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Chelsea v. Man City | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 12/8/18 | NBC Sports

čas přidán 8. 12. 2018
Chelsea earned an impressive 2-0 win over Man City to end City's unbeaten season. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Chelsea #ManCity
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Chelsea v. Man City | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 12/8/18 | NBC Sports


  • Pedro needs to stay

  • i knew chelsea would win this match, idk how but i just knew, im a chelsea fan btw

  • be nice to see aguero doing that for my argentina

  • Who’s here after City smashed Chelsea 6-0?!

  • 6-0

  • It’s not everyday you see someone like David Luiz score a goal

  • 3:50

  • Pure theatre starts at 3:00

  • 3:51 Kante Goal 7:20 David Luiz Goal

  • Why have I watched this 100x

  • Buying Azpi was an absolute bargain He is now worth so much more now that everyone is in his back pocket

  • Yo I watched this highlights 7 times already it never gets old. Considering I actually watched the whole game but I think this will definitely be Chelsea biggest victory ever this season in the prem

  • 4th time watching the highlights. I've been a Chelsea fan for 10 years. Shameful to say that I missed the first half in purpose because I thought we were going to lose 🙈

    • eddieme2 have some faith bro, I know that is very hard when yr only two strikers are morata, and giroud but I think sarri tactics might secure us fourth place this season, spurs, Liverpool and city will probably take the top 3 spots because they have too much firepower


  • All u American fans in the comments are fake fans

  • ... brings me to TEARS (of JOY)! Think 300 - THIS ... IS ... CHELSEEEEAAAA!

  • Am Man u liking the comments 😂

  • Am Man u liking the comments 😂

  • Chelsea is trash Man city would have one if they scored those chances, and if you are a Chelsea fan then ...... SCREW YOU !!

  • pulling sane off was a bad move. losing silva was unfortunate.

  • If Chelsea had a striker like costa, Griezmann or icardi we can challenge for the title.

  • Chelsea will win Europa League!

  • Can this guys be the commentators for Champions League games?

  • Azpilicueta is so underrated. He should start over Pique in Spain national team.

  • bestest barca and chelsea okkk

  • Sterlings misses costed city but still it was Chelsea’s performance that really was completely well rounded with the back 4

  • No morato will win,so morato out

  • Looks like a 4:2:4 neutralizes guardiola,4 forwards press high,1box to box attacking mid,1 mobile defensive mid,and back 4 holed up at the back

  • 6:21 watch Pedro and see why he played for Barcelona

  • Chelsea is class...Pedro is terrific as alwys..never dissapoints

  • Blue is the color⚽️

  • Dats chelsea best line up. No morata pleaseee

  • Dat sterling spin tho. I hope liverpool win


  • It's funny how Sarri said that he doesn't know how to beat Guadiola, but he just did.

  • Hmm why is everyone wearing a black coat

  • Amazing display of teamwork and trust. Every player gave it their all to the team. It's tough to recreate every week, but if you can beat City then you can trust the system and the manager. We are CFC!

  • I'm still looking for Mahrez's shoulder that he dropped to send Rudiger back to Germany. Did anyone else find it??

    • Probably where man city's chances agaings chelsea went🤷‍♂️

    • Kimarley Fagan maybe you will find next gundagon’s invisible header that was stopping david luiz goal

  • “Against Guardiola I have lost every match, so I don’t know. You’ll have to ask someone else” Right, now you’ve won, now teach us

  • Excellent quality!

  • I'm really loving these next-day extended highlights packages. Quality. Thanks NBC!

  • 2300 year old secret do you want to dominate? go to hypno alpha male skills yt now!!!

  • When Kante scores, his body language says, " This is OUR goal " .

  • 😍😍

  • One counter attack:Chelsea scores First corner: another goal You can't stop Chelsea at this pace

    • @Forza•G 😂savagery! Too soon Bro, too soon.

    • Lmao. City say hi again.

    • FACTS! Preach oooon Ma Brotha!😉

  • Thanks Chelsea! YNWA

  • I am upset and feel sorry for Manchester City losing Chelsea. Now Liverpool is at the top of the table. But don't give up Manchester City. Liverpool is going to lose, playing with Manchester United next week.

  • They finally lost!!

  • Where tf are the normal highlights

  • Morata was our MPV in this game :D

  • Two small clubs with sugar daddy money.

  • Luis gets owned by the spurs and son then does great vs man city

  • you can spend all the money in the world, but you ain't the invincibles

  • go blues chelsea forever

  • what a game! after a shaky start..that goal really brought us to life, showing all the haters we are top quality!!

  • Why did pep sub out Leroy and David so early on. They got replaced by a Gabriel Jesus. :/

    • That sub killed City attack, without Sane Chelsea have only Raheem to worry as Jesus is not Jesus.

