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Ben vs. James. A twenty minute time limit. It's time for our chefs to pull out all the stops. Who's your worthy winner? Cast your vote in the poll!
Here's a playlist of ALL the Chef vs. Chef Battles we've done:
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  • Here's a playlist of ALL the Chef vs. Chef Battles we've done:

    • Hey guys love your videos!! Is there anyway you can put an epilepsy warning for the flashing at the end of each video?? Was showing my sister your videos and she had a seizure. Would be very helpful for other people! Please and thank you!

    • Best Chef vs. Chef so far!! More battles in general!

    • Try doing a healthy dessert battle , the prime rule is that they are not allowed to use store bought sugar

    • Do a price challenge battle....quid a serving,feed a family of 4 for a fiver things like that

    • 5th reply

  • Can someone tell me the song name at 7:53

  • "You punched me in the balls with a bell... and then you gave the win to Ben..." XD poor James

  • Love James's work to pieces but Ben won that fair and square. 3 exceptional dishes to 1 in the same amount of time. Well done Ben

  • I want to see a full like 4-6 hour battle

  • Y'all keeping telling me to choose who won but I'm here, right now, eating a microwave dinner with an article-sized knowledge of food rather than the encyclopedic ones the chefs have. So. I DUNNO. They're both pretty, the both win in my heart.

  • Wow. I can make a microwave dinner in about 20 minutes including the drive.

  • You guys should apply for Guy's Grocery Games. We know you can prepare and plate within 20 minutes, but can you shop, prepare, and plate in 30 minutes?

  • So we obvi love all of you. BUT is James dating someone as awesome as him? Can we all just know please now and send our love???

  • Real Japanese Waguy Beef!

  • OMG they killed mike and are roasting him to hide the corpse!

    • oh phew he is behind the camera......

  • I’ve seen many of these videos on this channel and I can confidently say that James is probably the only man that I will ever perceive as adorable. It has zero to do with his appearance and everything to do with his personality. I don’t know what it is, but that man is Kawaii as fuck in the soul. It’s weird because it’s obviously not an attraction to him he’s just...adorable. If I were to compare it to another feeling it’s kinda like when you see a really pretty dog who smiles all the time, but I don’t want to compare James to a dog because I feel that to be mildly insulting however that is the closest feeling to what I feel when I see him struggle, panic, or accidentally blurt out help because he just wants his friends to do well. I’m sorry I’m treating you similar to a dog James, but your heart is wholesome as fuck

  • I’m voting for James just because the title of Ben’s is so pretentious 😂

  • Did you use Waka Flocka Flame hard in da paint instrumentals as background music at 4:50

  • I think you guys are more like blokes from britan than mates

  • 9:03 “You’ve plated up one dish of three so far...” “It’s all James served” 😵😵😵🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • You guys should do a vegan Chef vs Chef!

  • Cooking a three course meal and teaching me about the UK’s spring finest ingredients. All class.

  • Ben going “Oh” is my new favorite thing

  • Normals Ultimate Biryani battle, maybe? Something challenging but amazingly tasty

  • If they were on the same menu at the same price, I'd pick the one James made every time.

  • Can someone explain to me why Brits think of Sirloin as good steak? In Texas, Sirloin is what you cut up for chili, or put on kabobs. You only make a steak of it if you are short on money. Is British Sirloin different? I know cuts of beef have different names in Britain.

  • 6:28 bell end hits a bell ends bell end with a bell end.

  • Team James.

  • Yorkies without a soggy bottom are called popovers. Popovers are wonderful.

  • am i the only one who laughed at "meat and two veg"?

  • Ben always acts like such a douche bag!

  • The spaffordus extra Maximus bit at the beginning had me rolling nice one micheal

  • I feel like James won this pretty easily. Ben used premade custard and whatever that white sauce was with the peas and potatoes just looked very unappetizing. I’d also argue that soup in an Ultimate Battle isn’t too impressive, but you can argue with taste

  • James because you wacked him in the balls.

  • Did Barry and Jamie eat Ben's ensemble the wrong way round? ie dessert first?

  • Much as I love James, I think this time Ben won because he did a full 3-course meal in his 20 minutes. And who wants to overcook their steak like that? Very rare, please - BLUE, even.

  • Hate lamb, too greasy.

  • 2 chefs vs 3 normals pass it on battle!

