Colin talks Baker's Daniel Jones comments, isn't worried about Jimmy G, talks AB | NFL | THE HERD

čas přidán 20. 08. 2019
Colin Cowherd discusses a few NFL topics today on the show. Hear his thoughts on Baker Mayfield's recent comments about New York Giants rookie QB Daniel Jones, why he isn't worried about Jimmy Garoppolo's poor performance last night for the San Francisco 49ers and what he thinks about the latest in the Antonio Brown helmet saga.
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Colin talks Baker's Daniel Jones comments, isn't worried about Jimmy G, talks AB | NFL | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd


  • What are your thoughts on Baker Mayfield's recent comments about Daniel Jones?

    • Jones is not an NFL quarterback. You can't compare Duke football to top tier college football.

    • What concern is it of yours Colon Cowtipper? You know it makes sense that a man, and I use that term loosely, with small girl hands would has such audacity to even look in the Great Baker Mayfields direction, let alone indulge himself in any negative commentary whatsoever regarding Baker's ability, character or his shoe size for that matter, dare I say, Colon Cowgripper is salty and jealous because the Good Lord gave him the hands of a small girl, the body of a 12 year old boy and the face of a baby along with zero athletic ability. It makes perfect sense why such a one would make the comments he's made regarding what might turn out to be the best quarterback that has ever stepped onto the field. Yes it is Jealousy. Colon your a successful talker and I'm sure well compensated you should focus on that and abstain from your covetous nature, life might be more fun.

    • Laughing? Really, Mr. Giant Desk? How many NFL games have YOU won Cowdung? I tell you what's funny.... how obviously insecure you are, Colin.

    • I think someone like Baker Mayfield humiliated Colin in grade-school, so Mr. Giant Desk with all his napolean complex BS is using this show in a pathetic attempt to make his loser past easier to live with by tearing folks down.

    • He was saying that he was surprised that he was taken #1 and said never to read into scouting reports and recruitment. GQ is never reliable and you just look for things to hate on Baker Mayfield for, you meat head.

  • Colin just ended his whole career

  • Colin's salivating at the idea of getting to harp on Baker for everything he does and says for the next 10 years

  • He said its a big risk taking jones he didn't call him a loser. baker went 7-8-1 and he did not start 2 games he came off the bench in the Jets game and won it Colin you are the definition of a player hater

  • This was blown out of proportion.

  • Anyone think Colin actually realizes that he's the biggest JOKE in the sports talk/analyst world? Like how many times can he be proven DEAD WRONG + made to look like KING-MUTT? How many mashup vids of him spewing total HORSESHT predictions that NEVER come true, would a malignant narcissistic disease like Cowherd need to engage in self reflection?! Truly nauseating to watch + see what ESPN has become + the LOWLIFE SCUMBAGS they promote + REWARD for spewing innacurate falsehoods that boost RATINGS!! PATHETIC really!!

  • Lol yea that's it Colin, keep spewing BLATANT LIES like Baker is now 5'11", to back up ur BULLSHT claims! Then degrade + downplay Bakers electric rookie year + how all his W's, Well- "they weren't really Wins" right Colin? U human hype/outrage machine + HACK POS JOKE of an analyst!

  • Colin, we just became best friends. This was an educated roasting at its best😂

  • I’m pretty sure baker didn’t say the giants shouldn’t have drafted him, just that he was shocked when they did, kind of like everyone else in the universe was.

  • He is right on some things but it’s ridiculous to hate on Baker this much

  • I love how Colin spanks that little brat Mayfield.

  • Put that arrogant child in his place

  • 0:28 into the video and atill can't get over Baker running from the cops, he must still have nightmares about it.

  • No LIES told in this video...all facts

  • Everyone on here gonna try to tell me "he's not hating on Baker" on THIS one? Every time he brings up Mayfield it's to trash him! Lol. Wake up folks.

  • Baker said the exact same thing every giants fan said when they drafted DJ

  • Well said Colin!

  • Has anyone else realized the obvious truth that Eli Manning picked his predecessor right under the nose of the NFL and helped the New York Football Giants rig the draft? Daniel Jones has been going to Manning camps for years. Eli owes the Mara family a lot and when he realized his time was getting short he brought Jones to the attention of the Maras. All he wants is to be able to play this year strong and ride off into the sunset and secretly know he payed the Maras back for years of loyalty. Maybe they will give him a management position in the future. Duke university is a perfect place to stash a QB to play and learn from the Manning family without getting too much attention and have him drafted to another team. He certainly looks a lot better than he did just a year ago. That's because he just used his time at Duke to throw the ball around on Saturday and sandbag and stay under the radar all the while learning the Giants playbook he's had for quite a while. I wonder if certain people at Duke were rewarded for allowing it to happen. It's the perfect way to beat the draft system. Eli hated the draft system and refused to play for the team that drafted him and the Mara family used their influence to get him to New York. NFL analysts were amazed Daniel was drafted at 6 but that's because they didn't see the real Daniel Jones at Duke. New York originally planned to draft him at 17 but panicked at the thought of their plan that they have had in effect for years to be foiled by someone possibly taking him sooner. That's why they took a running back number one last year instead of QBs that are considered better than Jones because they basically Rigged the draft in my opinion. There is no way a team with an aging unproductive QB doesn't draft a QB from the good choices that were available when they drafted a running back unless they had already put in motion the plan to keep their real objective secret. Jones threw a pass the other day and for a second I thought it was a manning throwing it because it looked exactly like the manning throwing motion. It may never happen but someone needs to investigate this!

