By the way, Can You Survive Disneyland?

čas přidán 23. 08. 2019
Daniel, Hosuh, Stephen, Jay and friends go to Disneyland to celebrate the 1 million subscribers milestone.
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Thank you all so much for allowing us to celebrate such a milestone. It already seems like a long time ago when we reached that 1 million subscribers mark. All of you have impacted our lives in so many ways and we are grateful. We will continue to make videos and try our best to make you smile. As long as you stick around with us haha
I was actually planning to voice-over the ending with some sentimental narration but it felt weird so I'm doing it in the description instead heh.
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  • 3:09 :D

  • I lost it when Jay goes, "I must catch them" *COME ON YOU SHITTY CAR*

  • aa Stephen just squealing over that bubble wand is the most joy I’ve seen in Stephen that isn’t from murdering

  • You lie

  • Omg this was such a wholesome episode 😭😭😭 I'm so glad they included Jay too even though this was a dream the three of them shared originally. I remember watching Danplan around the time they started the rpg series and I've watched them frequently ever since though I did stop recently but now I'm getting back to them and oh gosh I remember all the time Stephen would mention going to disneyland every time the video was about to end and this was just a dream that I didn't actually think was going to happen one day but they grew so much both as a fandom and as a group and so I'm really glad that they were able to finally go to Disneyland because Stephen looked SOOOO happy and it was super adorable seeing him so soft and excited!!! I'm proud to see that their group has also expanded with the addition of Jay, Joe, and all the other animators when this channel had first started out with Hosuh drawing all the pictures and just three friends having fun animating videos and talking about random stuff. I'm looking forward to even more content that they will create and I hope you had a lot of fun at Disneyland and made a lot of precious memories. You really deserved this Danplan

  • Dan: lets do can you survive disney land Yt kids: let me introduce myself #uslesscomment (My big bro wrong channel)

  • I literally just missed them by like a week

  • Stephen loves bubbles so WHOLESOME

  • Jay we get it you’ve killed someone before

  • They're all so cute :3

  • What no face reveal but i see the body im happy

  • Hosuh and Stephan would be me at Disney world lol

  • I think stephen is the irl deadpool

  • anybody else willing to dedicate their life to hosuh? just me?

  • this is extremely wholesome

  • In the firework part housa`s cap looks like a face☺☺☺

  • Ah yes the most dangerous place in the world DISNEY LAND

  • Stephan:FINALLY YAS

  • Who is literally crying because Daniel and Hosuh have such a good brotherly relationship

  • OhmaGaWd Dan wHaTs ThIs

  • I don’t even know what Stephen looks like but I think I have a low key crush

  • i went to disney land just a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome 😌 stephan finally got what he wanted 🥰 wait i think i mightve gone at a similar time as you, or on the same day and if so i probably missed you 😭

  • Hosuh, Jay, and Stephen Having fun Danplan Fandom exe. has stopped working

  • only at 0:59 and i alredy love it!

  • Jay _see Donald_: He look delicious. Me: Omg I love him :3 Why do I always have a crush on psychopathe ?? 😍

  • Love how he used i do this for from abstract as a outro song

  • Sorry but can I just cry bcs I'm never going to meet you guys now? Ok thanks

  • Stephen being all excited about bubbles was so wholesome and when Hosuh couldn’t reach the cotton candy and Dan had to get it for him just fgukvesgoifechktsrfksoysehkicsscjkhfsdjifswdcjgx

  • They did it!

  • Top ten most anticipated anime episodes

  • 3:30 Why do I hear boss music

  • This video was posted the day I left for Disney world haha.

  • Watching them having fun like this, makes me smile. I don't know why and I think it's kinda creepy and I also think it's not because it brings joy to everyone who's watching this 😊😊😊...

  • Why is no one talking about Dan's laugh? Sure, I won't deny stephens laughter is precious. But Dan's is equally adorable uwu♡

  • Stephen, Steven, Stephan??? I'm confusion.

  • Finally

  • 4:14 we can’t see his face but we see his butt wow Daniel 🗣🗣🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😂

  • U guys should do a face reveal


  • Stephen: -acting like a 3 years old child- Everyone:he's acting like a child Me:he's adorable!

  • Donald Duck in the distance Jay: *he looks delicious.*

  • Stephen is sooooooo cuteeeeee!!!😆💕💓💖

  • Why is nobody talking about the fan that saw the real faces of hosuh,Stephen and jay?I mean come on!!!they were so lucky,specially the girl!!!! Wish I was them though T~T I'm so jelly right now guys

  • I rlly wanna see their faces but I understand that privacy and stuff like that exist know

  • I literally saw my aunt and my uncle here cuz they also visited disneyland.. I wished I said yes to the trip ToT

  • The Young Stephen Is Having A Lot Of Fun

  • Hosuh is like a fucking fragile bubble

  • Why aren't we allowed to see the faces? :(

  • Me and the Bois using all of Dan's money

  • Woooo disneyland

  • 0:51 with captions on is a perfect example why i always have my captions on

  • I've never seen Steven so happy

  • 3:03 hearteu

  • Sorry but is housa a man or a woman

  • ya'know for someone who's solution to every thing is killing it, Stephen is such a 3 year old...

  • I come back to this video for the fourth time to notice I clocked the dislike button 😨😨 How come I didn't notice??!

  • Steven where' your knife >.

  • Im like the guy that sed he looks delicious just like me

  • Nope

  • Stephen: OMG DAN WATS THIS? Jay: He Looks delicious. Stephen: DAN I WANT BUBBLES Dan: Hosuh have fun okay? Hosuh: *Blushes Me: OH NO. NO MORE