Cheerleaders to the rescue 👏

čas přidán 23. 02. 2023
Cheerleaders to the rescue 👏
(via cms_tigercheer/TT)

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  • I love how the crowd started cheering when the cheerleaders came out like they knew the big dogs were coming jn

  • They ran in there like the Justice League

  • God, imagine how exciting that must have been, doing all that work and for it to really come in handy like that, make a kid feel like they ARE the world

  • This is so much more impressive now that I’m a cheerleader and know how much strength is required for this😭

  • Being from the South, there’s something especially heartwarming about hearing men with twangs say, “She’s tough, son” and then “yyyYEEEAAAAA.” Makes me yearn for home.

  • As a former cheerleader and cheer coach...I approve this video!😂

  • The janitor with the broom was just chilling and letting this play out lol

  • Its the way they said "yea" at the end, it wasn't like those over exaggerated "YESSSS!!!!!", it was that "YEAAAAHHHHHH" , top tier 🗣❗

  • The ease at which they got up her up there and the quick team work is amazing! Great job girls🥰

  • That’s why it’s important to have lots of people with different skills!

  • I loved this. It gives me: "we've been waiting for this all our lives" vibes for some reason

  • The commentators southern accent is the cherry on top.

  • Love the “she’s tuff son” proud dad in the crowd I’m sure

  • Definition on working smarter not harder 💪🏾

  • GO girls GO. Team work makes the dream work. And they make it look great!!

  • I love how everyone cheered for them aaw

  • Always a win, when you have a Cheerleader/s on your team.

  • Much props to the cheerleaders- from a grownass man

  • I could just see them all talking on the sidelines being like

  • Janitor:”this is a cannon event” 😭🤧