Chessboard Killer - 1 Of The Actual Worst! - Alexander Pichushkin | Mystery & Makeup| Bailey Sarian

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Andrei Chikatilo Video -

Hi Friends! Hope you are having a wonderful day so far, yay Mondays. They come so quick! Today I wanted to talk about a highly requested story, Mr Pichushkin and his crazy ass. Would love to hear your thoughts down below and who you want me to talk about next week!
I love and appreciate you guys so much, I really do! I hope you stay safe out there, and you please make good choices. Sending all my love your way!!
Bailey Sarian

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  • Omg I’m so rude. I’ve been informed that true crime youtuber Brittney Vaughn mentions killers zodiac signs!! So sorry, all love here, did not mean to take her thannng. I will leave the zodiac signs up to Brittney cuz that shits funny.

    • continue please

    • Girl if you don’t tell us their zodiac signs 🙄 mfs are so sensitive

    • Do you who cares who gets mad

    • @Hc you should check her out. She’s amazing.

    • Keep using the zodiacs!! Heck use the Chinese zodiacs to be diff!!! ❤️ he’s born year of the DOG! “ be humble you chihuahua.” 😂

  • Your tattoos are cool

  • It always gets me how Bailey scrolls comments almost till bottom and likes some of them! True queen ❤️👏🏻🙌🏻

  • I love the auto generated subtitles - last video the theme song was "shana sha" this video it's "babbling". 😂😭

  • Ok, am I the only one who jams out to the song at the end?? 🎶Bahnanana nanana bahnanana nanana 🎶

  • i love bailey

  • Yeah he says "doesn't want to get blood on his clothes." BS! He doesn't want to chance getting attacked back. Sounds like he didn't attack the kid from behind if he got away.

  • I thought I was a super genius on Shrooms until I developed my pics and realized I took a bunch of close-ups of rocks 🪨 🙄

  • “So he goes on the swings...he’s having a great time swinging, as one does...” lol she is so funny! & cute!!

  • That was a bad n lazy one. Dude killed 58(?) people and that’s it? Do better.

  • He shares a birthday with my ex husband. Fitting. 🙄😂

  • CAN YOU please do a video on lisa mcvey? that is my favorite crime story simply because of the outcome of it all. i finished the movie awhile ago and all i have been doing is watching videos on it and i also live you and was wondering if i could get both😭

  • 😃Bailey encountered ✨Russian police✨In Russia most policemen only work as defenders of the illegitimate authorities (beating citizens on peaceful demonstrations and chasing innocent people to repress them) 🙌🏻

  • Sad that so many people got killed when it could have been ended if police would have just listened to all those survivors! The police in Russia is so corrupt ...I know because I'm from there ..also they take 3 hours to get to a scene if you call about an intruder in your home :(

  • police didn't want to move bc they were tired of doing nothing

  • The fact that Marina was smailing ...

  • I would love to see you do a mmmm on countess Elizabeth Báthory! I made my husband watch Stay Alive (bc I love jimmi Simpson obviously lol) but I had to constantly stop the movie to explain certain things. Very interesting, SCARY and very very old

  • Listening to this while I put on my make up 🙂

  • Frontal cortex damage is even serious with adults after car accidents. I cant imagine what it would be like for a little one. Usually if they fall on their back they can end up with seizures. ...but frontal cortex damage will mess an adult up.

  • Note to Self don’t morn a strangers dog 😭

  • Is he single??? Hahaha

  • Me and Lil Nas share a birthday with him ☹

  • Thought I struck gold when I found this channel! Love it so much but dang you're very anti police. I keep overlooking the little comments on just about every episode but it's starting to make me kind of uncomfortable. My father was a county sergeant and recently passed away. I always protect the blue but I really love this show. I just wish it wasn't as "anti-cop"

  • You should talk about Dylan redwine

  • I wish his mother had gotten some kind of help for him when he was younger. I dont know if there is anything to be done about frontal lobe trauma, but at least he could have been in an environment with people who knew about it. I dont blame her at all, its just a shoulda/coulda/woulda situation. I hope all of his victims have more peace now than they ever did in life, and I hope the ones that did not die can move on from their attacks.

  • everytime she said Alexander my brain started singing Alexander Hamilton….ooops

  • Would they even have “caught” him if he never actually turned himself in? So frustrating!

  • I suppose the police didn't want to do the paperwork that would be involved if they found the guy.

  • Bailey: get better idols Me: ✨you’re my idol bailey✨

    • @Dan Kelly ikr I kinda caught myself for a minute and was like woah there 🤣

    • Uh-oh! 😆

  • I am still waiting for your netflix show bailey 🙄 you deserve a spot there

  • fun story: when i was a little girl me and my dad used to go to this park almost every day, and i played there so one day i was playing with our dog and saw my dad talking to some man, and we were walking with him for about 30 minutes, then we somehow walked out of the park and me and my dad left in about 2 weeks i saw this man’s photo in a magazine, this man was Alexander

  • I don’t wanna be a Aries anymore

  • Maybe they DO deserve each other? He gets off on dead bodies, and his prison gf gets off on guys who make dead bodies… gross

  • 😂 lol first add not skip

  • this is the definition of "the quiet kid gone wrong". THOSE DANG TIKTOKS WERE RIGHT D:

  • Soooo are police normally like this in Russia?? Omfg

  • 25:09 You sound like Nicky from orange is the new black. 😂😂😂

  • Ooooooo I wanna smell your fingernails

  • how do you find all these cases 😭

  • Cover Andrea Knabels case. A women how helps find missing women, is now herself missing!!!

