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I was so fascinated with this product I couldn't wait to test it out! I did my entire face with it and the results had me in shock!

Makeup Deets:
Eyes: Dose of Colors Friendcation palette
Lily Lashes Ela

Tatcha Silk Canvas
Armani Luminous Silk 3.5
Nars Creamy Concealer Creme Brulee, Affogato
Pat McGrath Powder Light 1
Tom Ford Shade Illuminate Intensity 1
Flower Beauty Nectar and Bubbly blush bombs
Manna Kadar powder C3
Makeup For Ever pencils (lip) Wherever Walnut and Total Taupe
Natasha Denona lipstick "Natasha" and "Judith"
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  • “My hand is floating. 👀” 😂😂😂

  • You can use the other side of the blendiful! Just flip the band around to the other side. You can use way more products that way!

  • lmao foundation

  • Love me some Katy!!!

  • 2 sides of the Blendiful...

  • Air Brushed skin! Amazing..

  • You always have nice accessories can you share where you get them? Great video! Love you

  • You can actually use both sides of the puff. I haven't seen anyone do that, but you can!

  • Katy , I watched your video, you presented this new product very nicely, and let me advise you, I noticed that you had a problem applying this "sponge" to all the products you normally use. You can turn this sponge to the clean side and continue your makeup without using the same part for two or three different products, so I would use both sides of the sponge top and bottom and personally I think it is so even designed. Kiss

    • I forgot to write that maybe the smaller heart-shaped applicator is probably for applying concealer under your eyes, and that's why it's finer.

  • What setting spray did you use for hydration??

  • OMG!! DED lol "foundation Clips"

  • for all the people saying use the other side .. stupid to ask but if she flips it .. isn’t her hand going INTO the “already used side” ? idk what i’m thinking right now but that’s what comes to mind reading the comments

  • Omg Flawless! 😍

  • no highlighter???👀👀👀

  • I am not impressed by this product. Kinda gross.

  • After watching 2 videos back to back I’m convinced you secretly LOVE Tetris. So sad to see it’s in its last months in the App Store after all these years 😢

  • I loved this Blendiful especially on those days when you need to get out the house fast !!! I did noticed tho that if you swipe the Blendiful your liquid products it will not give enough coverage. Buffin is the way to go for me . Im so glad I saw side to side comparison !!

  • Can’t we use both side of the blendiful?

  • I absolutely cannot stand the Postmates ad with Iggy azalea it so damn urking..ok anyway..need this product.

  • I was wanting to try it but to many bad reviews on it falling apart on you so I’ll pass.

  • By the way Katy you can use both sides. You don’t have to do everything with just one side. Just didn’t know if you knew.

  • Also, can you let us know how this cleans? I've seen some reports of them ripping after being washed!

    • @Stacilea Beauty great! Thanks for letting me know x

    • Demibmakeup I have hand washed mine 3 times so far with baby shampoo and no problems yet.

  • Your skin looks AMAZING!!!!!

  • Woody . I love to play woody.

  • What mascara do you use ?!


  • Girllllll im sold

  • Flip the strap to the other side then you will have more clean space to use.

  • Should come with a case / containers with the price tag.

  • Taro said you can even use the other side.

  • This would be perfect for travel! I am very interested in purchasing this! 💜

  • Flip it and use the other side 🤯

  • Haven't been convinced by this one but we shall see (if I can get hold of it..haha)! Keep at it, Katy!

  • okayy bridal slay

  • Your makeup looks STUNNING Katy! 😍

  • u sorta sound like mandy from drake & josh. i love it

  • Bro, press and roll at the same time while doing foundation😂 Still smiling bc you didn’t use the other side of the puff haha. Your makeup was flawless AF though, that sponge is the bomb🙌😍

  • I'm definitely purchasing it asap!!

  • You have the most flawless skin 😻😻

  • You’re so close to being 2 million subscribers!!! Just found you in my recommendation! Good luck!

  • Katy, You can also use powder products with the cream products on the same sponge and also use the other side of the sponge too... you looked really airbrushed after the application.. You convinced me to buy this.

  • It's an honor to prep your beautiful canvas! 💜

  • You can flip the ribbon over to the other side so you can utilize both sides of the sponge pretty cool

  • I'm so bummed the sides of mine near where the ribbon is came apart after I hand washed it for the second time. I've informed customer service so hopefully they'll do something to remedy the situation because I do absolutely love the sponge!

  • I have it and I really don't know what the hype is because the only thing I think it's good for is when your makeup starts to sink into lines during the day and you can blot/blend with it. I tried using it to put makeup on and all it did was smear it around my face and soak into the blendiful and not my face. Using this is a sure way to spend more money on foundation because you will go through it quicker......more goes on the blendiful and less goes on your face. Glad it wasn't more than $18 because it is certainly not worth it. Sorry, just my results using it. Save your money and use your brush or fingers.

  • On the fence about this- honestly the whole washing process will make it or break it for me. Let us know how to wash and store this bad boy bc your skin is looking flawless 😍

  • You really look airbrushed 👌🏻

  • I must have! You do look airbrushed

  • Just remember to wash before first use and you won’t get loose fibres.

  • The Textured Neutral Vol. 1 made me such a fan of Tati Beauty that I ordered the Blendiful on sight - no demo videos, no launch video, just went for it. Uh, so now I had this thing with no clue how to use it. Enter: Katy, saving my impulsive ass. THANK YOU!! This made me so excited to try this out. It’s just been in my drawer, intimidating me. So pumped to go do my makeup now!! Also, v important to note: You look incredible!

  • 1 word: SEAMLESS

  • Why is her forehead sooi shiny.

  • If you flip the ribbon around, you have the complete back side to use!!! Great video!! First time watching. I have been a professional makeup artist for fifty years, so that is why I feel comfortable in giving you tips!!! I have seen EVERYTHING!!!! Five decades of makeup and skincare.

  • I found it mattified my foundation. Not a fan.


  • I find beginning with swiping the foundation on then bouncing it in works best. It takes some getting used to when you are used to using a beauty blender type sponge because your first instinct is to just bounce it in. Being able to spread first also covers more real estate quickly so it cuts application time in half for me.

  • Was on the fence, but now I’ll buy 🙏😋

  • Loved the liquid blush you look beautiful.

  • Omg. These insert clips. ♥️😂

  • Katy I cackled at the bit where you editing in a clip of you saying foundation when you said concealer in the video 🤣🤣🤣 idk why but I literally have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard! Phew that was the most I’ve laughed since my grandma passed so thank you 🥰