Buying Anything My Dog Touches

čas přidán 29. 10. 2021
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Komentáře: 34 584

  • That employee was so polite after you mentioned your selfie rule, what a nice guy!

  • its always better to to have a meaningful convo with someone you're a fan of rather then a useless selfie. 10 /10 politeness points for fan encounter..

  • Hahah love this! We just love seeing Edgar, he's SUCH a cutie!

  • Marzia getting the products that Edgar can't reach then puts them on the floor so he can choose is so adorable!

  • Imagine finding Felix stumbling around your pet store talking to his dog “no you can’t get the hay Edgar”

  • RIP maya you were the best to be around with we and felix will miss you stay strong ❤

  • I love how respectful the fan was after asking for a photo. He didnt get upset about not getting a selfie and just enjoyed being able to actually meet Felix.

  • I like how progressively Pewds and Marz just start touching stuff to Edgar lmaoo

  • It never occurred to me that Pewd's commands would be in Swedish! That's so cool, their dogs are multilingual!

  • I love Maya, It makes me sad to see how old she's grown, but after all of these years so have I. Edgar and Maya are the best.

  • I love how the fan apologizes after Pewds politely declines because he genuinely didn’t know and he didn’t wanna hurt his feelings. Then Pewds gives him a handshake afterwards. Wholesome moment.

  • Alternative title : PewDiePie influencing Edgar's shopping

  • "If you want a new bed now's your chance"

  • How it started:

  • 17:00

  • Edgar continuously picking cat sand is hinting at the fact that he doesn't want to go out to pee anymore lmao

  • Felix: We buy everything you touch

  • I like that Pewds politely declined a photo but still takes a moment to talk to fans and give them a handshake despite that. Stand up guy.

  • This video turned out to be: "Lets slap Edgar with dog products that we like!"

  • Edgar is such a distinguished gentleman. And I love seeing this side of Felix. You can tell he loves his little fur babies