  • "His style was just not appropriate." 😂

  • This look is giving me total Mila Kunis vibes and I’m livingggggg

  • Bailey; "he took him to some kind of park area, kinda hidden" Me: "oh no."

  • post-soviet Russia (90's and early 2000s) and its terrors is something you do not want to know about :(

  • Subscribed as soon as you tried explaining why you're in a swimsuit. F it, girl.

  • BAILEY WHAT HAPPEND TO THE “shaanaashaa shaanasha shanashashashan shaaa” SONg

  • F****** Russia

  • I want to hear your take on Luka Magnotta so bad.

  • Robert Maudsley Pleasseeeesssss

  • This has been my favorite case for a long time. So glad you made a video on it!

  • could you add info on the make up youre using when you are using it?

  • You and Charlotte Dobre are two of my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE WOMEN from CS-tv! Love you, girl ❤️❤️❤️

  • Do one on the clintons how many people they killed got away with it

  • 'police work different out there' is just some soft words for 'messed up police'

  • Russia is a different world, lol.

  • i think alex is working with the police

  • Yesssssssssssssssss i love the ones with a disclaimer

  • Wow you’ve grown so much in the 2 years I’ve been watching you. I can barely find a seat in the audience that’s how crowded it is

  • What I found about Maria is that she was pregnant, and she was thrown down a well and caught the sides and he smashed her head on the wall of it until she went down. That’s how he would actually dispose of a lot of the victims is in a well. And she fell in there but climbs out without getting a miscarriage. Idk. Sewer is different than a well and in Europe. Like Russia or Poland , since I grew up in Poland we have lots of wells and it’s a legit concern parents teach you not to play at wells or you can fall in. So idk but I found a little bit different version of the story. I can’t believe she went through that and got yea ignored because she was illegal immigrant.

  • They probably drop out due to having low credits and no hope of making it

  • My Gosh, your makeup here looks amazing on you!!! 😘

  • Glad no word was mentioned about him harming animals, especially the cute tuxie in the photo.

  • Whyyyyy is Bailey out of focus

  • It's not just in Russia that police are incompetent , look at the whole Brian Laundrie case! That is a masterpiece of incompetence!!! And that is with the United States FBI and the Northport Police department. I CAN'T SAY IT ENOUGH, IT'S JUST THE MOST INCOMPETENCE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN A TRUE CRIME CASE!!!

  • I’m an Aries and Russian

  • Video Number three in a row

  • italways changes whan it is one of there own

  • BAILEY!! u should do a vid on the Menendez brothers 😁

  • “He was an Aries” Me: makes sense

  • Pick better idols. So true, girl ♥️

  • It's Russian police, they be corrupted af

  • as someone who lives in post soviet country - i can tell you. if you think american police is horrible (which it is), russian one is worse and miss bailey just proved it to you! i mean at least in the usa police tries to solve 49% of the crimes, in russia barely 10% of the crimes are even looked at - it’s just let’s arrest supporters of Alexey Navalny


  • Me, an Aries baby… 🥺

  • Not her thinking American cops aren’t just as useless 🤣

  • the “fans” should really be taken in for an evaluation bc WHAT THE F*CK

  • Dang man those frontal lobe injuries!!

  • I thought this was a joke, wow… just wow…

  • His style lol

  • Any one really want Bailey to do a book and do a book tour partly cause want her to come to Uk so I can meet her 😂😂

  • No one can pull off story like Bailey.... She's the only one I listened to✨✨... I really love her😍


  • *hair flip* “I caught myself, make sure you write that down.” Best part 😂😂😂

  • I cannot imagine the sheer helplessness the kid went through

  • I’ve been a subscriber since rawbeautyKristi put me on, I fell off for no other reason but work. So I’ve been on a 8 month binge and and I’m already getting close. 😭 it’s like I’m happy but I’m sad. I don’t want to catch up and have to wait 😂

  • The case is kinda baffling but then again it’s mother Russia 🧐

  • How are so many of these killers' friends just ok with it?!?!

  • Bruh it’s always a freaking head injury

  • Let's be real. Queens Gambit was fabulous. It's 100% the reason why my boyfriend and I decided to get back into chess together

  • They wait two days to Finally arrest him 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • does anyone know bailey’s outro song?

  • Pichiskin? or Pichushkin?

  • This is why I never learned to play. It's so wild

  • It's crazy how 63 people would probably still be alive if he didn't go to the park that day.......

  • He got on the swings. He’s having a great time swinging. ........ As one does. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bailey, do the Rober Durst story

  • The craven brazil sequently treat because david endosonographically punch apud a clammy karate. greedy, thoughtless spoon

  • Why is it always ‘the cops didn’t care at first’… like ALWAYS starts that way…

  • I wonder if he killed his dog. And the cat. I’m worried for the cat in the photo.