Cinematographer Explains 3 Different Camera Lenses | Vanity Fair

čas přidán 19. 08. 2019
Cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel takes us through the differences between wide-angle, normal and telephoto lenses. He explains the science of each lens using examples from “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Drive” and “Three Kings”.
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Cinematographer Explains 3 Different Camera Lenses | Vanity Fair


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  • Today I have my final exam in Audiovisual Language. This has helped me a lot.

  • I thought it was Walter White who explain about those cinematography things

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  • Awesome lesson!

  • Cinematographer doesnt know angle of view is not determined only by focal length but also by sensor or film size. Good cinematographer.

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  • i feel bad because this man spent 10 minutes non-stop talking and i still don't understand lmao

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  • I am proud that i have worked with tom sir 🤗 for a month ..for movie Dhaka.. love his style and he is so kind and down to earth Pearson..

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  • I am a high school film teacher. I have found many videos that explain one or two of these concepts well, but this is the first video I have found that so perfectly brings so many key aspects of lensing together in one 10-minute tutorial. This is perfect. And most importantly, it doesn't just explain the technical process and results of lens choice, but also emphasizes the importance of these choices when choosing how to creatively tell your story. This will be immensely useful in my classes for years to come when students are investigating visual storytelling. Thanks for this!

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  • Telephoto lenses don't 'compress' space. 'Compressing' depends on the distance between objects and camera. In the same maner wide lenses don't distort sizes of objects.

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  • Thanks for the insight on lenses but just a suggestion, for a pro...your sound quality on this video is very poor. Use a lav mic next time. your music mix is too loud too.

  • Good video, but the BR dolly zoom shot is not a dolly zoom. The background isn’t real. It’s just a zoom in on the background footage. The focal length of the Freddie camera doesn’t change

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