Chef Ramsey Makes Waiter Cry | Kitchen Nightmares

čas přidán 22. 03. 2017
The food has improved at the restaurant, but the service has not and Chef Ramsay gets a little frustrated.
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  • FFS. This is disappointing. Give the kid a break Chef!!! Your high expectations are not the norm in your ‘average’ restaurant. Right or wrong most restaurants don’t have the training required for elegant dining. And while the kid may have been a little clumsy. And a little ‘dizzy’ He didn’t deserve such a public chastising. Frankly, at the vast majority of restaurants in the ‘real world’, any competent kitchen can produce ‘fine dining’ dishes and deal with stressful last minute changes with a modicum of ease. I speak from experience. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside some of these great ‘teams’ in my 34 year career. We all know that for the most part you’re portraying an asshole. Don’t be one. 🙂

  • I always had the impression that those sideburns pissed Gordon right the fuck off. I wouldn't be surprised if Gordon thought if you're working front of house and you've carved those into your face, you're not taking your job seriously. (Then again, the owner and Alex were mates who thought this whole restaurant in Spain thing would be a fun lark. Gordon had to pierce that delusion.)

  • Chicken stuffed with banana ?

  • wtf is the deal with brits and their weird looking pointy sideburns??

  • Those sideburns are sleazy. Never have pointy shaven anything. Barf.

  • I've seen this episode a couple times. He never cried not at all. I have know idea what people are seeing or saying he cried.

  • How does someone with that facial hair get hired anywhere but a vape shop?

  • This alex makes us all look bad

  • Haha

  • 3:40 bruh not with those fingernails

  • Why didn't chef Ramsey tell the other chef to wash his hands after rubbing his hair and face when we they were talking to Alex the host @ 3:10 . Why is that?

  • Real Donkeys! 🤣

  • Music in Kitchen Nightmares us: [over dramatic soap opera-y reality tv music] Music in Kitchen Nightmares Uk: S A X A P H O N E

  • he got angry at the waiter too

  • When Gordon says "donkey" at 1:44 it still sounds like an insult even though it's not lol.

  • maybe a little less time on the facial hair and a little more time on figuring out a floor plan, just sayin!

  • More comments about the bloomin sideburns than the menu 😂😊😎

  • Crap sideburns to match a crap menu

  • Those cheap sideburns 😃😃😃

  • 1:25 kiddo is happy

  • That man at the donkey sanctuary table consists of him and a bunch of chicks

  • Gordon: Will you come back to these guys restaurant? Donkey Sanctuary: No Gordon: I'll be there. Donkey Sanctuary: Yes.

  • He needs to man up do his job, take his lumps and move on. Don't take it personally it's the service industry.


  • They straight up spelled his name wrong

  • who the fuck puts banana on chicken

  • Alex... Get rid of your fucking sideburns.

  • Not sure why but every time he says about the donkey sanctuary group I laugh 😂

  • 3:20 ouch

  • Gordon Ramsey can make *anyone or anything* cry

  • You can tell all the patrons new Gordon was coming cuz they had their boobs out lol

  • 1:30 last year? See they make this shit seem like it's all within a couple days and its obviously years apart

  • What was going on with his facial hair?

  • This is the same how Marco made Gordon cry

  • That chiefs fingers was so dirty

  • He didnt make the waiter cry the waiter choose to cry it was his choice

  • 4:11 not bad....not bad at all

  • I don't want Ramsay or his family living in America. They can all go back to wherever they came from and stay there.

  • At 1:06 I thought that was Robert De Niro that got fat!

  • I think the biggest problem is his sideburns...Nino would never do that.

  • Maybe he can wipe his eyes with those sideburns lol

  • I wish the term ex-pat could be buried in a ditch. They’re migrants. Gordon, two seconds, sort your shit out for fucks sake.

  • Gordon didn't make the chef cry. The chef chose to cry.

  • If you are this incompetent at running a restaurant, and you are going broke doing it, why bother? Why subject yourself to such humiliation?

  • All these posh, empty expat wankstains. Hope they have a shit time.

  • tom is cute

  • Serve it please ! ....... DONKEY !!!!!

  • Give me a like knowing Chef Ramsay is narrating:)

  • Is he the only one running the front of the house? Of course he's swamped

  • Jesus Alex shave those sideburns who the fuck you trying to impress with that

  • Alex is a fuggin retarded mafucker. Look at that retarded little grin at the very end. Double booking on a relaunch???? Hell naw, his ass would be Fired!!!

  • *Ramsay

  • I couldn't do that. So much stress and pressure was put on Alex but unfortunately he couldn't handle it. He basically collapsed under the stress and anxiety and was about to go into full panic mode. Gordon probably saw it, which is why instead of putting him down, he realized that it'd be better to try and instill confidence within him

  • How does a place get so unorganized like this in the first place? Is it simply a lack of overall experience, poor management, etc.?

  • "He doesn't even fry the Egg Plant anymore, Ninoooo, ends up having to do it"

  • Gurly maun...😐

  • Ramsay didn't make the waiter cry. No, it was the waiter who made himself cry. It was his choice.

  • Alex look 🤣lol

  • I didn't see anyone cry.

  • Gordon do you get flashbacks when Sir Marco made you cry? Sorry, you made yourself cry.