  • La mejor liga del mundo

  • Its absolutely crazy that teams that are not in the title race are happy to see us lose. Next they'll be happy to see liverpool lose. Its between liverpool and city and the rest has no chance

    • not even half the season in, dont be too cocky

  • And what player started the first goal. David luiz beautiful long ball

  • CITY: we can't lose, CHELSEA: we Kante LUIZ

  • 👋👋😅

  • Suck it City

  • Aguero needed in the forward in a match like this, de bruyne needed too... Bench Gabriel and someone else...

  • YNWA!!!! ALL DAY!! Love My Reds.. Mo Salah!! Mo Salah!! Mo Salah!!!!

  • Chelsea is a big team slewer 90 percent of the time we beat the team in Europe. The last unbeaten run city had we stop them an this time around again Chelsea is the best

  • Do the shorter 3 minute highlights. C'mon!

  • Both blue , both wearing first kit 🤣

  • Sari,Klopp and Pochetinho everyday proof how Mourinho is disgrace to the football .

  • Liverpool number1!!!

  • I think Riyad Mahrez is going back to pick up that shoulder that he dropped in the middle of the field

    • Oh wow you can repeat what the commentators say!

  • Man city just found out that they are not invincible, let see how they response to it.

  • Who u think 🤔 will win the title this season be honest ?

  • Not surprised. If you remember last season Sarri's napoli was the team that pushed pep's side last season. Simple, Sarri learned.

  • *Man City: "We can't lose"* *Chelsea: "We Kante Luiz"*

  • *Lmao that's the best Christmas present Chelsea has ever gave Liverpool... I guess that's a thank you for Fernando Torres back in 2010 xD*

    • @D. DYO Owes u what? Torres won u the UCL lmao...

    • 😂😂in that case, Liverpool STILL owes us!

  • What a win can't stop watching d highlight

  • Marcos Alonso is a highway foe quick players

  • Kante!

  • Челси алғаа

  • Челси маладес мыкты

  • Raheem Sterling is the least clinical and composed attacker in the prem

    • Ig Harry Kane? 😂

    • Best English player as of now.

  • Azpi has such quality.

  • Good to see city loose today at least now pl has new leader Liverpool with one point difference which is a lot pressure that can give some Liverpool players headache that’s why they need to keep winning every game like city does and don’t forget Chelsea around the corner with arsenal fighting for top four pl is back at its best last season city had 16 points difference it was easy for them to win the league without feeling so much pressure but this season I don’t think they’ll be able to put that huge gap

  • Chelsea play so well under pressure, Pep should have realized this and sat deeper force them to make more mistakes and have to get through more defense. He thought pressuring the mistakes would be best but the man city players never punished the mistakes

    • what pressure? we're used to handling mancity

  • Chelsea are really good at helping other teams win the league

    • yeah Leicester also

  • Both teams played 3 rotating wingers instead of a main striker, I feel like that could be the future of the sport

    • Ademolu Adesanya everyone wants to be Neymar Ronaldo and Messi, but it could add some creativity to the final third i guess

    • michael reader yes honestly we are starting to lack strikers in Europe and getting in more wingers

  • pep really likes short players, get a nice corner, a few normal sized people, boom, goal

  • People really ignore Pedro's contribution to the win, the best player on the field for me today. That pass to Willian was brilliant.

    • That fake back heel was class. He's older now but hadnt lost his touch at all. He is absolute class and slept on.

    • Prawny2601 yeah man his wok rate for a 32 year old is fking amazing

  • What fantastic commentary NBC. Thank you for giving the Premier League the stage it deserves in the States. You're hopefully helping develop our first young superstar because he will grow up at age 3 with easy access to what it means to be the best in the world in football

  • *2:20** LMAO how easy did he make that look*

  • Liverpool will choke very soon.

  • This premier league table is sooo much more exciting than last years. Spurs, Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool, and Chelsea all have a chance for that title

  • City pressed and pressed Chelsea were scared to throw too many numbers forward against Liverpool. What does that tell you?

  • Hi, i am Rebecca lowe... i want you to grind my .

  • Glad to be in England

  • Woooow

  • I enjoyed this game very outstanding passes and I like the commentary

  • As a City fan, I’m disappointed because of all those horrible missed chances. Respect to Chelsea tho!

    • D. DYO lol

    • @OrdinaryApple 2 clear go scoring chances that only can score by Aquero. MC could ve 2 nil up in first half

    • Excuse me, would you like some cheese with that "whine"? May I suggest Limburger? It'll go really well with your team's performance.😉

    • 🍑🍑🍑 *WAN5T ME? LO8OK, I MASTBATE NAK3ED,снеск6 снann2el* 🎩

    • Mummys Clone which chances are you talking about 🤨

  • Just look at the difference 3:42 one player vs William 3:50 three players vs Hazard Let me just say this hazard very scary player but lacks statistics

    • It's called common sense. only an idiot will task one defender to mark Eden Hazard.

  • Sarri to bother you Man city fans but Chelsea is outstanding.