Chiefs remain underdogs vs. Eagles entering Super Bowl LVII week, per FOX Bet | NFL | UNDISPUTED

čas přidán 5. 02. 2023
The Philadelphia Eagles remain 1.5-point favorites over the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII according to FOX Bet Sportsbook. But according to, the Chiefs have three of the top four players in the game that are game-planning nightmares for coordinators. The Eagles however have 6 of the top 10. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe talk Super Bowl LVII, Eagles vs. Chiefs.
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Chiefs remain underdogs vs. Eagles entering Super Bowl LVII week, per FOX Bet | NFL | UNDISPUTED
• Chiefs remain underdog...
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • Did Shannon say he graduated "Thank you Lawdy" I chuckled!😆😆😆

  • Amazing how Skip can manage to fit in a Cowboys and Brady mention

    • Wouldn't be skip if he didn't

    • That’s because the producers know what gets them the views 😂😂

    • @@BrightlifeMMOs shiiiiii I love them baker segments but it’s been awhile unfortunately. Shannon roasting baker is top comedy 🤣

    • Is it though?

    • he needs to find a way to throw baker into this to make it better

  • Topic: “About the Chiefs vs Eagles in the Super Bowl” Skip: “My Dallas Cowboys” Everybody: 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    • but they put up 40 in pointless reg season gameeeeee

    • But baker!

    • You mean "Cowgirls"

    • Because nobody wants to talk about the African nightmare 🚬😐

    • ​@@kylenyce8198they pick the same topics everyday because it's all skip knows which is why he recycles his talking points...outta 17 games this season he picked 1 😂

  • "I was thank ya lawdy" 😂😂😂

  • Shannon: “We just had this conversation” Skip: “We did” Shannon: “And what did I tell?” Skip: “I don’t remember… I do remember”

    • Because if Skip says the wrong thing Shannon will get mad and play the race card 🚬😳

    • @@goodnightmunchie i never heard him mention anything about race when they went through it.

    • @@goodnightmunchie what are you talking about?

    • @@kb3001 that's all Shannon does is play the victim card everyday 🚬🙂

    • @@goodnightmunchie i read your previous comments. It's pointless having this conversation. I have a lot of buddies that think the same. Sorry for commenting

  • Maddox and CJGJ were out they're very important pieces for the eagles, although blankenship has improved a lot

  • This might be the first time ive seen skip give Patrick Mahomes any praise and pick a winner without bias 😭

    • There’s definitely bias because he’s a cowboys fan

    • He's trying to set up Patrick....😂 If Mahomes loses Skip will have a field day with him....😂 The Eagles are a much better team. Bigger, stronger, deeper, and i think a tad bit faster. I'm rooting for Mahomes but this will be a tough game for him to win, especially if The Eagles are able to dominate time of posssssion by running the ball. Should be a lot of fun!! Can't wait!!

    • He is running out of criticism so might as well keep it real about Mahomeboi!!

    • @sammyslam1 I don't think the Eagles are a MUCH better team being Chiefs the No.1 Offense most of the Season!! Eagles has the better overall D but Chiefs D is capable of keeping Hurts O respectful! Eagles being favored at 1.5 is like winning by a point or 2, that's a down to the last minute type decision!!

    • @@ricardoburton7711 .......i would love to see Mahomes get his 2nd title! I'm a Niners fan so i have no strong rooting interest in the game, but Mahomes is one of my favorite players to watch. I just think based on the history of the game that this could be Hurt's year to win it all. I just think The Eagles are a big strong team in the trenches and can dominate the time of possession. Let's see what happens. Gonna be fun to watch!

  • This is two great football teams. The game can go either way.

    • White QBs win more Superbowls then African QBs 🚬🤨

    • @@goodnightmunchie bro u have done this in every video for this go get a life

    • I don’t know if I’d say teams because chiefs are one side dominant. Eagles are definitely a complete team which is why I see Chiefs struggling and eagles more likely to win

    • @@goodnightmunchie bro u have no life😂 ur under every video commenting something about race

    • Great insight

  • I'm going with the Eagles, bc that starting D line will be a problem plus look who's comes off the bench Robert Quinn and Suh. You can't compare Bengals D to this squad.

    • The Eagles have 2 complete starting D lines and both are scary. Chiefs will need to do alot of hurry up to interfere with the subs in addition to Mahomes running for his life....but he thrives in those situations when routes breakdown and it turns into schoolyard footdball. And then they gotta worry about the secondary. Not to mention stopping the eagles offense. Should be a great game, still could go either way. GO BIRDS!

