Can STICKY TACK Hold a Person?

čas přidán 19. 04. 2019
Today we're testing out the properties of sticky tack- how strong is it, does it burn, and what happens when it freezes?
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  • Finds out its non toxic and Nate instantly licks it. I love these guys.

  • Can you show less sticky tack XD

  • Try making super long twisler

  • A metal sink

  • Can you fix a metal single with Ramen noodles


  • And now I’m imagining a prank where u freeze dry a bowl made of blu tak and freak people out when it re warms and deforms lol


  • 8:45 ur welcome

  • 9:14 she’s holding the string in a way she said not to hold rope in another video lol

  • I found the hidden symbol

  • Be careful kids that’s a lot of sodium

  • Freeze dry Oobleck

  • Whenever I got my hands on sticky tack in elementary school I would allllllways make a snail

  • Can u guys make Edible glue

  • I can only imagine the struggle in getting that off your ceiling along side the boards. lol

  • Nate: *licks it* Calli: dont! Nate: im seeing if it has any flavor. In Nate's mind: ooh the things i do for you tube

  • do slime burn it vacum chamber it burn it freeze it.

  • Can you make a bed of slime

  • I saw n+k!

  • Sometimes I feel like you 2 are in high school.

  • Bro the sticky stuff holded you guys because you added nails to the roof

    • They added nails so they would have something to tie the strings to

  • "Is it toxic?" "No! Actually it's non toxic!" *Immediately decides to lick it* 1:35

  • Did anyone else see that logo at 8:16

  • 2017: homemade flamethrower 2019: wE"Ve g0t pUDdy! But they do crazy stuff to it so I'll give you that

  • 6:33 6:34 why was there a plus sign


  • In the uk is Common to get this and is called blu-tack

  • are y'all married? If so you're such a cute couple!!!

  • Mix sillypuddy and sticky tack

  • I want to see you vacuum chamber water

  • I love the look they gave to each other before putting it in the flame

  • 1:34 "so if you accidentally have a kid"

  • Can you put different types of candy in you’re vacuum chamber? And/or do other stuff with them?

  • I use sticky tack for my animations all the time

  • You should see what would happen if you vacuum chamber a hambuger,taco,and ice and other foods

  • Test Labs..

  • make a dry ice tornado like a flame tornado

  • At 2:47 who holds the camera?

  • There are multiple methods of burning it. Callie: I KnOw ThEm AlL

  • 8:13 logo flicker at the right

  • What if you put an empty permanent marker on open flame?? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Use the tack to hold a hammock

  • Can STICKY TACK pull a car??

  • 👑✌

  • try to make a smoke bom

  • Is this not like Bosstick, Pritstick type of thing

  • You should vacuum chamber seltzer.

  • I swear nate acts like a child somerimes its so funny