CLC(씨엘씨) - 'ME(美)' Official Music Video

čas přidán 29. 05. 2019
CLC(씨엘씨) - 'ME(美)' Official Music Video
[🎧] #ME(#美)💎
✔ 애플뮤직
✔ 스포티파이
✔ 멜론
✔ 지니
✔ 엠넷
✔ 네이버
✔ 벅스
✔ 소리바다
✔ 모모플
✔ 플로
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  • 6.165.344 fighting cheshires 7M

  • This song is my theme song, because I’m beautiful and so is everyone listening to this song 🤩

  • *_C_* rysta *_L_* *_C_* lear 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

  • Cheshires, there is a way to bring CLC to your home town (or neighbouring cities). Visit "MyMusicTaste", and request for CLC to visit your city. We need lots of fans to make this happen, so please spread the word to as many Cheshires as possible.

  • FYI: Even though CLC didn't won in music bank award, at least they won in heart :)

  • Eunbin & Elkie really shined!!

  • Hello Cheshires! Yesterday we tried to trend a tag for CLC on Twitter. Today, we are starting to trend this tag again. today's tag is #WeWantCLCLightstick Also, I have good news: Yesterday, the tag was trending in Brazil. A lot of fandoms helped us so we are really thankful to them. Can you guys please help us?? Fighting

  • If CLC was in the big3, they would be the queens running kpop.

  • Fighting CLC !

  • Oh this is catchy

  • 2020 is coming and I'm still here asking myself why CLC is still underrated? =( And when 2021 is coming I wish I wouldn't ask this question to myself again =( you keep on sleeping on their talents! =(

    • Please support them , they will release a full album early next year and we need to get them to 20k sales

    • @clc hyuna next month ? They didn't confirm it ..

    • clc well comeback in next month so be read

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  • Where have i seen her before? Please reply sorry i am a new fan. 0:29 is she in any drama

    • She was supposed to be in a drama but the company pulled her out of it. She was on Produce 101 though!


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  • Finally 6m

  • Love clc

  • Stan Talented Stan CLC

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  • This MV also have surpass 6M!!! Good job Cheshires!!

  • I can't believe they don't have a damn lighstick yet... I mean cube tf is wrong wit u

  • uwu this is literally such a good song and i'm new to CLC so that's gotta be sayin smth like honestly the vocals, dance, song are all sooo good

  • I just realized this came out 3 days after my birthday bc my birthday is may 26

  • CLC are amazing

  • I will never get tired of this song

  • 6.036.488 fighting cheshires 7M

  • Have a nice day cheshires :)

  • Queens👑

  • stan clc

  • CLC😍👑👏

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  • 6 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 ! ! ! Congratulations CLC and Cheshires! 😸

  • why the hell aren't they on a world tour? why isnt cube helping them? why dont they have as much as views as bLaCkPiNk? cube, step your game up. cmon, with such talented, pretty and elegant idols, why are you just havin a coffee? #clcworldtour

  • 5,974,479m 6m Cheshire fighting

  • 5.974.048 fighting cheshires 6M


  • I had a clc attack ,that's when your heart skips a beat ,because they did something amazing

  • No me canso de escuchar esta bellezaaaaaa❤❤🔥

  • & tell me why they never got I least 1 won

  • 0:56 and I LOSE IT !!

  • Yas queens

  • 6M gonna arrive soon :3

  • hi everyone, please read till the end, that’s very important clc are going to have a full album next year, so, cheshires (and everyone who likes them and their music) please, please, please go rn and collect votes on star play in order to get clc their next win (with a full album it’s even more necessary for us) secondly, if you have such an opportunity, please, start to put off money right now (if you save up even 50 cents a day you’ll be able to afford at least one copy) clc are not going to win and be successful if we just sit and wait for it saying how underrated they are, we should take actions and prove cube ent. that clc are worth trying everyone, who read this till the end, thank you so much and have a good day, i love you ❤️

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  • Lady BTS💘

  • This group changes concepts so well how are they so underrated

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  • Wow I Love This Song their voices so. Wow


  • 2:45 that highnote!!,,,

  • Download starplay and start earn point for next comeback NOW NOW NOW!!!! cheshires Fighting!!!!!

  • stre@m me for good grades

  • the areumda me yah~ is addictive and this video is a visual shock, love it

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  • 5,873,531m 6m Cheshire fighting

  • Seungyeon is the loml tbh

  • CLC's Lightstick and World Tour, Cube.