    • Cox, Hargrave, Williams, Suh, Quinn, Reddick, Graham, Joseph, Davies, Sweat... I know Patrick Mahomes is good, but he and that O-Line are gonna have a long night 🤣 Still gonna be a really close game though! You know Reid has something planned. I hope Jalen plays better than he did against the 9ers! I know it was the #1 D but he made some horrible over/under throws that could have been TDs!

    • @@frecklefart909 it was rainy and windy and Brown is slow/injured. hurts gonna drop dimes in AZ

    • Don't be shocked if the Chiefs turn that theory on it's head. It seems most people don't realize K.C. gave up the second fewest sacks while also being second in sacks. Their defense is better than you think.

    • @@tanker335 overall they are ranked 17th overall Defense because they are almost dead last in pass attempts, completions and red zone touchdowns

  • What was your GPA?? "It was good" 😂😂😭

  • Thank you Lordee 😂😂😂

  • “The Eagles got 10 of the 15 players that ain’t fair” 😂😂😂

    • Is what it is..but we aint play nobody 😂

    • they ain’t gonna have 10 of the top 15 super bowl performances. trust that, Patty’s coming

    • I remember the Patriots went into the sb undefeated lmao

    • They have a rookie QB deal. They can afford it.

    • that cracked me up too lmao

  • I think both Travis and Jason Kelce retire in the same year to potentially both go in the HOF together. That would be special. Both are over 30 so it’s possible.

    • Jason Kelce is NOT a HOF 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • @@greatestnitemare6626 bro, what? lol. Jason is a 5x first team all pro center(means the best center in football for 5 seasons), Super Bowl champion, 6x pro bowler, and he’s never missed a game in his entire career. lol.

    • @@eddiecardwell he's absolutely buggin 🤣

    • I for one, don't want to see both of them retire for another 5 years. They are both special.

    • @@greatestnitemare6626 Jason Kelce is a 1st ballot hof you tool.

  • The Eagles also had a completely different team last year when they played the Chiefs 😂

    • Hurts was terrible that game btw lol

    • That's a lie. The chiefs have more different players than the Eagles.

    • And you still have the same schemes

    • @@FuhQandThem and y'all don't? Lol the Eagles picked up Haason Reddick, AJ Brown, James Bradberry, CJ Gardner Johnson, ETC. all Elite starters. This team is way different than the Eagles team that got destroyed lol

    • @@sirhoopalot1125 yeah because they had one good receiver to get the ball to last year lol

  • shannon bro, you're stacked fam. mad props to post career dedication to the body my man.

  • Haason Reddick needs some respect put on his name he has 16 sacks and is a Huge problem for the Chiefs offense

    • Bro got 20 including playoffs

    • Facts chiefs ab to get dominated

    • Did he feast in an anemic 9’ers offense and they did feast in the NFC least.

    • @@JBraskaa no chance

    • Fax

  • Nah when Shannon said he graduated “thank you lawdy” I screamed🤣🤣🤣

  • Skip going to say he was right about Jalen Hurts for the next 20 years lol

  • Aiyuk wouldn’t have even had 50 yards in the championship game 😂 take ya L like a man 💀 6:05

    • Aiyuck was eating a whole case of Sour Grapes, lol !

    • Y’all got lucky , Prescott put up 40 on that “defense” wait until mahommes

    • @@hectorsalamanca6734 and minshew put up 34 against y’all’s “defense” that’s sitting at home lol grab a seat and enjoy the show my guy.

    • @@hectorsalamanca6734 Dak put up 40 against Philly missing their top CB and Safety. Not to mention they were given short fields So idk how much you can really take from that game.

    • @@eaglesman19our eagles were given short fields the entire game against the Niners in the NFCCG because Purdy shattered his elbow on the opening drive then Josh Johnson came in and fumbled the ball twice in one play handing it right to you guys and got a concussion, after that all we could do is run the football and keep going 3 and out over and over again so not sure how much you can really take from that game either

  • Kelce had double-digit catches and over 100 yards in the SB.


  • Thanks for the clip guys!

  • It’s not about who has the best roster, it’s about what defense can slow down the opposing offense enough for their offense to score

  • Mahomes is 6-1 in his career when facing the #1 defense.

  • I'm an eagle fan and have been all my life but Andy is one of the major reasons so I'll be fine either way I'm just going to sit back and just enjoy the game

  • I'm still thinking about my pick for this game overall. Both teams deserve to win in my opinion.

  • I said eagles in week 3 when they were 3-0 I’m gonna stick with them

    • Go with your gut

    • Damn right

    • I said Chiefs over Eagles in week one

    • @@stephanstiles9041 bruh no way you picked the eagles week one 😂

    • @@mintcarrier as an eagles fan I had them once we signed CJGJ he was the last piece after all the other offseason additions

  • The Eagles Front 4 will be the key in winning this game!!

