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Chiefs vs. Rams Week 11 Highlights | NFL 2018

čas přidán 20. 11. 2018
The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Los Angeles Rams during Week 11 of the 2018 NFL season.
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  • I hope this a super bowl

  • Epic

  • Joe Buck is actually more annoying when he’s screaming on every single 1st down conversion....I’d rather the old joe buck

  • So Lit.

  • This was one of the greatest games I've ever seen and will be a classic

  • Still bitter about to no call for false start and holding

  • Still gives me chills

  • Superbowl : Patriots vs Saints

    • Probably but I hope these two teams rematch instead

  • I like these casters

  • I hope to see these two teams meet again in the SuperBowl which makes everything so exciting to watch. As I think of it, the match gives me so much chill and hype.

  • Super Bowl rematch between these two powerhouse teams

  • Literally lost my voice screaming for both teams

  • What a game

  • Game of the year right here

  • Best game of the season. Go Rams!! West side!!!

  • This will be a super bowl re match

  • Patrick forces it to much

  • Steve Young @11:38.

  • imagine if kc and lar meet at super bowl :d

  • i think that chiefs player that got hit by number 79 at 9:42 was sent into another dimension

  • This game straight outta 2k19


  • This is Hands down the best football game I have ever seen in my life.

  • Born and raised In Kansas ciry mo this would be amazing to see a rematch in the Super Bowl both team played there hearts out now this would be a super bowl

  • They bring the College football to the NFL,

  • I’m leaving a comment for this game so I can see it in the future

  • games of the year: Chiefs vs. Rams Chiefs vs. Seahawks Chiefs vs. Patriots *All these games the Chiefs lose*

    • Nick Hess thank you for respecting the Hawks ✊🏽

    • only teams chiefs lost to were really good

  • I demand a rematch of this game

  • I'm not a fan of either team. I never had more fun watching a random regular season game

  • Superbowl Rematch Incoming

  • Why do other garbage games have a full condensed game, and this game, which is EASILY game of year (and probably many years to come) only has highlights?!? C'mon mannnnn 😤

    • +Patrick Bateman correct. I worked overtime that Monday so I had to listen to the 4th quarter driving home from work. That's why I personally would like to see the WHOLE game 😑

    • Condensed game would be a Full replay of the Game

  • SB preview

  • I hope the rams kick ass next Sunday i'm pretty sure they will

  • Superbowl Rematch please!!!

  • Best game ever

  • We're going to have a repeat of this for the superbowl!!

  • Man, and to think I was lucky enough to BE AT THAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was my first football game and we love the Rams. (it was my dad's b-day present)

  • Superbowl matchup right here. Rams win it all.

  • What a of the best game ever played

  • Kareem Hunt will be a great asset to a team

  • Chiefs lost their cool at the end. They had a win with a field goal.

  • Who’s still thinking about this game?

  • Man, looking like they might get a rematch in the Super Bowl.

    • +Aspect 4real idk bout that one, drew brees is 6-0 at the dome in the playoffs

    • Darkmage1293 definitely rams easily gonna beat the saints

  • Tessitore is so good

  • Super Bowl 53 for sure

  • The rams might win it all this year

  • YEAR


  • This was the super bowl

  • We got the super bowl already in November 2018

  • Game of the year

  • #BradinFuckingCooks


  • "All-Star Officiating Crew"

  • Game of the year best of luck for rams in the play offs

  • Super bowl performances

  • Suprebowl 53

  • If the Chiefs can beat the Indianapolis Colts

  • Kansas City Chiefs go back to the Los Angeles Coliseum for a rematch neither of these teams are my team I just want to rematch from week 11

  • Let's smoke some cowboys 🔫🔫 Horns up

  • Anybody know the name of the song that starts playing at 7:37??

  • This was better then the superbowls 😎

  • Let's hear it we can beat Indianapolis Colts and Andrew luck

  • Let's see if we can beat Andrew luck and his colts

  • Rams look better representing los Angeles, saint louis need a new team.

  • 8:34 lol theres just a lone guy with a browns jersey on in the audience drinking his beer

  • anyone else pissed like me that we didn't get to watch this game?

  • Slightly better than pats vs chiefs

  • Wow

  • Both defense fronts we're awful af smh cowboys front line gonna eat goff up

  • If I was at this game I would have peed my pants , cause if you went to the bathroom you would have missed three touchdowns

  • 2019?

  • Great offense. Both teams have terrible defense.

  • Am not rams or cheifs fan. Am a steeler fan this is a great game respect to both teams👍

  • Now this is real Super Bowl game an its really better than the Chiefs vs Patriots I'm just saying this bigger shot out


  • Best game of 2018

  • This was craaaaazzzzyyyy 😍

  • Chiefs look overrated honestly, they are very beatable...I’m telling you colts are going to win next saturday

    • Haha who's overrated now? GO CHIEFS!!!!! 31-13.


  • This nfl game was like a college game!

  • This game just seems fake. Crazy

  • I still can’t believe this was the first NFL game I got to go to live. Truly an unbelievable experience. Go Rams!

  • NFL is rigged chiefs missed the extra point when they had a chance to lead it

  • Loser wins the afc. Winner is second in nfc 🤣😂🤣😂


  • 8:33 that one browns fan lel

  • Świetny mecz!

  • This is what I watch on bad days.

  • what’s defense?

  • Game of the century for sure maybe greatest game of all time ???!!!!!!

  • At 1:20, the right guard, I think hes 66, he made a really great play, definitely saved Goff from getting hit

  • Going into the playoffs, these two teams are STILL on top. Maybe Week 11 was a foreshadowing of what was to come. Haha. I might come back to this comment after the playoffs/Super Bowl.

  • This game made me feel like I could throw an 80 yard dime 😂😂

  • Who doesn’t love a shootout?

  • Leaving my Comment to see this again in the Future, and to remind myself that I lived through this spectacular game! Wish I was in that stadium atmosphere!

  • The rams should run to tod more

  • The best game of this season

  • 8:32 theres a dude in a browns jersey

  • this is a god football game they dont have any pressure on them