Can You Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword?

čas přidán 4. 08. 2018
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I took some user comments way to seriously and figured out what it would take to melt obsidian and sand cast it into a sword.
Thanks for FOCI Glass Studio for their help with this project. They are a Non-Profit Studio in Minneapolis which teaches Glass Blowing Classes from Beginner to Expert!

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  • Its called dragon glass and Jon Snow would need some

  • Great, now i can fight the Night King.

  • that's not obsidian, its dragon class, Just give it to Gendry he can forge anything

  • Get ready for this video to blow up with Game of Thrones featuring cast obsidian/dragonglass weapons in season 8 episode 1.

  • This is the first video of yours I ever watched and when I saw the cat i was so surprised because they look just like mine! I’m subscribing just for the cat

  • Bruh I thought you needed a diamond pickaxe

  • Jeez you could've built a Nether portal with all those obsidians

  • U worked really hard for this video, nice work

  • People made obsidian blades thousand years ago, yet in the 21st century it hard with all these machines

  • This channel should be named: Failing Upwards

  • In otherwords, it's really almost unachievable to learn Ebony smithinf

  • Finally I can create a obsidian sword in Minecraft

  • Now this is devotion

  • so 1st make a large kiln big enough to hold the mold. 2nd use graphite not sand. 3rd heat the unknown obsidian slowly giving a chance for all gas to escape slowly rather then all at once. add vacuum if you can after it stops. preheat the mold. after pouring put the mold back in the kiln to cool slowly. the big problem is your trying to cook a pot roast in the oven in hour not a crock pot over 12 hours. because you are using glass sand to cast glass you are trying to do everything quickly so the mold does not melt. your trying to cast wax in a wax mold see the problem.

  • Fine CS-tv I will watch it

  • Fire and ice are the ingredients

  • why didn't you try to make a bigger block of obsidian and then just sculpt the sword from the biggest broken shard?

  • Dragon glass lol

  • Minecraft: wait. That’s illegal

  • Get gendry baretheon to do it he knows we need these for the long night

  • who came here after watching the newest episode of game of thrones?

  • Did you see the axe in GOTS8?

  • Damn..... How to craft that sword?

  • *SMITHING 100*

  • 12:31 I love it.

  • *john snow has entered the chat*

  • Great now try diamond


  • cant you just mix powdered obsidian into steel to kill wights?

    • Maybe that's how Valyrian steel is made!

  • Gendry did it without all the fancy tools

  • Do you know who makes weapons for wildlings? Cripples and cocksuckers. *Which one are you?*

  • So what you think of Gendry forging Obsidian weapons episode 1 of season 8 of Game of Thrones?

  • Eventually he did not cast obsidian Disappointed

  • 1:27 Your thanos

  • Jon: We need to find, we need to mine it, we need to make weapons out of it. Cause dragon glass kills whytewalkers Gendry: Not possible mate.

    • You can just prune it. That's what ancient people did.

  • Obsidian is made of carbon silica soda lime sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate

  • No one is perfect

  • In Westeros they call that dragonglass.

  • Wow these mods really can do anything Try make a bedrock sword

  • The answer is NO

  • Obsidian is obsidian bcz it does not get in contact with oxygen. You need to cast it on a vacoon Obsidian crystalizes before getting on surface

  • Actually you can make an obsidian sword by stuffing the handle into your forhead

  • next time melt yourself.

  • Here because of yesterday’s GoT episode

  • So mant minecrafters!!! 😂😂😂

  • That’s sum nice looking ketchup🤤

  • Careful of vapers lol

  • This is why you can't make a obsidian sword in minecraft

  • dude how did you get that obsidian? iv'e been trying to mine it all day with my diamond pickaxe

  • Do a video on How to make babies.

  • Minecraft take notes We need obsidian armor, shield,sword,package that allows permanent resistance in the nether and Minecraft normal world

  • Hello, i need a lot of dragon Glass to destroy white walkers

  • Just get Gendry to do it

  • I see the true boss of this channel was laying in the grass while his underlings worked Haha

  • Gendry was right!

