Can You Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword?

čas přidán 4. 08. 2018
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I took some user comments way to seriously and figured out what it would take to melt obsidian and sand cast it into a sword.
Thanks for FOCI Glass Studio for their help with this project. They are a Non-Profit Studio in Minneapolis which teaches Glass Blowing Classes from Beginner to Expert!

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  • Oof, Minecraft

  • Best way to make an obsidian sword: 1) Find a giant piece of obsidian 2) Smash/carve it into a blade


  • Use a diamond pickaxe

  • Nether portal

  • Minecraft is the best game ever

  • Laser !

  • Mabe start with a pocket knife !LOL

  • Whoever posted this video OBVIOUSLY does not know a thing about obsidian, Obsidian may make for a cool sounding weapon used in video games, but the very first time that such a sword met any resistance the wielder would be left with nothing but a stub of a sword. Obsidian is a very brittle substance and does not stand up well under stress.

  • Well you can’t do it in Minecraft

  • The good news is: after more than 5 centuries from the "fall" of the Aztecs empire, they're still the best at making obsidian weapons. Nice!

  • What I've learned: Don't melt straight obsidian rocks, even though it seems like it'd be cool. And it ends up looking epic as well.

  • Our forefathers laugh at our modern machines and our failure to meet their smithy mastery.

  • You should just nap a giant obsidian sword, that no one can even lift. like 5ft long and a hand or 2 wide. DO IT!

  • Quick call Forged In Fire producer! I have to give you props for determination.

  • Why did you decide to use obsidian in the first place? Seems like a poor choice

  • Obsidian is a natural hard glass, why would try to change it? I have many Native American pieces of their tools. Arrow heads, knives, skinning tools, that were made by years of chipping taught by their ancestors. Not slamming you, but please go in a different direction. Teach the art of chipping the glass.

  • wow minecraft is easy

  • Its just glass, really

  • Just craft crafting table...

  • If it’s just glass with different impurities, then do you think you can make a stein with it? Or at least a cup

  • I want to cast magic missile.

  • Weird flux, but ok

  • can you make a sword out of ice next time?

  • Get rekt n00b you hace 0 minecraft experience How To Make Everything it’s a wonder how you have 1mil subs

  • Let's not forget the fact that obsidian is basically volcanic glass which is just superheated rock that is cooled down. If you must use obsidian, create a solid hammer with a huge amount of obsidian and a metal brace. Because of the glassy nature of obsidian you can best use it as it is as a cutting knife. Casting a sword out of it would simply make it dull and breakable like glass.

  • Make a diamond pickaxe

  • I thought he was creating the first blade from supernatural

  • Spoiler: No

  • Next time try adding some stone to it

  • Might have to use a frame inside?

  • have you considered using some sort of metal core heated up to a high temperature, but not molten temperature so the obsidian will have added strength. Also, the conductive properties of the metal encases in obsidian could even help slow the cooling.

  • A lot of crucibles, kilns and one son's toy sword are sacrificed in trying to make a blade to defeat the other or white walker.

  • Upvote for perseverance, sheesh

  • Literally more than half a year later and this still appears in my recommended videos, even tho I already watched it. And disliked it. And said that "I wasn't interested".

  • You can't in minecraft, so you can't in real life. It's science.

  • Awesome man!! Subed!

  • I might cast better under a vacuum.

  • Subbed under 999K

  • Can't even imagine how much you lost on this one :( People need to make saner suggestions XD

  • The liquid looks like chocolate😋

  • spoiler alert: not really

  • This sucks so bad???? Pathetic


  • At 11:48 I thought you casted a blade with magical properties 😅 That’s unreal the properties . There’s a beach in Florida Flagler that has “red sand” six miles of it it’s a pink Coquina I wonder if that could be casted I was just there and it’s amazing .

  • Should have went to Morrowind and asked the dark elves.

  • Still getting recommended, can youtube stop now since i watched

  • W my glass making experience, I would put it back in the kiln

  • Lol this guy is an alchemist.

