Can Intel Beat the Ultimate AMD Gaming PC?

čas přidán 17. 04. 2021
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Today, we find out which manufacturer, with an unlimited budget for the rest of the PC, has the fastest CPU for gaming.

Intel Build
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AMD Build
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  • 😡

  • How do we know Linus is not using Deepfake?!

  • Yes I need it for online class and virtual education.

  • Imagine buying a 3k dolla GPU and then choose the cheaper CPU, what a waste

  • I made the 6000th comment

  • I’ll stick with Intel after amd shafted me when I got my G14. A ~2% increase in performance isn’t worth me supporting that garbage company again. It’s sad they need twice as many cores to compare.

  • Windows 10 be like :- (Thanos voice) - All of these just for drop of blue screen of death .. .....alteast they can watch it in 4k or 8k with raytracing maybe :D

  • Why you got 2 3090 pls send me one 😂😂😅😞

  • Do this again when alder lake comes out.

  • for durability and longevity. yes Intel has beaten AMD many times and continue to do so. Overclocked CPUs always have shorter lifespan when compare to locked ones aka Stable ones. In AMD you have to upgrade in such short amount of time. But Intel 1st generation core processors are still kicking it with latest graphics cards with no issues at all. I have i7-870 which I built in 2009. upgraded with 750 TI/TF in 2012 and with 16GB ram. it is still faster than ever. Also owned AMD Sampron and Athlon even further back which were bite to dust due to overheating issues....It was crap totally.

  • Does this mean the AMD 5950 is best for Music Production as well?

  • Why not threadripper?

  • Here in india gpu rates are fucking 2x to 3x and here linus using them just to test cpu 😭

  • Red team for the WIN thank you 😁

  • i have an intel atom celeron lol

  • The ultimate AMD pc doesn’t use an AMD GPU? Lol

  • It's surreal to see AMD back on top. Glad I stuck by them for 2+ decades

  • I am looking for Intel Processor Gaming PC for my Gameplay Videos. But these are really very powerful PCs. But in my opinion, I will go with the PC having Intel Processor :)

  • Threadripper?

  • A corroded ass nvme sent acted like one of those USB’s of death and fried my board and 1800x now Amazon getting me a fresh ass 5800x and x570 strix

  • Not a Paedo illuminati Confirmed

  • dude i have an 15 2400 stop it

  • Why wear a mask when it’s proven by high end doctors that it doesn’t work.

  • 5950x is overpriced 🙂

  • I needed this comparison so now I can go back to my gtx 960 and i5 4690k

  • I wonder if Intel is not catching up or maybe leaving behind amd as they will outsource the chips to TSMC now and get the 3 nanometre process in their next gens. The current comparison has a different lithography

  • They don't say shoot in rock paper scissors

  • Will all those additional cores and threads actually help in games?

  • switching graphics cards and cases instead of just switching which cpus go where intelligence 100

  • hol'up. fiio sponsored you guys? what is this? 2007? big respectable brands are sponsoring LTT again? HUZZAH!

  • Linus is making so many gaming PCs, can he gift one to my nephew in India ?

  • You can have your AMD try 2 AMD laptop and they got problems

  • So Linus advice is, that its worth paying 1.5x money for amd for that 5-10fps. I wonder how much amd pays him

  • Intel badly bullied AMD in the past but now It's revenge time

  • short answer No no no never😂

  • with my budget i can build both the machines but without the 3090 graphics card 😫

  • what about 1950x

  • the 5950X is not stable at a fixed OC of 4.9 GHz, while the 11900k is stable up to 5.3 GHz, I keep saying it and people argue but intel males since form a budget standpoint and still hold it's own if you're building budget gaming PC's, that's why you will see many budget prebuilt and OEM systems using intel chips still, but if you got the means for AMD it is awesome!

  • looking for testing of processors without use of graphic card for gaming to see how much fps they can give

    • @Rishav Jangid AMD CPUS has their own dedicated graphics also most of the processors had that so like to know

    • How can a computer work without a Graphics card?, The graphics card give out the output to your monitor.

  • i3 7th gen are faster nowadays ???!! , i am sure that something has happened which make it more expensive too...

  • Amd

  • Did intel win?

  • As long as you can play with it, both is ok for me

  • Just got the 3090 msi trio x. I want to copy the amd build but you are saying the gpu and cpu cooler are tight? Will this affect performance? Any replies i'll appreciate. Thanks.

  • Hey linus, Im looking into getting an Amd Ryzen 5950x what motherboard would you suggest? Ive been looking at some aorus boards but there are so many that its overwhelming. I dont necessarily need wifi. Thats not a huge deal. Currently Im running a nvidia 2060 super in an older amd rig and its getting bottlenecked, thus its time to upgrade.

