Chefs vs Normals: Reviewing High(er) End Kitchen Gadgets

čas přidán 20. 10. 2019
This week our Chef James and Normal Jamie get a treat as they review kitchen gadgets at a higher price range than usual!
Will the price make any difference to quality or effectiveness? Will James crack a smile?
So much jeopardy. Take a peek at the full collection and comment below to let us know which one was your favourite!
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  • I like wisky but I prefer whisky.

  • That toasty thing works very well, but it is very dangerous. It is is difficult to use without touching the hot bit.

  • I also prefer Bernaise.

  • That mayonnaise maker is insane. It's just a whisk

  • Hi there lads as a utube ,found this program ,really good ,for gadgets ,so from me to you ,wow will watch all the time ,really brill

  • Platinum and silicon are still metal's. (tho they're safe to use in a chef Mike)

  • Come on guys, it's toot or boot!

  • The description of the whiskey glass sounds like something straight out of a Soulsborne game. Which I appreciate.

  • Be aware that the microwave grill ONLY works with turntable microwaves!

  • As an Swiss i need to say its Betty Bossi or Coop. And its a really good Company my Favorit Supermarket. Thats why it maybe is so expensive... coop isnt cheap

  • Yamazaki Japanese whiskey and ice? If you have any Scots fans, you've lost them.

  • If you watch this with the closed captioning on, at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="156">2:36</a> the CC thinks Barry says “how much jerk it is?” 😂😂

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="395">6:35</a> So metal. Platinum and silicone are BOTH [primarily] metas. Platinum is the primary reason your catalytic converter works is a rare precious metal, and silicon (the main compenent of silicone) is what's running all of your electronic devices is primarily found in sand as SiO2. The reason it's microwave safe is because both act more like plastic glass than the metals when you cure them together as an epoxy BUT they *are* metal. Don't lie to the people. ;)

  • This is fantastic! So along with the microwave grill thing... How about a challenge to cook different meals in a typical office or dorm kitchen, where there's only a microwave. You could do different segments - breakfast - egg and bacon. Make a little steak on that grill thing. Boiling pasta for spaghetti dinner without it blowing up everywhere? Endless options and humor too.

  • My parents had a beer flute that would completely change the taste of the beer. I would happily drink things out of it that I would not drink out of the can. I've never been able to find another set.

  • Tut?! I’ve heard of tat but tut is what I do when I’m disappointed with someone! Now tit on the otherhand...

  • Years ago I lived in a boarding house with just a microwave and ended up spending a fair amount of money on take away foods. I just checked EBay and ceramic microwave grillers are much cheaper and would pay for itself giving me more options for the food I ate.

  • Pickles on a toastie?

  • Dude, that segment at the end with the flashing lights does not play nice with my eyes.

  • Watching this channel has taught me that apparently a TON of people in the U.K. Don't have ovens, stoves, or dishwashers. Like, what?

  • You guys should review master class food lessons

  • Didn't know Nintendo also made panini presses

  • Barry's reactions and comments on things are almost as pretentious as his taste in things

  • The ending makes me happy about the current situation

  • Man...Jamie went dark in the blooper reel!

  • I don't understand the joke

  • For me, the mayonnaise maker, is probably the best buy we have made, at my work-place. I work with physical disabled kids, and they can make mayonnaise with that. It's healthier and better and cheaper than buying premade mayonnaise, and it's a great value to the kids to take part ind the cooking. It IS one dimensionelle, but for our kids, that's a huge advantage, as the kids never looses focus when working with it. Ace product for us :-)

  • First off, DON'T ICE THE WHISKEY. If you need to ice the whiskey just get yourself a friendlier type of whiskey. Depending on the whiskey temperature will change the flavor of the whiskey not to mention the amount of water that gets melted.

  • I just make mayo in a blender.

  • how about an online link to the product? i'd love to buy some of these.

  • So I recently got a job as a cook at a Japanese restaurant and my boss has the 1st gadget for sushi. He turns the vegies into sheets then finely chops them lengthwise to get a more consistent price of sushi

  • Should it not have been “Tut-be or not tut-be?” Pretty much writes itself.😉

    • Also I would try that whiskey glass for sure.

  • You think spinning that handle was hard work. Try making mayo with a glass bowl and a whisk 😂

  • cut the long intro - it's costing you views

  • Nothing better during lockdown than binging one of my favourite CS-tv channels

  • sometimes.... things that are expensive...... are worse

  • wow that glass is idiotic

  • God the lisp is PAINFUL to listen to

  • OMG, the description for the black whiskey glass. You know that was written by some guy in a too-tight fitting blazer, with his manbun and beard neatly groomed, while sipping a select bean roast in some coffee shop in Shoreditch.

