Can This Chef Recreate My Childhood Cookie? • Tasty

čas přidán 10. 02. 2019
"Maybe one day Rie, when you and I are eighty years old, we'll just make cookies together."
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  • Major fail...thats not pineapple crust is made

  • Rie: answer Niki: Enswer!!! 😂😂😂

  • Type "Nastar Keranjang recipe" and than you'll found this cookies recipe

  • Niki: *touching dough* Rie: SToP touching it

  • “Blarp.” - 3:50

  • Rie can make every thing she' s awesome!!

  • Rie and Niki are so cute together

  • 6:40. I think they broke my headphones!

  • Niki: tries to put the cookie bacc Rie: 4:43 Oh hEll nAw


  • 2:48 The enzyme in pineapple they might have been referring to is called Bromelain. It breaks down protein. Which is why it makes your tongue burn after eating pineapple. Pineapple literally digests the skin on the inside of your mouth.

  • that other girl reminds me of the weird horse girl.

  • Omg tat nenas

  • ieu mah nastar atuh wkwkwk next level of nastar

  • "don't touch to much" "oh sorry" That's my mother always say when we're making some food😂

  • This was so cute. You should do a series about making food from childhood memories. Imagine making this cookie where it was almost exactly the same but the original maker had passed. So many tears and laughs to be had.

  • Wow.. Didn't know that Niki is from Singapore!

  • In indonesia we call it nastar 👍👍🏻

  • Tasty: Can This Chef- Me: It'S RiE aLrIGhT!

  • Me eating cokies my brother walks in he asks - can i have the last one - me yes i hand it to him i then said sike and then i ate it

  • Niki said she has kids i guess she adopted some cause lesbians cant have kids

    • Yonaton Kadosh how do u know she is lesbian and lesbians can have kids cuz one of them can use a donor and get pregnant and have baby

  • Niki is lesbian

  • I thought the thumbnail was anime... :1

  • Brown Auntie’s rice and curry; passing by generations and generations of Brown Aunties (yes, I can say this because I am from Bangladesh)

  • I thought it was a cured egg yolk in the middle

  • Pineapple tarts -yummy -delicious -Gordon Ramsey worthy -fattening :(

  • I was born in and Singapore and we have pineapple tarts all around chinatown.


  • I love that they had a family recipe and just changed it before even trying it :D

  • I dont understand what kind of human being it takes to dislike thos video. Like are you not pleased to see Rie , and if not what kind of human being are you?

  • Rie is sooooooo cute. :3

  • Just wondering if we can get the recipe???

  • Imagine if it was banana instead of pineapple

  • Every time I see Rie and Niki together they look like a mother and a daughter.

  • When HawFlake is being ignored

  • I am tempted to send you pineapple tart from Singapore

  • Excuse me wtf

  • enzymes... let's not talk about it =')

  • make it... FANCY! no...

  • The kinda look like sisters, 😅

  • I didnt even know lunar year went by untill i asked my parents "yo when is lunar new year" and there like *in the past*

  • 6:47

  • Ahhhhhhhjh I’m so happy ahhhhhhhjhhhhhhh!

  • 2:30 to 2:38 all Rie says is yeah 😂

  • 6:00 oi oi oi.... every asian kitchen heard thiss,i’ve heard it too much not to know HAHHAHAHAHAA GOLDENRIE

  • Actually in Malaysia we also eat this ‘tart nenas’ during eid 😄

  • hungry leh 😦

  • R.I.P cookie Fell, on floor 2019-2019

  • Fu Niki you lesbian bitch

  • Singaporeans?No? Only me?