Christmas Song Challenge ft. Jack Black

čas přidán 20. 12. 2017
Jack Black joins us to turn some tired old Christmas songs into the season's hottest new hits. GMM #1245.1
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  • DJ Parum-pum-pum-pum is back with the clickety-click-click's

    • +ElfenDidntLie it's was last Christmas's episode with Miranda sings

    • Uh, where was Kyle at? We coulda had Tenacious D on GMM!

    • yep

    • How long can you make your name on here? Damn What an amazing name

  • Rhett you have a good voice



  • It sounds like from Toby keath I wana be a cowboy 7:53

  • Links should be in a christmas broadway show

  • Okay, but my fellow singers: can we just appreciate that Jack hits C5 at 6:53 with SUCH a good mix

  • I loved silent night, it was awesome


  • This video is still amazing and so enjoyable - 2019 - hope he comes back and sings some more. 🎤

  • I think this is my favourite gmm episode

  • This all better be on ITunes

  • 9:38 look at jack

  • Jack your awesome in the House with the clock in it’s walls

  • Woahhh is that the legendary -- J A B L I N S K I ---?????

  • Jablinski

  • _that was the most un silent night i've ever witnessed_

  • Jack at 9:36 though

  • *j a b l i n s k i*

  • Rhett’s were so good I start to think he’s using autotune

  • if i heard rhett on any country music station i wouldnt even bat an eye he does a good southern music

  • This is one of my favorite GMM episodes! I introduce people to the show with this episode all the time!

  • Dis link develop a stutter? 10:18

  • This is so cringy

  • 6:05

  • 12:14...... wow just.... wow😂😂😂😆😆😆it was hilarious! To top it off with the mic swing😂😆😆😆😆

  • Replay button for 1 like 12:09 12:09 12:09 12:09 12:09 12:09 12:09

  • Does anyone else think their all amazing singers

  • Anyone here after jablinski games

  • Link and Rhett are undiscovered musicians z

  • santa won’t you fill it well?

  • Rhett could be a country singer

  • Funniest video on your channel! Links rap was dope!

  • I wish this was a full Christmas album I buy it in a heartbeat

  • Janblinski gaming

  • “Today we’re going Christmas balls to the wall” excuse me, Link you’re doing what now?

  • MOther and CHILD!

  • You know, that guy kinda looks like Jablinski Games...weird

  • Ft. Jablinski

  • I would buy a CD of Rhett singing country Christmas songs..................!!!

  • Ssssssiiiiiillllllleeeeeeeennnnnnntttttttt nnnnnnnnnnniiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhhhtttttttt

  • okay rhett go off i guess

  • Damn Rhett killed it XD

  • You want to hear you a joke ho ho ho I'm not talking about my ex-wife

  • is anyone else here from the Maranda video that they did that is the exact video as this

  • 12:05 thank me later

  • LONK

  • Not to be rude Rhett you look drunk while dancing

  • I had never heard of o little town of Bethlehem before so that’s my new Christmas carol

  • I just wish they could hear me too,;( I love you guys even if you don't or never will know me!

  • Dude I know Rhett and link can't hear me lol but I wish I could tell them this is my personal favorite episode of their show! ;)

  • 9:37 that was smooth with his glasses

  • Who thinks they should do an album with full songs😅😀😇

  • I bet this contributed to Jack Black's new gaming channel 'Jablinski games'

  • Every time Rhett and Link sing , I forgot they can actually sing .. haha .

  • Rhett DEFINITELY NEEDS to make a Country album.....I truly would buy that.,.....

  • Anyone know the name of the Seattle Grunge song?

  • Jablinski

  • 12:18 OMG it’s po singing heavy metal😂Love you Jack❤️✨


  • For me that is the most silent I have heard sadly

  • I need more

  • ahh good ol' jablinski

  • I’m putting the silent night one in a track

  • If CS-tv doesn’t work out singing is an option ✅

  • This is my family's Christmas tradition.

  • Rhett... is far too good at singing country-style jams.

  • When jack went on u knew it was 3 am

  • Why has Brett not tryed out for the voice lol

  • 1 yr passed and I'm still crying from laughter watching this episode 😂

  • Im not kidding you I was trying to sleep last night and "little town of Bethlehem" sung in rhetts country style was stuck in my head!!!! Had to come back for a rewatch😂

  • Hey Rhett if CS-tv didn't work out you should become a country singer....😂

  • they all sing pretty good

  • 10/10 would buy the Christmas CD if they made one just doing stuff like this.

  • **Narrator voice** In this episode we are going from MERRY to METAL Rocking to theatres near you

  • The Nashville track reminded me of Should’ve been a cowboy

  • At church we had sing Little Town Of Bethleham and everybody stared at me when I sang it Rhett’s way

  • "take off his head! Rip it to shred!"

  • Rip Santa🎅🎅🎅🎅

  • Interesting 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    • And that humble smile “thank you” at the very end 😂

  • I wonder if R&L were worried about Jack's regard for their property: the microphones and the Santa

  • 10/10 would buy them all on itunes

  • One of my favorite episodes & guests

  • Rhett's a good vocalist forreak

  • Why is Rhett not a freaking country singer?! He’s actually really good.

  • Silent night was too good😂😂

  • Yes

  • The House with The Clock in the Walls

  • Three great voices 👌

  • Rhett has a good voice

  • Rhett's joy to the world Seattle grunge was actually really good


  • hi jac blac

  • Yeet

  • Leave A Like

  • What is link doing XD? On the first one lol.

  • Why am I so turned on after this video

  • Joy to the world sounds like a tool song

  • The was the best thing i did not know i needed