  • This dude trying to spray, it came out all long and sticky like Spider-Man shooting a web

  • Y’all just won’t leave my boy Matt and the falcons alone huh

  • This is comedy GOLD right here!!!!!

  • Sneed so underrated

  • It really feels like shannon and skip worked things out it's not nearly as tense as before not at all really lately.

  • The NFL’s best passing offense (Chiefs) vs the NFL’s best passing defense (Eagles)…. That’s gonna be interesting.

  • I love how no one on these shows is willing to accept the fact that Mahomes may not make it through the first quarter if the Eagles D does what it does

    • ? Chiefs have arguably #1 Offensive Line in NFL Definitely tp3. Average age? 23yrs old

    • Philly bout find out RB Pacheco no joke. Philly already know bout Mahomes. Mahomes whopped this same Eagles team Wk4, October 2021. In Philadelphia. Lol, It was KC 42 Phil 23, 1:55 mins left in 4thQtr!

    • Reason why Mahomes & Chiefs broke Eagles NFL record of 4, now a 5th STRAIGHT AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME HOSTED!

    • I'm giving Mahomes 6 mins and he's out.

  • in my opinion, you gotta add in andy reid to the equation. I'm not a KC fan, but they deserve this.

  • People wanna talk about Purdy getting hurt but never mention the bengals playing with 2 starting players o lineman…

    • What about when hurts was out? What was Philly record?

    • Chief had no line when Brady won the Super Bowl it happens you have to rise above it

    • cope harder

    • Bengals killed the Bill's with missing O-line. Kansas City missing 3 receivers. Mahomes isnt even healthy. So everyone has issues

  • Let’s be real Mahomes with Andy Reid isn’t fair lmao

    • 4 conference championships = 1 Superbowl, but yeah, it isn't fair.🙄

  • I really think this game will be decided on how well Jalen Hurts plays. He’ll need to play better than he did against the 49ers if they’re going to win

    • So would you say the chiefs have a better defense than the Niners?

    • Chiefs can’t stop anyone with their defense generally so it’s more gonna be how well Chiefs offense runs. Jalen doesn’t need to play that well but Mahomes has to be beyond perfect for this for them to win

    • Problem with that is the fact that the niners defense is stacked across the board. Not many teams have a defense like that.

    • @@evolfailkiller the chiefs D can do enough to stop hurts.... 2 weeks for Reid to game plan... Mahomes is the better QB and the kc has the better coaches....PHI hasn't had to prove they can make changes when their original plan doesn't work...they are very good but KC is just too much for them

    • “@mikeg7411” the chiefs defense will not stop Hurts and the eagles will win this game

  • Thank you lawdie lolololololol

  • They're trying to reverse the Eagles so they won't have that underdog mentality 😒

    • Lol but they are the better team outside of QB, TE, and maybe the inside linebackers. The eagles can still have that mentality since everyone said they had a easy schedule.

  • My pick is Chiefs and here's why: QB, TE and Andy Reid. Reid is a very smart Coach & play caller, not only that but they also have 2 outstanding RBs and Isiah Pacheco can catch out of the backfield. The Chiefs are also very crafty by subbing in 2nd or 3rd string players to make plays that opposing teams tend to forget about or get lost in the background.

  • I can tell in the first five minutes who is going to win .Its the team that controls the line of scrimmage that will be the ultimate winner

  • Please remember the oline for the Eagles have two hall of fames and 3 pre pro bowls

  • I like this Skip. Why can't he always be like this?

  • Finally skip going with the Kingdom never thought I would see the day 🤣🤣

  • As an eagles fan I usually say we gotta get up early and force them to be one dimensional, but this is probably the only team I don’t want to do that against because mahomes will dice us, not because we don’t have a great defense but that’s just how good he is.. idk Shane Steichen has to call the game of his life.

  • Its hard to make it to the Super Bowl and even harder to win it. Both teams are good, but I always pick a better defense over a hot offense.

    • eagles have the best defense and chiefs offense is sputtering

    • @@mschneider718 nah man my cowboys put up 40 on yall and the chiefs defense isn't bad

    • @@joshduncan266 where your cowboys at now ? once Maddox got hurt y’all picked on the slot guy plus no Cj we at full strength now I doubt dak would have did that again.

