*Cinderella*...Fun or Embarrassing?

čas přidán 14. 09. 2021
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  • You have the best commentary I swear ✨

  • This was:

  • What annoys me about the whole girl power thing is that a seamstress is one

  • Dylan's issues with the movie: Amazon's interface > Prince's earring > Not enough violence > Not enough sadness

  • “Material Girl. Is this- does this song exist, or is this original?”

  • If Dylan finally wants to see an emotionally satisfying Cinderella story WITH VIOLENCE he needs to watch Ella Enchanted.

  • I really want to see a Cinderella where she says "no" to the prince (since that is where most versions are going now) and the prince is like "cool, kill her" I think that would make a proper twist.

  • I like how Dylan's shirt is completely unbuttoned for literally no reason other than to make us happy

  • I love the Amazon cast list during the movie because then I don’t have to leave the movie to figure out where I recognize them from and that usually drives me crazy if I don’t know

  • "You're poor don't waste paper" the artist in me felt that

  • Dylan becomes more and more like Flynn Rider every day. He's giving fanservice with the unbuttoned shirt.

  • FINALLY someone mentions the fact that the dress she gets the job offer from is a magic dress!

  • He never disappoints in his humour and criticism whether it's a cringey movie or not

  • stepmother: "I've never shared this with anyone."

  • If Dylan wants to see cruelty in a Cinderella movie, he should watch “Ever After”!

  • Dylan’s hate for the prince and his earring is giving me life

  • "spit. Spit in her face. *Spit noises*"

  • Dylan, apparently the actor that played the guy who slipped posted on Instagram that he actually slipped and they kept it in but added the falling sound effect.

  • Guys, he knows smart words. It's almost as if his entire college experience wasn't a scam.

  • Dylan, halfway through the video while watching Material Girl: "Is this- Does this song exist?"