  • Wouldn't you rather cook with gas? Just wondering.

  • Any chance that Ben and James could teach those of us who can do some basics to plate it up in a more stylish way for when we really want to impress?

  • I 100% agree that Ben should have won. It’s because the focus was on the ultimate 20 minute meal. I’m sure both were delicious though. But three courses in 20 minutes??? Ebbers you spoil us.

  • Jamie? speaks like james cordon is it a coincidence or are they from the same town/city?

  • Every time they say "Chef V. Chef Battle," I hear "Cheffy Chef Battle."

  • James should've won. I just want him to win Always.

  • The chef battles are much better than the Ultimate series but I still find the childish commentary and behaviour quite annoying. The Sorted videos I like best is when Ben is cooking proper meals with one of the guys preping the ingredients, I actually learn from these videos unlike the Ultimate battles and only a little from these chef battle.

  • What was The sauce you combine with new jersey potatoes and peas. Was it whipped Cream?

  • I need to try that dessert.

  • A good burger would have won

  • When Ben said “aw” I said “aw” and then I got sad because that was so innocent 😢

  • I'd rather watch this then masterchef.. way more entertaining because it's all about the FOOD 😁

  • german meal battle would be great

  • I want James's recipe...


  • Ben deserved the win.

  • My vote goes to B-Ebbers!

  • 30min cook off but every 10min u need to stay 5min away from everything and then u can return

  • I love how Ben has the whole Eggsy vibe going on

  • please make dish replication! chef make a dish and normals would try to replicate it!

  • Do potato week and finish with ultimate poutine battle

  • Should do a doubles battle, chef and normal do a head to head 2 course meal

  • Hey guys. I love your stuff. I still have more to watch but I've been sub'd for months. I was shopping the other day and found some jicama. I love the stuff but I am used to finding it at salad buffets, so having it in my kitchen is new. I have not seen it used in the SortedKitchen yet and was wondering what you five think of it?

  • Both of these meals are incredible feats but I wonder how long these meals would have actually taken if my oven wasnt magically preheated, or ramekins already set out and pre greased. Maybe do a similar battle from ACTUAL start to finish, getting out dishes and everything

  • Honestly I can't decide who I have a bigger crush on.

  • Escape-Pea.....perfection 😂

  • was... that a nutshot?

  • me and him?

  • " You know what pairs well with lamb? MinT" Classic Ebbers

  • Ultimate poutine battle? Would be a good idea 😎

  • think it was Ebbers Beautifull plating and attention to details that won him this.

  • i think James is a fundamentally a better cook but gets less done while ben is a more impressive/Showie faster Chef. i think bens cocky can do Charisma, adventurous Mise en place & food Theatre often tend to get him the win over better dishes. "no offence Ebbers"

  • I would've picked James, mostly because I truly detest rhubarb! But both meals were lovely and I'm in awe of their ability to pull it together in 20 minutes. Also, how cute was that mutual admiration society before hand between the two chefs?!

  • Definitely Ben

  • You guys are the One Direction of food.

  • Would it be possible to do a blindfolded battle? Say one person shouts instructions while the other tries to follow command. Obviously no cutting or anything dangerous, but I think it could be fun.

  • Please warn folk when your gonna hit balls with bells that way the viewer aka me won’t drink coffee at that exact moment and spray it everywhere😂

  • Both looked absolutely delicious but include dessert and you're almost always guaranteed a winner 😉

  • Are the recipes published anywhere? The lamb looks amazing!

  • That should read not a chef vs not a chef. You cannot be from the uk and be real chef. People in the uk don’t understand how the whole food thing works. You guys prove that true with every episode you make. You’ve never once made edible food.

  • Im going to try that asparagus soup because it will: A) Flabbergast my inlaws B) Deeply disturb my wife when I start foaming the flavoured milk

  • Oh I love rhubarb, there's just no one doing stuff with this. Except crumble. And it's so rare where I grew up in the USA and even rarer here in South Africa. I would die for a rhubarb themed show with new things to do with it. Just LOVE it. Miss it so much.

  • The gin and tonic gives me @bebbrell IG feels.

  • This is just one of the reasons I'm so incredibly disappointed in the race to the bottom of the animal kingdom. Sad and so freaken gay.

  • you should have A GOT curveball just let Barry stand behind them with the bell saying shame for 5 minuets :D

  • meatloaf battle