    • @@mauricehill1911 3-8 vs dak

    • @@balleraap007 2-4 in the playoffs 😂😂

  • A smothering Defense that only has to watch one guy, An offense that is completely healthy with a three headed rushing attack that has been putting in work since day one, the best team all season by wins and loses without having their starting QB late in the season, but sure keep pumping up Patrick's head, it will make that pop all the better. Can't stand Philly, but Fly Eagles Fly!

  • Naa keep going UNC whole squad crazy E.A.G.L.E.S EAGLES!!!!!!!!🔥

  • This game will come down the same as almost every other game. Winner of the trenches.

  • Kelsey doesn’t block He’s no Gronkowski

  • This reminds me of patriots vs eagles several years ago

    • This eagles team is very different and much better (on paper at least) than that eagles team was. This matchup is all about the best star power in the league (Chiefs) vs the most complete team in the league in the Eagles

  • Everybody forgetting about Andy Reid aspect of it all!!!

    • Yeah he's lost more SB's and conference championships than he's won! LOL

  • Show much better after their big fight.. seems to be more of a conversation than an everyday morning war lol

  • "Thank ya Laude" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Everyone talking about how soft the eagles schedule was because they ran through the whole nfl and dominated 😂

    • and because it was soft

    • @@DreammasterFTW I didn’t say it wasn’t soft, I’m just saying they did what was expected because it was soft. Lord forbid they are like 10-7 but they had one of the best records next to KC. Long story short this Super Bowl game is gonna be a great one my guy

    • No nfl game is easy to win. The Eagles are just a very good team lol. Remember when Watkins didn’t hold on to that pass vs Washington ? The eagles lost that game. They can be beat if they don’t come to play every week but they’ve played like the best team majority of the time this year.

    • @@Finnissee0122 yeah if the worst possible scenario could happen in a game that’s definitely what happened in that Washington game they should have won haha

    • I never knew I hated Eagles fans

  • I just hope they both have fun

  • Shannon knows wassup it’s the eagles year

    • Na bro he’s using reverse psychology he wants his Mahomeboy to win deep down😂

  • Skip keeps mentioning the cowboys game and won’t mention we didn’t have Maddox after the 1st and no CGJ

    • or that it's a division game and weird stuff happens in division games

  • Skip always brings up when he first guest Jalen Hurts but he NEVER brings up when he first guest Baker and Johnny Manziel 😂

  • "Thank you Laude" 😂

  • Eagles stomping my homie! Straight up!

  • The Eagles being favored by 1.5 is hilarious to me being everybody is up in arms, as a Chiefs fan I'm coo wit it! This in retrospect is as evenly matched a SB competition I can think of in recent years! With that being said GEAUX CHIEFS!!!

  • Reids going deep first play

  • 🦅 🦅 🦅 💪

  • Winning in the trenches will be key

  • Im tired of people saying it wasn't a fair fight it was going into it. We threw a couple haymakers and san fran got knocked out.. d line gets paid to get the quarterback. We got the quarterback

    • Exactly right 🦅💪

    • Agreed 🦅🦅🦅

    • They wouldn't of given us any excuses if we lost with Foles vs the Falcons, or Vikings, Or Patriots. Purdy doesn't block. You could've put Lamar Jackson at QB and they still couldn't block us. They got punked, sore losers fr.

    • Purdy was their 3rd string QB🤣

    • Yea all of that is true, but you know what they mean. San Fran was down to their 4th QB. There is not a single team that is going to prepare their 4th QB for a playoff game. You guys beat Daniel Jones and Josh Johnson. This is the first time you'll play a real QB

  • Chiefs young def backs gonna have huge game

  • Dang why aren’t they doing the show from Arizona since it’s super bowl week

  • Eagles by 14

  • “The chiefs have the better players, but the Eagles have the better team”

    • Chief's have a white QB 🚬😳

    • They have the better players?????????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔uhhhhhh where? besides mahomeboy

    • It's the other way around. Chiefs have better team the Eagles have the better players.

    • @@michaeldehass8626 how? The eagles are better in every position

    • @@michaeldehass8626 better team????? Where??? Please tell me

  • Skip so desperately wants Jalen to be the underdog because he believes that any team that "feels slighted" has the edge in these games and he's obviously pulling for the eagles

  • never mentions garner johnson was out for cowboy game eagles defense wasn't the same the weeks he was out . 6 int and he missed 5 games

  • Skip’s GPA was a solid 2.1

  • Yup. Skip calls it again😁

  • Lane Johnson literally hasn’t given up a sack in 2 years, but yet they have Chris Jones ahead of him? 🥴

    • Dude chris jones is the best DT in the entire league this year? Comes down to which position is more valuable and while it's close in that aspect, most would say DT has the edge.