    • Asus crosshair viii dark hero I use it in my beast and it is awesome

  • Sir can u give me any of your desktop or laptop :)

  • a bit obvious the resoult. AMD ryzen benchmark is about 46000 whereas Intel Corei9 is just 25000 so you don't need spend fortune to find that out. Selling both computers in today's market could get me a house in my 3th word country. so I would rather stick with my "cheap" 1000us dollars Ryzen 7 4800H Laptop

  • Intel i9 is extreme

  • search for graphich settings in windows search and choose all games in classic app then click options and select high performence. that increases the intel FPS

  • I just bought a tower from a friend of mine that I swear was built in like 2010, it has a power supply running at like 900 watts, for a core 2 duo and a super old graphics card, and some massive cooler... It's nuts but still way op once it's upgraded 😂😂

  • I'm really not that interested but I somehow enjoy your videos 🤷‍♂️😄 keep it up

  • Is this video sponsored?

  • When did amd compete with intel?

  • Here’s reality. I have a good friend in R and D at Intel. All this current back and forth of “who’s best” is market play. I don’t want to get him in trouble, so I’ll say this; This current tech is old. Even the best stuff now is old. There is stuff that our government refuses to allow release of because…cash is king. What’s a better strategy a. Release the dopest stuff now and make a fortune? Or b. Keep releasing thing ever so slowly and just keep making new fortunes EVERY YEAR? Yeah…can storage be grown organically? Yeah? How long has that been around? Am I kidding? Hmmm…what if you could generate basically a diamond (which you can) and on every little in-between point lay a …I’ll just leave that there. So sure the current game they are playing has Amd kicking some ass but it Intel is just biding time. They’ve already got stuff that will absolutely crush AMD right now but…cash is king. Fortunes have been made and will continue to be made from our pockets to theirs.

  • Me using intel core i5 4690: ah yes very helpful

  • 11th gen i5 or ryzen 5 long run(4-5 years)??...plz helpwith ur experiences

  • I feel some kinda way right now, i ordered i7 1100k ....vs getting ryzen 7 5800x

  • Man I’m just trying to get a 3060 he needs to hook me up with his supplier

  • Me with my potato laptop: “ah I see.”

  • AMD does have threadripper, so rip intel unless they come up with Corerippers maybe WHO KNOWS??

  • Your cat scared mine!!!!!!!!

  • i like waching you dude

  • such a shame you cant edit out the stupid useless masks

    • Cry about it

  • The 5800x was a str8 cop. Amazing to see what market competition can actually do when it's put to good use and the consumer ends up benefiting

  • Where do all these PCs go that they build?

  • Zero Compromises: Uses Dual Channel Instead of Quadruple

  • Bla bla bla. They play the game the same if you spend 500 dollars less or even a thousand.

  • middle fingor 10:43

  • The best CPU's in the world, with the best GPU's in the world. **runs GTA V at 40-50fps** What the fuck rockstar.

  • Im annoyed because of that thumbnail but nice in depth video keep up the good work Linus. (PS sometimes you act like a jerk)

  • Me with a 2009 pc: keep going I am listening. 🙂 ;-;

  • Linus can you giveaway this pc to me

  • Amd cpu and amd gpu

  • You should of used the threadripper for the Ryzen setup but I think you chose the ryzen 9 to give intel a chance 😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  • AMD 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • What is the median frame rate?

  • Bro do you have 3200 g

  • Bro, you did like 2 of the was CS:GO. Where's the Witcher 3s, Cyberpunk, and Vallhallas?

  • Give me one of those

  • great showcase, horrible benchmark. Are you using csgo fucking seriously as a benchmark? what a waste of time

  • i would choose intel as most intel cpus come with integrated graphics if you dont get a graphics card

  • I almost got the i9 11900k but opted for the i7 11700k couldn't justify the price to performance legit a 3% difference for over 120 dollars. Still an absolute beast cpu rho i7 11700k will last me years and the 3080 will last me years too. Excited for that thing to come in

  • Wait for alder lake cpu

  • Linus: "talking about percentile and stuff" Me who knows almost nothing about that stuff: *I like your funny words magic man*

  • I wish I could get a gaming pc..😔

  • Intel is now the value for money

  • Why not use the newest AMD GPU?

  • it is not a air cooler it is "NOCTUA D-155555 "

  • Please give it to me i am so poor to buy this much big things

  • I think that computers are costely than houses🤔🤔🤔

  • i mean even if they made these freaking eternal monster pc they could only run gta 5 benchmark at 60 fps

  • Intel is way better than Ryzen trash.

  • Me with my 720 graphics card 😢

  • I call this an unfair test... amd should be running the RX 6700 XT I think 😏

  • I just bought the new razer blade 14 with a ryzen 9 5900 hx with a rtx3080 🥲🥲

    • cool i just bought a ryzen 9 5950 x and a 3070 and 32 gbs of ram

  • "unlimited budget" me, with my intel pentinum, 4gb ram, 1998 graphics card: i wish

    • @Anti-Communist Dude yeah turns out I somehow got a virus on my old pc and it refused to let me access the settings

    • @SacrificeSL That is weird.

    • *bruh* Mines worse but I can't check my specs cause for some reason my settings won't let me get on it

    • @dreamcore And you?

    • @dreamcore Nope. I watch this in 1440p.

  • I thought AMDs were notorious for overheating and catching on fire? Since when did people start buying them over Intel?

  • It pretty much exploded in brand new apple processor

  • Please try out that new brand new I-9 extreme against it

  • I watch videos to satisfy myself