Chlöe - In Pieces (Official Video)

čas přidán 28. 03. 2023
Official video for “In Pieces” by Chlöe
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Komentáře: 3 082

  • This song is beautiful. One of the best she released so far

  • This will go number 1. Please release this and promote the heck out of it....perform it everywhere just like this!

  • This album just hits and it makes me so sad that it's not getting more recognition. Keep doing what you do Chloe, we all love you.


  • This song literally has me in tears right now... Now THAT'S real artistry, thank you Chloé for helping me go through this immense heart break I'm going through

  • She finally did it 👏👏👏

  • No matter what anyone thinks, Chloe is not to be compared to anyone else. She's unique with a powerful voice. She will soon be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry

  • Each song gets better and better. I can’t stop rewatching this video. Amazing song. It’s her time

  • I love the deepness in her voice, she has her own sound forsure.

  • This song helps me escape from the pressure and heartbreak I feel rn.. It soothes my spirit and calms me down. Learning to hit them notes so I could sing to myself every minute 😌Thank you so much Chloe for such beautiful piece!

  • This hits differently than all the other songs on her album. This is a masterpiece that stands alone and shines bright.

  • This piano. This aesthetic. The cinematography. This is a visual. You sound amazing.

  • She has a voice of an angel. Gave me goosebumps 🤗

  • Definitely her best song… the last belted note followed by the head voice is just magical

  • 🥺🫶🏾😭 “I don’t want nobody else to hold me when I’m in pieces” 💕 I felt this ✨

  • Gave me chills. I wish she would just sing simply like this. Her voice is gorgeous.

  • Uma das minhas favoritas do álbum ❤

  • I love how experimental she been with her solo journey. I’m glad she didn’t listen to society and explored new sounds outside her Chloe X Halle typical sound. Proud of the her growth!!

  • This is no more music , this is art. You’re touching my soul with this song

  • My favourite song by Chloe! It's an instant classic. Real music by a real musician, love it so much.