  • forbidden syrup

  • I'm surprised Justin Y. isn't down here.

  • Okay, so I came here thinking you were going to talk about which actor should play the DCnU character; Obsidian....

  • maybe talk to the children of the forest (game of thrones)

  • Try an autoclave . Melt in a vacuum .

  • Que wen mod

  • You should have asked a professional glass blower to help. It is obvious that you don't know about glass casting (obsidian )

  • I would say one this is made from idiots when you would melt it buy super thermite and use this its make 6740,33 °F

  • Just like chocolate!

  • Smithing 100

  • Good for you for not giving up the first few times it failed 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Great video! You know, in Game of Thrones they make "valyrian steel" with a little obsidian in the steel mix. You think it's feasible?

  • Everyone knows you need dragons fire to cast obsidian.

  • He's cute. I'd do him.

  • I really enjoy your videos. They align with my own passion for experimentation and learning how we got to where we are, and recreating primative technology. I'm very interested in creating an apocalypse book, that can contain all of the information necessary to take a society from the stone age, to the computer age, using nothing but raw materials.

  • It was a nice try, but I have to say that there is actually no sense on trying to cast an obsidian sword, because it is one of the rare minerals that have an amorphous 3D structure, like glass for example. That's why it always ends up cracking and breaking.

    • Christian Lund yeah true, sorry. What i wanted to say is “amorphous 3D structure”, without the word “crystal”.

    • Amorphous crystal is an oxymoron.

  • 3 minutes in and this looks like a story about persistence in the face of adversity...


  • With some mods, yeah, the obsidion sword will be godly killing all those mobs, including annoying skeletons. *Wait...*

  • what a waste of time watching this video... expected some cool knife...

  • i will fight you 1 v 1 minecraft hunger games my sword has strength 5

  • Brutal!

  • So the answer is no.

  • I gave you a "thumbs up" for perseverance. That was clearly a very difficult project, but you kept working at it and I love your honesty throughout the video. Your efforts are definitely worthy of respect.

  • So no, we can't have obsidian swords. Awww... Sweet video still.

  • Mayans and Aztecs knew the answer 1000 years before you learned how to walk.

  • Jarvis: "Congratulations, Sir! You've created a new element!"

  • All you need to do is catch the obsidian in a mold as its pouring out of the volcano freshly melted

  • Running your fingers through a bowl of glass shards

  • Make a mixture of all types of superglue and make a sword out of it

  • use jet fuel it melts everything don't believe me just ask the government hahaha

  • 12:32 impressive nether portal

  • I was so disappointed this didnt work. I wanted to kill some white walkers.

  • Not Obsidian Obsidian requires tons of pressure to properly form, you can't just cast it.

  • You're a better man than I. After the second broken kiln I'd just rename the video. "Can you melt obsidian and cast a sword? Nope."

  • Bruh just use a diamond pickaxe

  • types y in youtube: this video

  • Everyone here says mine craft, I thought about fable

  • So: no.

  • So sorry it probably cost way to much to make this video... I assume this is why obsidian isn’t casted... but I enjoyed it.

  • What a great experiment! Thanks for sharing!

  • I'll save you guys some time - the answer is "no"

  • Don't try it at home... On 2nd thought, don't even waste your time trying it all.

  • you spent all that time and still came out with a turd


  • *Mojang wants to know your location*

  • Sure you can melt obsidian. Bethesda did it.

  • You have to cleave a blade out of the obsidian using a hard stone. That's how the Aztecs did it.

  • The blade doesnt have to be 100% obsidian you can grind the obsidian into a powder, add it to a Damascus steel mixture, cast it inside a canister, and draw it out as a part of the steel. you would essentially endup with an obsidian infused Damascus steel blade, and it would probably be very sharp and have some nice visual characteristics.

  • Did you wear a respirator while grinding and handling the powders? I'd be concerned about inhaling extremely sharp powder fragments. Same concerns as asbestos or silicosis. Very cool! Thanks for making this.

  • Purify and slow down the cool