  • Didn’t Collin make fun of the giants pick and drafting Daniel jones now he’s defending him?

  • Hey Colin how’s your ex wife? You forgot to mention divorce lol

  • Sheesh...sooo....Baker beat all the teams they lost to for the last two years with essentially the same team. Not to mention, Clev 0-1-1 when he got his first opp. Then they finally got rid of Hue and he went 5-3. I believe Chub didn’t start till about that time either.

  • Oh Colin is BIG mad. lol

  • Colin has a man crush on baker

  • Stop with the police video my god

  • Colin hates Baker more then President Trump and CNN hate each.

  • What does a police video say about a player‘s ability? Although Baker shouldn’t have said anything, this guy is a honest guy says what he thinks. I rather have an honest guy that tells it like it is. Calling him a loser is also a little out there. This man came into program that had been bleeding out for years. And is in big part responsible for the apparent revival for this team. Collin just needs to give credit where credit is due.

    • You just missed the entire point of Cowherd's commentary. It's called CONTEXT. Yes, Mayfield did very well when you consider CONTEXT. But since Baker wasn't giving Daniel Jones credit for CONTEXT, then Cowherd was saying, "This is what you look like when someone doesn't consider CONTEXT." Cowherd was giving Mayfield, Mayfield's own treatment of Jones right back to the yappy little chihuahua -- thus illustrating how unfair Mayfield's comment about Jones were. Mayfield just needs to grow up already and focus on himself. His mouth is going to get him killed on the field soon. All it'll take is a few DLinemen or LB's of some team that Mayfield has trashed giving him a dirty shot regardless of the penalty or fine he'll have to take to do it.

  • Baker is a “Todays kids”kind of guy. He needs attention like we need oxygen. Drama gets attention. He also thinks like others that they are a “brand”, lol. Made in China? Anyway, time will tell on both qbs.

  • Baker might be a great dude, but he comes off like the stereotypical douchbag QB.

  • Baker was talken out of first couple games you dipshit #fuckcolincoward

  • Wasn't there more to what Baker said...?

  • How much did Brees win at Purdue? Brady at Michigan? Ben at Miami Ohio?

  • Hope Daniel does very well! However long term.. Baker is gonna bend over Collin Cowturd.,. Hamadahamadahamda! Lol!!!!

  • “Baker Mayfield, BAKER MAYFIELD. Ba-ba-Baker. Did you hear,,, hear what the baker said? BAKER, IM COMING FOR YOU” -probably Colin somewhere.

  • Cowterd is at it again 😂

  • And uh Colin, your hairline is a loser too. Whatchu trynna insinuate? The Nike swoosh? You like Sam Darnold. He went like 3-13 talk about a loser😂😂😂. And Cleveland “took a risk” passing him up.

  • Watch baker go 16-0

  • Nailed it with honours !

  • Ok Colin listen baker mayfield is the next face of the nfl and that’s just a favt

    • Maxinator 16 the next face of the NFL is Saquon Barkley

  • Colin hates Baker Skip hates LeBron Cleveland will win at least 3 Super Bowls !

  • Glad you spanked that PUNK!!!!

  • I hope Colin dies slowly in a fire.

  • Sounds like you're reaching for a story to me who cares what he said about that other quarterback that's his opinion.

  • Colin literally just roasted Baker for 5 straight minutes lmao

  • Lol guy is absolutely right about everything he says here. Not at all wrong anywhere.

  • Baker smashed his wife most def

  • He came in the first quarter of the jets game came and won

  • This dude is a joke lol joy please come back to undesputed

  • Baker gets shorter everytime Colin brings up his height.

  • Colin is the only loser

  • it's TAPASS you loser

  • The meme continues

  • Guy didn’t read the article the comments are completely out of context

  • Didn't the Browns kicker cost them at least 3 games?

  • I agree with some of what Colin says there, and I don’t really like Baker’s comments about Daniel Jones, but.. “Here’s Baker’s wins in Cleveland without context, *explains each win with the opponent’s current situation*, yep, those are Baker’s wins without context.

  • Dude they need to just let Baker play and stop with the headlines, it’s like they just want him and the Browns to fail.

  • You also have to put in context that he was a rookie that they never even planned on playing his first year. And that he single handedly changed the culture into a hopefully winning franchise. From 0 wins to 6 wins. That’s a huge difference. Therefore, for a rookie season to change the culture of a team and make them have 6 more wins than the season prior. That’s a win in itself right there. Think of the bigger picture rather than the record.

  • Lmao Baker getting roasted

  • Is it that ridiculous to say that the pick was a surprise? Hmmm.... You’re right you’re right..... He must be thicc and trunky enough or something.... clown

  • That’s not even what Baker said. He responded to the quote because it was out of context. Do your research.

  • I feel like Baker was being a gentleman by throwing meat at Cowherd just so that he can have some content so that his ratings go up as a result of us watching this.