    • @@tristanturner972 Di dyou see how successful Bosa was against Philly in the Frisco loss? Bosa was not to be seen all day. Watch Chris Jones get much of the same treatment from the Eagles Offensive Line.

    • Fr and they reference his performance against Joe Burrow like he wasn’t going up against 3 backup linemen lol

    • @@rong8714 Chris Jones is better than Nick Bosa obviously.

    • @@tristanturner972 in what league are you talking about? 😅…OT is literally one of the four cornerstone positions behind the most important one. 😂 basic GMing

  • If Maddox and Gardner-Johnson play for the Eagles they are good in the secondary. If they are out like in that Dallas game it leaves the middle wide open.

  • I hope these two announce games sometime.

  • Big Game 2023, this week’s anthem, run the views and likes up, support your team!

  • I just hope it's a great superbowl and is a nail biting spectacular finish ...may the best team win...

    • No I want a blowout! 44-20, Eagles. That way my blood pressure stays stable

    • @@Piesis9no

    • @@Piesis9 42-17 eagles. i am betting mahomes is knocked out before half time

    • @@Piesis9 got it...👍😂😂

  • I like our chances, we do good against power teams. We played 49ers defense, Bengals defense, Bills defense, and Bucs defense, not personnel wise but scheme wise they're similar to the Eagles

  • Skip finally woke up. Finally logic in his argument instead of just hating on Patrick for nothing.....finally admitting he is great.

  • I personally am looking forward to Chris Jones' zero sacks and zero pressures against the black hole known as Lane Johnson. Don't get to close Chris, you'll never be heard from again.

    • Bosa was the MVP favorite on Defense and we all saw what he did vs., the Eagles in the Conference Game, nada !

    • He has a torn groin tendon so he won’t be 100% either way it will be matchup of titans

    • Jones will be on Kelce

    • @@rong8714Nada? He nearly had your boy Hurts for a safety he barely got out at the last second lmfaooo

    • @@Psychoma99 Tell him good luck with that

  • Skiiiip! Come on man!😂😂😂

  • They keep talking about Chris Jones when we forced our opponent to play without a QB

  • I go with who ever wearing the away uniforms

  • Now I know the Eagles are going to win.

  • I think the balance on eagles offense causes a problem, Mahomes is gonna have to do what he do on every drive

  • Turnovers and penalties will be the deciding factor for who wins SuprerBowl LVII

  • chris jones at 4 is insane. Reddick, Lane Johnson and Kelce should be ahead of him

    • Nah vhris where he is at is fine

    • Reddick being below jones is disrespectful. 16 sacks and 5 FF this year? Look what he did to the 49ers. Brock Purdy was in on that first drive and got murdered

  • I want to remind everybody Brock Purdy was going to eat the Eagles alive until he got hurt he was shredding that defense left and right

    • 40-Whiners are trash 🤣🤣

    • Before he displayed his lack of ability to withstand the physical nature of the game, he only threw 2 passes for 19, before fumbling to end a drive that only gained 25 total yards. His day ended with 23 total passing yards.

    • Shredding what, a head of lettuce, lol ! Purdy was completing 5 yard passes on short checkdowns.

  • The Eagles definitely have the better team but Mahomes, Kelce & what Jones showed us a week ago that they can win a game by themselves

    • Bengals we’re missing their entire o line had the refs on the chiefs side and still had a shot to beat the chiefs. The eagles are going to dominate the chiefs.

    • @@Ellis1993 Patrick Mahomes had no online that's Super Bowl year Brady won so no excuses Bengals didn't have a problem when they ran into the bills but now it's a problem because Chris Jones dominated the line single-handedly stop crying and get over it

    • They went against an overrated Bengals team

    • @@jamessaville3194 And the Eagles went against an overrated Giants and 49ers team and has played nobody during the regular season.

    • Lol by themselves 😂

  • Patrick better develop hammerhead shark eyes with Sweat and Reddick lurking. The KC tackles aren't Lane Johnson.

  • 9:17 funny how Skeeeeeyup never mentions the 34 our backup QB hung on that currently vacationing Dallass "D" ......LOL!!!

  • _Pretty Much Patrick_ coming to theaters this summer

  • I didn't realize Mahomes and Hurts will be lining up across from each other. Did they change the rules of football and didn't tell us?

  • Yall seriously underrating Chris Jones... 🪓😡👍

  • Philly fans ...chargers fan here , fly eagles fly . I want to see Jalen hoist that trophy and shed tears for all that man has been through because of his race and yea I said it ..he gets the short end of the stick and i realize mahomes is mixed but he doesn't get the disrespect Jalen got and gets