Clutches By Different Youtubers... 🤔 (World's Smallest Violin)

čas přidán 8. 03. 2023
Different Viral Minecraft CS-tvrs like Dream, MrBeast and Technoblade compete to see who does the best Minecraft MLG Clutch! This is similar to a Noob vs Pro Different Ages video to the song World's Smallest Violin.
#minecraft #shorts
Inspired by Snorl's MLG Clutch at Every Age in Minecraft! (World's Smallest Violin) 😳 and fvdge's Clutches At Different Ages 😳 (World's Smallest Violin) #2

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  • Technoblade Never Dies ❤️🐷👑

  • Legends never die

  • Rest in Peace Techno WE ALL MISS YOU

  • Rest in peace techno

  • Not even close, baby techno blade never dies😢❤

  • Technoblade was a magic wiz and had mad rizz ❤


  • Karl’s skill in Minecraft is very underestimated

  • Techno didn't die he just respawned in a better place

  • Bro took technoblade never dies to a new level

  • R.I.P King! ❤

  • Rest And Peace King Techno.

  • Rest in peace legend❤🐷👑🕊R I P TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES

  • "" NOT EVEN CLOSE BABY , TECHNO BLADE NEVER DIES "" miss you techno blade

  • if i hear this song again, ill blow up into smithere-

  • The legends never die❤

  • Rest in peace ❤️

  • NOT EVEN CLOSE BABYY TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIESS -a true legend we will miss you techno