cinnamon rolls are hard but i tried

čas přidán 15. 07. 2019

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  • They look great and tasty even if they’re a bit messy

    • You just gotta leave less space while they’re proving put them all together

  • Do you have a PO BOX to send you some Aries kitchen knifes and utensils. My dad is a chef and we are so invested in your Comin series. It is so fun!

  • I was wincing as you poured so much flour onto that dough😂

  • oh shit thicc boi

  • Makes great recipes, is the most annoying chef in America.

  • That would suck to be gluten free. At least vegan food can actually be really good. I have yet to eat something gluten free that I couldn’t tell was gluten free lol. I continue to keep my mind open and try vegan or gluten free things

  • like if you’re here after he made the jackfruit wings

  • Literally every comment is ratatouille so I’m gonna assume its coming up in the near future...

  • "Julien's Buns" will absolutely be my first health item in the first game I make!

  • 3:36 god yelling at me as I'm about to be born

  • Me watching an aries play with a knife: Oh boi oh buddy oh buddy boi

  • You should try to make your own vegan meat subistitue from scratch!!

  • love these videos, you should try to make artichoke buffalo wings

  • I was trippin about the video game food part! Lol they really did look 2D lol

  • “This is like PS2 graphics” I died 😂

  • okay i guess i have a timer going on my google home now...

  • Him fucking tossing thE GlAsS bOWl

  • “sit and... acTivate” *initiates awkward hand movement*

  • It feels like I'm playing hot potato with myself cause I have no friends 😭💀

  • why is there always that one fly in all of his vids XD

  • Fuck Pecans!

  • regular rectangle = aries long square

  • was anyone else thinking "at yeast I won" every time he said yeast

  • I am SO SNEAKY ;)

  • Chef Juliennnn hell yeah

  • Cinnamon rolls might not have turned out very aesthetically pleasing... but that caramel drizzle was amazing to watch.

  • the cinnamon rolls look like something from cooking mama

  • pee cans

  • Nobody: Julien: Jennarously

  • do monkey bread

  • hehe the first thing he cuts with that knife is dough

  • 1:12 that was risky Julien

  • A half of a half is a fourth 😂

  • Dude! you could make some bread or dough with the dough hook on your mixer. (=

  • If you're ever making cinnamon rolls again, or really any bread/pastry dough things, try using a bench scraper (I prefer metal). It will help get it off the counter and it is especially great for crumbly/unstable doughs.

  • Not even a vegan but I just love watching your cooking shows !

  • Over proofed, too much zamtham gum, hot water instead of warm with yeast, and kneading not enough. I got u julien. Itll be perf next time buddy. Xo

  • someone make a compilation of julien causing us anxiety flipping things

  • Grabs mixer.... Mixer is back on the other counter in the next shot...... Excuse me?

  • The amount of times I’ve done what he did in the beginning is disappointing

  • When Julien said, “Don’t worry, I know where the bandaids are.”, I can hear him saying the “Ladies, Can you tell me where the bandaids are?”.

  • Mary Berry would be disappointed with the spiral and Paul Hollywood would tell him that it's dry and he did the proofing wrong.

  • i work in a bakery and the more i watched i was like uh oh

  • I can never get texture right:(

  • A long square 🤣

  • How all of this... pans out. :) I see what you did there.

  • OMG just died when he said: "Shout out to my trainer for not firing me as a client!" 😂😂😂

  • When Julien said "pee-cans" instead of "pe-cahns" my brain screamed.

  • It does look like video game food!!

  • fucking having the time of my life with this series! Ty for making my bad nights, a bit better. Ty Julian!

  • i hope one day we get a julien and brad leone collab

  • Dough falls apart not only because it's gluten free but because you didn't knead it. And they deflated because you let them rise for too long or in temperature that was too warm. Keep it in the fridge if you want it to rise overnight

  • I just linked your channel to a neighbor whose young son has Celiac disease. You are helping the world, one recipe at a time Julien. 🥰

  • 6:13 im sorry WHAT. how did you get thaT TRANSITION SO CLEAN. after effects? teach me your waYSSS

  • Take a shot every time he says vegan

  • Every time he flipped the bowl I felt like the Barney cha cha real smooth meme trying to catch it

  • It looks good tho.... I don't really care about the shape, as long as it tastes good😂

  • Tip add a splash of acidity to the frosting with some lemon juice it will give it that cream cheese frosting tang

  • Can we have Pewdiepie get this quality for his videos?😂

  • "Just a tiny bit of xantum gum", lol.

  • 7:52 Me:“yoU nEveR pLaYed TuBerSiMuLator?!”

  • @2:05 “A cup of hot water” *sticks finger in water like an Aries*

  • Make brisket jackfruit please please please!!!


  • For future julien flour your hands more than you think you need to

  • if you dip the dough into the flour one more time im gonna pass out

  • Jokes so cringy they are actually funny

  • seeing how americans make cinnamon rolls is so weird

  • the amount of hand towels on the oven handle is killing me

  • *are you ready*

  • *brings over stand mixer* *teleports back where it was*

  • jackfruit pulled pork sandwich

  • This looks like Kermit sat on it..

  • So your friend sharpened a knife blank, cool cool. For a REAL hand forged blade, go to Oso Forge or the like, where they forge the blade themselves. Amazing gorgeous work. See if you can get an "IKK" or Italian Kitchen Knife from Rocky, such a good all around blade.

  • Hey Julian it’s my life goal to sit in a bathtub full of donuts and I wanted to see if Jenna could fulfill it for me

  • When you said hey google it activated my phone

  • hey julen! I wanted to introduce you guys to the way my grandma used to always making icing for cookies, cakes, and cinnamon rolls: she would mix powdered sugar, milk, vanilla, crisco (instead of butter), and some ALMOND EXTRACT. that little bit of almond extract gives it a little bit something else that just makes the icing ah-maz-ing. i would love it if you guys tried it sometime! thanks for all the fun cooking videos!

  • Scratches his beard ;D good advice never watch in morning hungry 😋 now all I want is cinamon rolls 😩 since am far from cinnamon rolls place dang it 😂 still pleasant to watch 😎😍

  • Scratches his beard ;D good advice never watch in morning hungry 😋 now all I want is cinamon rolls 😩 since am far from cinnamon rolls place dang it 😂 still pleasant to watch 😎😍

  • You put them upside down