Conan Negotiates With Greenland's Parliament - CONAN on TBS

čas přidán 5. 09. 2019
Conan works with a local realtor to get Greenland on the market and begins negotiations with Parliament members.
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  • Meanwhile Fallon and Kimmel is bushing Trump in literally every single youtube video.

  • Killer ending!

  • it's great to be famous and modest :)

  • Why America didn't conquered Greenland? Ans:-because it has nuke (nuuk)

  • Eeww, he said AOC. Now they will definitely say no

  • To all the ignorant americans out there: The us has left greenland with several enormous environmental disasters without taking responsible actions to clean up their own mess. We are talking nuclear waste and millions of liters of diesel fuel which is easy to see if you search the web a bit. Plenty of people in greenland and denmark is disgusted by this along with the american attitude towards the problem. Trumps suggestion is a complete sell out of whatever braincells he has left

  • I just realized "schluden" kid at the end has to be about 6-5. Its impressive regular-sized conan makes people look.

  • Conan 2020-The leader we deserve!

  • 1:05 what's wrong with Conan's voice? Stuffed nose or sth ?

  • Found Walrus guy on Instagram

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dislike for the aoc "compliment"

  • Why do they all look like Eskimos.

  • The tusk guy was so chill.

  • The tusk guy did a better Arnie than Arnie...

  • Have no words

  • Fine line between comedy and Prez Dimbulb...Consn actually makes more sense than Sondland did!

  • Amazing Conan never gets arrested...trying to bribe the Parliament of Greenland...120k...kick it back to would disappear...into prez Dimbulb's pocket...forget about getting it back.

  • You insulted the politician by offering him case full of monies, you see its Greenland culture to give not take. So if you toke a wad of _krona_ from the politician the deal could have been done and Trump would be the proud owner of a new 2 million sq. km golf course!

  • Yeah they have an AOC in Greenland too. That’s to bad

  • Niekad negalvojau sitoj laidoj pamatyt lietuvi gyvenanti Grenlandijoj xD

  • Don't compare that nice girl to AOC.

  • Yo is that one guy lithuanian or what

  • Damn I'm getting hooked hard😂

  • 8:12 Lol...I think Conan just convinced these high schoolers to sell their country XD

  • 2:59 That's some impressive-looking fake money! I can see Ben's face, and there's different kinds of bills (including the more modern ones with the fancier designs).

  • Tfw mainstream media gets into your recommended

  • Conan aged, he slowed down and has less energy, I hate this condition as human beings, only 10 years ago he was like another person. I'm growing sick of it! We need to fund cell senescence investigations.

  • Conan should be head of the UN and bring world peace

  • his hair looks worse than trumps hair

  • That dude sounded more Arnie than Arnie himself!

  • I had refused to speak English,

  • *_"Make America Greenland also"_* 😂

  • Wkwk

  • Does Trump just mention it or he considers it seriously?!

  • Hi Malene

  • That boy taller than Conan

  • If this is another country (beside Canada) , he won't have a chance to walk out the country.

  • Malene is so beautiful.

  • I mean that one guy who did the Arnold impersonation is fat too

  • Why does he sound like he has his hand over his nose?

    • Danish sounds really nasally and guttural. So since most likely Danish is his first, or second language that he learnt at school, that influenced his English.

  • Conan: "Oh, your wife is good with weapons?" Guy: "...Oh yeah."

  • We need Walrus the carver guy back on Conan!!!!

  • 30 Billion!!!!!! The guy put the FOR SALE sign IMMEDIATELY!!!...................... hahahahahahahahaha

  • That’s was some funny stuff. Love that artist dude. He’s is a natural comic.

  • Let's trade Alaska and Washington for greenland lol.

  • Being called the aoc of greenland isnt really a compliment.

  • the politics girl is so hot

  • They should have asked that walrus tusk carving artist on his opinion in way more topics. He was very entertaining.

  • How come they speak excellent English?

  • It is not like asking to buy their hat. It more like asking to buy their land, houses and them.

  • If someone comes to you and says "I wanna buy your hat", it is of course not insulting. But asking to buy your country is like that guy comes to you and says "I wanna buy your wife and mother".

  • “Make America Greenland also” actually means that Greenland bought America! Great idea! 👍🏻😂

  • Conan come to Malaysia

  • 3:11 Well guys... I think I just FELL IN LOVE!! 😍😍😍

  • I laughed so hard my unblocked nose got unblocked.

  • I’m cate blanchet 🤣😂🤣

  • That parliament chick was cute

  • I NEED a MA-GNLA hat!!! That siit is hilarious, dude!..lmao

  • 0:06 he looks like he's got curtains over his eyes