Commissioner under investigation

čas přidán 23. 02. 2021
Chip Osowski 11pm report


  • People whine and cry about everything......losers.

  • These idiots are just whining because they didn't get a shot. I live in 34211 and we are not rich. The so called rich people are seniors who saved their entire lives and bought a nice house. This is all about race, jealousy, and envy

  • A lot of women in politics are very every democratic one..tjme to go off grid.sit back on the sideline and watch America fall off a cliff..enjoy the beautiful day

  • If true, she needs to get out.

  • There wasn't a "mistake" as she claimed.. it was her using her position and power to illegally do something so that those rich people would be beholden to her when it was time for her to raise funds.

  • had nothing to do with desantis... you have retractions to make news channel fake

  • They don't do very good background checks

  • Wow a few sheep are actually fighting for a vaccine 😅🤣 .