  • All my r6 Seige players recognise the first product as twitch nothing more nothing less

  • If they do another one of these, they should review the Mitsubishi bread oven TO-ST1-T. Basically it's a one slice toast grill (from Asia) costing £210.

  • You should try Glencairn (official) whiskey glass rather than some marketed bs...

  • why do they think everything is so cheap. What world do they live in?

  • eat the rich

  • "it's not metal, it's 100% platinum..." I've news for you

    • Literally the word after that was silicone

  • How are they surprised by the price of the microwave toaster one? They said it's silicon coated with platinum...

  • Norlan glasses are incredible most people don't understand it until they've tried it

  • Stuff the whiskey, does it work for cognac or brandy.

  • I have the Norlan glasses and they are superb.

  • should've served the whisky without ice to properly taste the difference

  • The platinum silicon is expensive, just hearing that I knew it's going to be expensive.

  • I’ll just stick with the CrazyRussianHacker

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="650">10:50</a> wait, why is he summoning a demon?! :U

  • The toasted sandwich maker is $41.70 on Amazon

  • I can get a mini grill for cheaper than the microwave thingi

  • That whiskey glass does one thing wrong: You can't see the colour of the whiskey, which is the first step of tasting whiskey (or rum or wine or beer etc.)

  • Nosite se!

  • Laughed way to much at the dad joke.

  • This "normal" sure seems to know a hell of a lot about cooking...

    • @Matthew Grant Then maybe they need new "normals" :D

    • They've been at it for 10-12 years

  • Genuinely intrigued by the microwave grill and buying a kenwood mini chopper 😁

  • Just grab a Japanese chef to make vegetable sheets... They can do it with their eyes closed.

  • Ice in the whisky????! No Just no...

  • So many kitchen gadgets are not needed, kinda cool, fun, but all gets overriden by the need to wash all the little bits for not much use. I’m sure lots of these fun things we buy but never use would get used if we all had a dishwasher. But there will also always be those gadgets that are so useless and just make more trouble than they’re worth anyway.

  • Love it 👍🏻 Whisky glass and microwave toasty thing for me 😃

  • Oy! Turn down the background music

  • “Carnal error” is not quite the same as what I suspect you intended to say, which was “cardinal error”.

  • Don't worry, you fucked up the whiskey anyway by putting this huge chunk of ice in there. Doesn't really matter what glass you're drinking it from.

  • Ice to single Malt whiskey?! BLASPHEMY

  • The interesting question about that glass at the end: Does the color really make the difference or is it the shape? I could get behind the glass shape affecting how the fluid in it waves around, giving a better air-fluid-mixture, perhaps more or less alcohol evaporating, something like that, but... the light being reflected? So what? Or did I misinterpret what they were saying? But honestly, the description is so ridiculously over-the-top you really have to keep the packaging, too.

  • Are they surprised that a ceramic plate based on platinum and silica would be that expensive? Come one, ceramics are already expensive, a purpose-made fruit of materials science could only be that much more.

  • Thanks for linking the products.

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="375">6:15</a> it's a Nintendo Switch!

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="114">1:54</a> That's what she said

  • "you're in and then it finishes" yeah that's usually how it works.

  • Drinking Hakushu - "You gonna be spendin' about 50-60 quid a pop for a bottle...". Mate, you just had one of the stupidly expensive bottles of whisky (in the group of the stuff that is easily commercially available, there are of course much more expensive bottles out there).

  • Wish this was newer since I know this comments gonna get buried. But for the whiskey, you put a tulip style glass against a rocks glass. Liquor fumes will naturally collect in a glass with a narrower top than the middle or base (Hence, a tulip glass. Glencairn is a popular choice). This allows you to smell the nose better (and when it comes to taste, most if it is through your nose). So it's pretty obvious the black glass would beat the regular cup. Try it against another tulip and you'll probably taste no difference.

  • Not sure who did the subtitles in this video. But it's like a really bad pirated Chinese DVD...

    • You sure you're not reading the auto-generated ones?

  • I want the microwave safe one

  • I actually have an Epicure version of that microwave griddle/press. It actualy works quite well, and is a bit less dangerous than the one they tested looks.

  • What word are you calling zucchinis?