Clash Royale Champions Gameplay 🍊

čas přidán 25. 10. 2021
the BIGGEST UPDATE in Clash Royale history is coming with new champions, Golden Knight, Skeleton King, Archer Queen.
Thanks to Anker for sponsoring this video! Check them out:
New season, skins, units, heroes/champions, chests, level reward system and new Champion rarity cards. Tournament standard is level 11 now.

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  • CHAMPIONS ARE FINALLY COMING. ARCHER QUEEN IS SO OP! ALSO... thanks Anker for sponsoring this vid! Check out their products:

    • You should try the all skeleton deck

    • You should try the all skeleton deck

    • I made a clash royale clan called blood chickens, it is a new clan I made and only join if you are active

    • I will give 2 mega knight for the new stuff

    • me on my computer:😐

  • 3:07 I bet you were feeling wonky after that fall OJ 🥴

  • Can we use 2 hero in 1 deck? Please reply

  • Nah m8 I am watching this on my Samsung fridge

  • Anyone know if legendary book can upgrade champions or just the book of books?

  • For those who still don't know, you cant clone champions🤦‍♂️

  • Nice

  • its like rock,paper,siccors becuase it goes archer queen beats golden knight and golden knight beats skeleton king.

  • I would be appreciate if someone could join my clan edgarishot 😁 thanks!

  • The king sitting on the throne because the Skelton s champion and a king is a king

  • I like when oj face himself

  • 3:05 what the hell 😂

  • OJ’s first contestant was in level 11 but he had a archer queen 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔

  • OrbNoxius!!!!

  • When he tripped I started dying bro lol

  • My phone is plugged in and low😱

  • I pad pro max😂😂😂😂

  • Hey started uploading some vids of sports announcers over my clash Royale gameplay if you guys like clash I promise you’ll laugh

  • I was watching this on my phone while charging when he talks about the sponsor I felt attack

  • I think they just ruining it

  • I big fan

  • 3:02 this crack me up literarily


  • Did you just use archer queens ability for a giant?

  • I got legend from sliver chest ….

  • Bruh he is versing Hume self

  • Came here from Dani now more war

  • Video is crystal clear in 240P

  • Clash royale ❤️

  • 🧐how many times did he say obnoxious

  • obnoxious 😀👍🏻

  • Adding lv 14 to all the cards without automatic upgrade my lv13 to max is the same as downgrade all lv 13 to lv12

  • i loved 3:06 so funny


  • Golden knight is just bandit with steroids

  • the champions look amazing I hope they add the Barbarian King as well as the Grand Warden i think they’d make some cool cards

  • Am i the only one thinking about champions being from lego star wars battles🤣

  • Wow

  • Is it just me or do some parts of the video replay?

  • 3:06 OMG ARE U OK😂

  • 7:49 "*Incoming KungFu Wave...*"

  • Playing with Champions in Clash Royale

  • Good champion

  • I miss CR but man that game is so P2W it is unplayable after a certain point.

  • Your overusing the word is OBNOXIOUS -_-

  • Hello, I just started my channel, I upload very entertaining things, come over if you want, thanks

  • Cant wait to unlock them in 2024

  • 3:06😂😂

  • just pasted your channel awesome personality brother 👊🏻❤

  • Im sorry 20 watt charger isn’t that fast there is 200 watt chargers the only reason its good is size no hate

  • Remember when the Bandit comes out a couple years ago? That Dash thing seems so OP back then and now we've got a troop that could do a 10× Dashes..

  • Brazil❤️🇧🇷 love Clash Royale

  • BY FAR you are the most entertaining to watch 😂 keep it up!

  • Join my clan: trikru

  • Hello

  • The Archer Queen is best in Both Clash Royal And CoC

  • I was actually watching on my phone at 7%

  • Someone tell me y I didn’t get making items on update

  • Je deck zuigt kanker hart

  • Legends say that oj has never gone downstairs since he started his youtube channel

  • lol im on pc not iphone

  • Fun fact: you can’t mirror champions but you CAN clone them

  • 20W is not enough and recharging multiple times a day is bad

  • If rather use the archer queen with rage with her invisibility and that combo is op

  • so, Golden Knight counters Skeleton King Skeleton King counters Archer Queen and Archer Queen counters Golden Kinght

  • 1:49 Jokes on you I am on a laptop

  • good charger but I don't live in UK

  • A queen walk would be good unless the opponent has a rocket

  • When ur actually watching on your phone and it is almost dead😭 that freaked me out lmao

  • Drink every time he says obnoxious

  • Nano pro was definitely the best purchase ive made lol

  • 6:13 yall hear archer queen do the michael jackson HEE HEEEEE

  • 2:10 pfffff imagine having to buy an extra charger. My phone chages in 30min around 78%

  • I wonder if the archer queen is obnoxious

  • mommy i wany oyu

  • I can’t stop laughing when you fell off the stairs

  • Legendaries are not hard to get anymore so i guess adding heroes is nice But they are way too overpowered

  • 03:05 lmao 🤣

  • Let's talk about that linus phone case

  • Ahh remember the days when we used to think heroes would be added to this game, now we got it

  • Dam i acutally liked the promotion it was smooth and got me to buy it thanks bro

  • Archer queen in coc: op Archer queen in clash Royale: op

  • That head set is dumb

  • One thing I love is that when a legend kills a unit or it dies the skull from the original game when a troop dies is shown.It’s the little details that I love

  • That dash is so OP 😄😄😄

  • Me: *has 100% and still charging* Him: *has a plugger in every room* Me: "FINNALY A WORTHY OPONENT"

  • Played back in 2017 ever since then it has become so stupid

  • I assume there will be more champions in the future I am hoping for something similar to a mega pekka

  • Can you stop squeaking and screaming?

  • When I bring monke a banana 5:32

  • Seems like Skeleton King works great with support troops and counter pushing tanks like Valkyrie. I wonder how he interacts with Mother Witch. I can see him in Graveyard decks easily. Maybe Sparky, would be insane if a champion can pull off Sparky. Archer Queen is the ultimate support troop and cycle champion. Perhaps decks that are weak against air troops appreciate her. Bait decks can definitely use her. 3 Musketeers may appreciate a lower cost champion like Queen who baits lightning even further. And Golden Knight is all around good for offense. Good for disengaging multiple troops and defensive structures, and appreciates offensive support similar to bridge spam. Faster decks can employ him more quickly, maybe Hog Cycle can replace hog entirely with Golden Knight since he is so good on offense. Or maybe Pekka. He definitely strikes me as bridge spam though. Definitely.

  • I love when she screams "But I'm the QUEEeen!"

  • I thing skeleton king is more powerful

  • Very nice quality content as always ! ❤️

  • 3:02 oj u good

  • Giant skeleton looks good

  • Wait… how tf did you get from 12 to 14??

  • Giant counter to champions: royal delivey (pls correct if im wrong)

  • 4:12 juan pablo 2

  • *Skeleton king look like dead Megaknight*