also “BLOOD for the BLOOD god”

    • @Justice Pyro hahaahah us techno fans are tsunderes hahaha we tell him he sucks but we mean he's amazing hahahah

    • @Cain name does not make it better

  • I don’t want to believe he’s dead. I still don’t know how to react after almost a week, we all miss you techno ❤️

  • Pains me watching these old videos but also fills me with so much joy of good memories

  • Man when techno died I was a little upset but now going back at these old videos I just realise how many people he made smile and laugh RIP Techno.

  • RIP Technoblade, we love you and we wish you are still here with us.

  • Its been months and I have still been rewatching this legend, I hope the future me still keeps watching this legend, RIP LEGEND

  • I love that even with full diamond people are afraid to go against a totally under equipped techno, rightfully so

    • All hail technoblade the god of pvp

    • Techno with full leather


    • @G H X S T M E M E S dont forget his sharpness I fist

    • Who wouldn't be scared of someone who can win bedwars with just a wooden sword and win skywars and won using literally nothing

  • May you Rest In Piece Techno.We love you 🐖❤

  • R.I.P. techno. Even though you have passed on, your memory will live in our hearts forever.

  • technoblade: this is all we've trained for, we will win the spleef chris: Literally walks into the void

  • We never knew that his shoulders would be hurting a whole lot more rest in peace techno

  • Rest In Peace Technoblade. Thank you for everything our legendary king.

  • Technoblade could singlehandedly combo all the Area 51 guards with a stone axe for coins

    • Residual he wouldn’t need anything if he had soup

    • Area 51 guard one man shows up hahahaha- realise it's technoblade guards:run

    • Not if Area 51 guards have TNT

    • Hey res

    • @NoLife yo

  • man i wish i would of found his videos sooner i dont realy watch minecraft videos like this only redstone and building things this dude is so funny if laughed at every video i watched so far rest in peace u legend

  • we lost a legend here rest in peace techno

  • I just love how he went from "THEY PUT A THIRTY SECOND COOL DOWN ON SOUP?! I DON WAANA BE HEREEEE!" to slaughtering everyone in the space of a second. XD

  • Techno never dies. We hoped. RIP Techno we miss ya

  • I love the reaction of the streamers when they see techno

  • Techno is the only person that can type and play TNT run at the same time lol

    • Techno:*casually types while doing TNT run* Everyone: What is this dark magic!?

    • @Vipex coulnd't you just ruin it like that

    • @DSpeedy Neva*

    • @DSpeedy he died

    • @Demon King he’s alivE

  • chris screaming while techo complains about soup is so funny

  • “Technoblade never dies” Yes, he will never die for us, he will always be in our hearts

  • Techno Blade never dies! All hail the king of Minecraft! Thanks for all the good you’ve done.

  • "Technoblade is the god we dont deserve on earth" this has never been so true, we have been so lucky to have him here, Rest in peace Technoblade, Blood for the Blood God 🗡

  • Anyone else here to rewatch his videos for comfort? I am

  • I just love that literally everyone fears technoblade.

    • No one can hiiide from my sights

    • Everyone should

    • Other than maybe dream

    • Yea the one player techoblade fears is dream

    • Technoblade and dream have like IQ 1,000,000

  • R.I.P Techno you'll always have the best minecraft monday performance

  • RIP techno we will remember you. May your soul rest in peace.

  • he was the funniest guy we ever knew and he always will be

  • Dude even today I still use the phrase “I’m so bald” JUST BECAUSE of techno. RIP man, you’re a legend

  • Techno and Chris are just hilarious together! LOL! R.I.P. Technoblade

  • Imagine losing while still getting over 9/10ths of your teams score and getting top individual, causal

    • Techno the nerd

    • I agree, very causal

    • Fazbear Gaming not even just losing, but getting second with his solo score lol

    • Notsuspicious the judgmental he got number one individual, so wdym?

    • @Catmandont he means he got 2nd (teams board) alone with his individual score

  • I normally did not go watch Technoblade until he died but man videos are so good rest in peace techno R.I.P

  • The 24:10 mystery pork chop and then Phil paying his respects to the lost piggy brethren seconds later at 24:14 has strangely chaotic but wholesome energy xD

  • technoblade was a legend i will miss you dearly Rest in peace we all loved you we will never forget you

  • Rip technoblade , you were a great person with an even greater personality We will all miss you very much

  • Say it with me one more time BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD Rip techno, you will be cherished forever, and your legacy will live on.

  • Sparklez: Well all he knows is how to swing a sword Techno: *_You fell victim to one of the classic blunders!_*

    • @Un limón never mess with a Sicilian when death is on the line.

    • He used to be part of Mianite Purges... so he can kinda pvp in a way.

    • @zilac What I was referring to was when Sparklez said that Techno was only good at pvp lol

    • A Random Walrus :v *THUNDER CROSS SPLIT ATTACK*

  • i remember when he was streaming this and i thought " i should watch this later" best desision i've ever made rest in peace alex we all loved you

  • It's kinda nice to know how many people are remembering techno by subscribing to him. Hes gained roughly 2 million subs in barely a week

  • “He’s the god we don’t deserve on this earth” Chris never knew how true this was RIP techno

  • I never knew my favorite mrbeast member at the time and my favorite MC CS-tvr collabed after many time’s watching this. RIP techno u are a legend 🙏🏾

  • I wish we could just pretend techno is still here, c'mon guys we still watch and enjoy his video like the.. old times waiting for new videos to upload, this is just a long... Long hiatus... I wish I just- his spirit definitely remains with his video I'm Still gonna rewatch all of his vids for few next year.

  • When you spend 3 hours watching a Minecraft stream, then wait a week and watch the highlights too...

  • Techno never dies 🙏🙏 the legend is still with us in our hearts

  • RIP. Techno, You will always live in our hearts I want to put this tribute out here on one of you vids, I still watch your videos to this day, Love you, Techno.

  • The "You are the god we don't deserve on this earth" it hit hard

  • “The God we don’t deserve on this Earth” - Chris This hits different now, Rest In Peace King

  • RIP Techno. May we NEVER forget you

  • “This game is literally too easy for techno” Meanwhile Techno: *confused screaming€

    • I mean they nerfed everything that made the game fun lmao

    • @American Idiot yeah well they were also nerfing all the things that techno relied on to win. The item drops at mid feels like it was specifically designed to make it harder for him

    • nice euro instead of *

    • Wetham You know it