  • Game of thrones says yes! 😊

  • 7:31 reminds me of crushed oreos

  • "How to make everything" - how about making proper size oven to make everything!?

  • So who else came here to watch this right after the new game of thrones episode??

  • Anyone else come here when they saw Gentry forging dragonglass weapons in the season 8 premiere?

    • No

    • "-Hey Gendry, you're forgeron, right ? forge this obsidian. -Huuuu... It doesn't really work that way.

    • Son Lam me too, made some daggers out of shards too. Not... that

    • Casting swords and axes doesn't seem very possible with medieval technology. I thought they were just going to chip obsidian chunks into crude blades and arrowheads

  • No Its not like glass with other substances on it Its just lava and water Come on man Get it right

  • WhErE aRe YoU mInEcRaFt Bois At

  • I know an armour smith's apprentice from Flea Bottom who would be up to the task.

    • +Bahleus I imagine you end up with an inferior arrowhead at the end too.

    • +14zer0zer0 Hah same, i wish they'd like showed him struggling a bit or at least make it look hard, i guess they don't have time for all that though.

    • I saw that and was Wrong way to make arrowheads.

  • It's a lot easier to find a big chunky of obsidian and chip it into your desired form then try to mold it, but I get the point here

  • Dope stuff y'all. I enjoyed watching y'all do this, keep it up y'all 😃😎

  • Nether portal?

  • GoT

  • Who saw this after Season 8 Episode 1 of Game of Thrones?

    • +14zer0zer0 Materials science in Westoros must have different laws. Remember how easy it was for Drogo to give Viserys and ironic death?

    • Yeah had to research that too. I was like « you can’t forge obsidian, or can you? »

    • Yup. Said "that can't be right" and it wasn't. By the time you cast those 5 arrow heads he could've made *tons* just by chipping.

    • I was gonna to literally say the same thing

  • Did you just poor cocaine on those rocks?

  • SPOILER: -No, you can't.

  • I came to show that got first chap last season have an error.

  • I saw no water buckets

  • You can't cast anything from obsydian, trough smelting it loose it's properties, but you can carve a blade from obsydian, true obsidian to acquire its properties must lay hundreds of years under the volcanic soil under high pressure, in this way it acquires hardness.

  • If possible could you make the elucidator out of obsidian like in the show SAO

  • Mojang, take notes!

  • That is the only thing I’m trying to get to put out there for me and my son is coming back from school 🏫😈😈😈

  • His thumbnail is not copy of pewdiepies pewdiepies is a copy of his thumbnail check the date of each

  • next up: can you make a portal out of obsidian?

  • It’s sad how this kid thinks that obsidian is glass when it’s a igneous rock

  • Can you make a portal to the nether?

  • Material m = new Material(); Obsidian o = (Obsidian) m; Casted 🤷‍♂️

  • nice. now see if u can do it with diamonds!!!

  • Can you cast bedrock

  • Извините но я Киргиз

  • Well if it was steel you wouldn't want to cast

  • Pewd die pie videio?

  • can we see a video about how to make obsidian?

  • i wanna be a blacksmith...

  • that's why you can't cratf obisidian tools on minecraft

  • (HeroBrian wants to no your location)

  • What the frick

  • м

  • I tried to melt it in a furnace using a bucket of lava? I think I broke Minecraft?

  • Obsidian is basically volcanic glass, so yeah my thought of melting it pretty much died long ago.

  • Skip to 12mins to get to the good parts

  • Всем. Привет. Если есть русские. Ставьте лайк

  • He didn't do he added a bunch of stuff. Nope go redo it

  • Wait but you didn't add the sticks

  • This video was so unscientific that I would prefer pewdiepies science over your methods

  • Scientists are so dumb just melt obsidian and steel together and forge it.