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Colts at Chiefs | Patrick Mahomes 27-yd pass to Sammy Watkins

čas přidán 12. 01. 2019
AFC Divisional


  • I knew we would beat the brakes off these lil horsies. It makes sense.

  • Kansas City advantage going in cold weather team Indy warm weather climate team

  • Rigged game. Todays nfl is a joke.they are pretending to tackle rhe guy.........

  • Good thing the refs are not calling any penalties on the many penalties the chiefs are doing. Hell that Autry pe atty was total bs and when is it not a penalty for yhrowi mg snowballs at the football and tackling the qb out of bounds? It's a rigged game I tell ya nfl wants pats vs chiefs afccg which is bs I'll stop watching if it is

    • Come on. The Chiefs defense shut you guys down! Stop crying. You guys were 1-5, closed the season strong. Chiefs were the better team today. That's all. They're not the one seed for nothing.

    • Boo hoo. Snowballs 😭😭😭

    • You should probably avoid commenting drunk. Lol. Good game. ind has a bright future, see you next year!

    • You a clown bitch ass nigga

    • the real scorptile salty

  • Fuck you J.J Wilcox 😂

  • Chiefs baby

  • Embarrassed

    • Not saying you personally but alot of Colts fans deserve it,Talking shit all week how Colts always beat down Chiefs,Living in the Past. Houston, Jones and Ford Humiliated your O line!

    • Horrible way to end our season. We didn't show up at all.