Comethazine's 2019 XXL Freshman Freestyle

čas přidán 15. 07. 2019
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Comethazine boasts about his riches in his 2019 XXL Freshman freestyle.
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Video directed by @travissatten
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  • Did Comethazine kill his 2019 XXL Freshman freestyle?

  • People really should stop sleepin on na boi comethazine

  • Comthezine is the definition of black air forces

  • Comethazine the type of guy to give Santa coal for christmas

  • This nigga looks like he gon shoot me through my screen

  • scary

  • This is a big chain lol

  • comethazine look like he eats white people and snorts mexicans

  • Much dank actually made a meme out of the on Instagram

  • The cameraman had bulletproof armour on

  • Fire🔥

  • This man really said “🤬😡😈”

  • Comethazine is that type of guy to get an ak 47 for a presentation

  • I honestly thought that this would be bad, but I was surprised as hell

  • Nobody : Not a fucking soul: Comethazine:😡😤🤬🗣

  • *Boom*

  • Just watch the video with no sound

  • Comethazine the type of person who will hunt down the school shooter in prison for shooting up his favorite class

  • Why he look like Sid from Toy Story

  • Me: Hey can you pass the salad? Comethazine: SHUT THE FUCK UP I AM TRYING TO FEAST

  • used to be hurt by the cash now that im rich i can sit on my ass AK 47 max switch from semi to full automatic i got me a bitch she the baddest she tryna leave me coz she dont lke my habits when i roll up this pressure boy not a question you know that im not gonna pass it niggas wonder why im savage they aint never put somebody in a casket came up with clean 50 for a bezel 80 for the neck n 5 for the jacket this is a big chain big choppa with aim catch a nigga wanna snatch it look through the scope frame and Aim at his brain


  • he has ace hood's voice bro

  • Ah classic bewm or pewm? How does he make the b sound and the p sound

  • Well he scared me

  • This dude is evil

  • Look through the scope frame and aim at his brain ... BEMP🔥🔥

  • *Do you wanna know how I got this part?*

  • Dancing that you can make a whole video are reacting to double XL freestyle comments he was in his room

  • Yo Comethazine just did the game over for the Batman Arkham games

    • Chandler Allum you a god sir take a like

  • Reminds me of the Daedra(Demons) from Elder Scrolls :Oblivion

  • Comethazine is the type of guy who would do anything for a Klondike Bar

  • 0:05 - 0:29 (24 seconds) Shortest freestyle, yet still managed to have more bars than Lightskin Osiris, DaBaby and Mosey

  • Comethazine looks like the guy hwo kill his family for playn videogames

  • The cameraman is still alive?

  • Comethazine looks like the nigga on the escapebox thing

  • He could star in the the joker if they decide to make him black one year😭

  • dude, 25 seconds

  • Crazy xxxtentaction changed the culture with the emo style and Acappella

  • Yall niggaz cant be serious about baby shit colored nigga, scaring who!? 🤣🤣🤣 I'm dead...nigga look like one of my kids