cinnamon rolls are hard but i tried

čas přidán 15. 07. 2019

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  • This video inspired this little Aries to try making cinnamon rolls, I followed a different recipe and it came out amazing, now I have to make them for every family gathering. I call that a win

  • Every time you say "Hey Google" IT TRIGGERS MY PHONE 😂

  • i’m sorry it’s not “pee-can” it’s “puh-khan”

  • Still looks better than the Minecraft cake😅

  • When he says he's going to proof them overnight not in the fridge is where it went the most wrong

  • Me: *looking closer at the buns* The buns: has hair on it Me: ew wtf- wait thats realy hair lol Basically, its 2 in the morning and i got bored because i have an aries moon so i started chopping off my hair while watching an aries make 2d food. Now its up to my chin🙃

  • Bro hes rightttt Why does it actually look flat lmao

  • The add before this was for gluten free flour, lmao

  • Shoulda used brown sugar and cinnamon

  • Jenna still sweeping

  • Definitely give it a go again! Aries be like “I never quit” ! Love watching these cooking videos it’s very inspiring, makes me want to try these out ☺️

  • my boy somehow fucks up placing the rolls yet accidentally makes perfect caramel when he was going for frosting...chaotic demigod

  • Omggg @ 6:14 my Google assistant paused the video and was like "sure for how long" 🤣🤣 that scared me so much for some reason 😅😅

  • Yo for real, I know Julien didn’t like how they looked but they looked dope as hell. I want one!

  • Do vegan people kill flies?

  • I am WHEEZING at when you say it looks like 2D food in a video game😂😂😂

  • "I don't wanna put pecans on my cinnamon rolls" "Pe-can't be ruining recipes with nuts" Ah, Julien's a man of culture, I see.

  • Everyone: Rectangle Julien, an intellectual: Long Square

  • that caramel drizzle scene was sexy :D

  • Holy shit I’ve been going back through videos I’ve somehow missed and I had NO IDEA this video was when you received your Nguyen knife. I’ve seen it in some videos and I was wondering when you got it. I would die for one of his knives.

  • Cooking is easy !! You just find a recipe and follow it thoroughly i love you but why you make aries look stupid julian 😩😩😩 we are creative and smart and we don’t follow the rules but if we put our minds into something WE ACE THAT SHIT !!!! So please follow the recipes in the future and you will not fuck up trust me

  • I love the The Office quotes in your videos

  • nobody: Julien: 1/4 a cup is half a half

  • jenna would so kill him if she saw him throw that bowl 😂


  • It’s 1am and I have class at 10am and I’ve been bing watching all of these videos.... *screw college, Aries kitchen ftw*

  • 3:35 "are you ready?" lmaoo

  • Fucking yum. I was a baker for several years and proofing is always kind of tricky. Your dough looked pretty great considering it was vegan. You could have used your stand mixer with the dough hook to mix your dough. Think they would have raised better if you'd punched the dough down after the first rise and then let them rise again. Keep at it. Another trick is to blend your butter & cinnamon sugar mi together and make a gooey sweet paste to schmear on your dough. Third trick is to put the oddball ends with the cut side up in your baking pan. No one will know they were the ugly step sisters. Love learning fun new ideas from your kitchen.

  • Toi should make jjajang myeon!!! (Korean black bean noodles) they are sooo delicious and I think it's something everyone should try once! This is the recipe I use but I'm sure you can find a vegan and gluten free option too 💜

  • Swa Swa.. Miss

  • Just spaced them a little to far apart for the second proofing that's all.

  • I mean, I think they look good?

  • Julien cooking in his Aries kitchen shirt and underwear is everything. This is me in my kitchen.

  • the fucking video game food reference is so accurate lmao

  • the background music from Pokemon Sun and Moon...?

  • 16:40 Van Wilder pastries 😱

  • “This just looks like flat food in a video game” Most relatable “EHHHPEPEPEPEP” ever.

  • I am working on a VERY different jackfruit recipe!

  • Watching this drunk is more fun than being sober and I didn’t even think that was possible

  • ArE YoU ReAdY