Condensed Game: NLCS Gm6 - 10/19/18

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Condensed Game: NLCS Gm6 - 10/19/18
About Major League Baseball: Major League Baseball (MLB) is the most historic professional sports league in the United States and consists of 30 member clubs in the U.S. and Canada, representing the highest level of professional baseball. Led by Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr., MLB currently features record levels of labor peace, competitive balance and industry revenues, as well as the most comprehensive drug-testing program in American professional sports. MLB remains committed to making an impact in the communities of the U.S., Canada and throughout the world, perpetuating the sport’s larger role in society and permeating every facet of baseball’s business, marketing and community relations endeavors. With the continued success of MLB Advanced Media and MLB Network, MLB continues to find innovative ways for its fans to enjoy America’s National Pastime and a truly global game.
The American League consists of the following teams: Baltimore Orioles; Boston Red Sox; Chicago White Sox; Cleveland Indians; Detroit Tigers; Houston Astros; Kansas City Royals; Los Angeles Angels ; Minnesota Twins; New York Yankees; Oakland Athletics; Seattle Mariners; Tampa Bay Rays; Texas Rangers; and Toronto Blue Jays. The National League, originally founded in 1876, consists of the following teams: Arizona Diamondbacks; Atlanta Braves; Chicago Cubs; Cincinnati Reds; Colorado Rockies; Los Angeles Dodgers; Miami Marlins; Milwaukee Brewers; New York Mets; Philadelphia Phillies; Pittsburgh Pirates; San Diego Padres; San Francisco Giants; St. Louis Cardinals; and Washington Nationals.
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  • Go Dodger! World Series baby!

  • I don't remember Manny always losing balance after a swing and a miss, was he good during this game?

  • I didn't know so many people in Wisconsin were actually brewer fans...oh eaiy...yhey are not. Brewer fan base us 60% band wagon. Same shit anytime be team is good in WI Baggers bucks packers. same shit diff sport diff year.

  • California has a record number of people who own a Obama phone....well if the Dodgers lose there is always that...lmfao Wasn't for Obama, 90% of these dodger fans talking sht, wouldn't be able to

  • It's funny...a state (California) that anyone who isn't from there or moving away from at a rapid pace has the NERVE to lecture Braun for "trying to ruin a man's career" (said man, actually fired for not doing his job) did he try to ruin the man's career? Oh you playing the victim and ideology card (being a jew) know...something every dumb ass Californian is inherently born with. Lmfao, the biggest offenders of the victim card, cry when someone plays the victim...well I guess he played the "Jew card" that's way down the list on victimhood hierarchy.

  • I see two great baseball in purple......

  • Didn't worry you DUMB casual Bandwagon dodger fans. The Lakers just started up. You always got that to look forward too...ya know LeBron Calling Steph his daddy

    • again and again and again. over and over and over. LeBron face covered in Steph and KD and Draymond bukake, and LeBron licks it up


  • Im a Red Sox fan, but go Brewers!!!! This is the year. Since 1982! History changes tonight🗽🌍🔠🔡💀

  • Dodgers choked

  • I can’t stand manny machado

  • Cuz it's about to get Heavy! It's about to be On!! Let's do this Brew Crew! Cheers 🍺

  • It's Anthony

  • Come on Dodger's regroup and get back in the game today let's go Dodger's.

  • Neat concept, MLB!

  • I live literally on the other side of the lake, so the brewers are closer which means I be rootin for them

  • Braun finally realized what he can do without steroids

    • woah, an original comment...joke...about roids... Manny Ramirez says hi...but ur a casual bandwagon dodger fan like 99% of dodger fans so u forgot that huh

  • Last time the Brewers went to the WS, 1982, I was in high school. When it was clear that the Brewers were going to win, my buddy and I drove to downtown Milwaukee and joined thousands of people in the street celebrating. I remember 'surfing' on the roof of a bus with about 10 other people and making out with some girl on the street. Now in my 50's, I plan on surfing the bus and making out with a stranger TONIGHT! GO BREWERS!!!

  • Those tits behind home plate tho

  • What is going on with all the catchers this past season? Anyone else notice all the past balls and just straight drops? Very strange...

  • Man, D. Freese just keeps on producing. For a long time to. Way back to those crazy good St. Loius days. You keep going man.

  • Why didn’t you show every at bat? Not cool, man

    • Greg Herman lol cuz it would’ve taken like 40min to watch

  • If Machado gets a World Series ring, he should put a cornrow through it

    • Machado ain't getting shit but A fat L

  • Who put Grandal back in!

  • Dodger🚀🚀🚀

  • Let's go crew!

  • Cmon Brewers

  • Will see later today who wins and for all you saying Red Sox going to sweep please no team invisible just remember in 88 they said the same shit As going to sweep the lil dodgers can someone please remind me who won oh that’s right the lil DODGERS 4-1!

  • You'd think, by now, people would stop trying to predict this series

  • This was the game for the Dodgers to close it out. No way they win Game 7.

    • Dam unlucky. Hope you didnt get a lottery ticket.

  • I always notice Marlins Man but tonight It was all front row amy

  • I'm a Giants fan but lets go Brewers

    • Ok my bad omegalul

    • I was calling. Jairo a bandwagon not u m8.

    • Hate is a strong word I dislike the players on the team. There is a difference between hate and dislike

    • Why is there so much hate im not saying I hate the dodgers I'm just saying go Brewers because they have not been in the playoffs for a long time. I don't like some of the players on the dodgers. Kershaw is a good pitcher and there are other players I dislike on the dodgers because of the way they act.

    • Lee pols im not an bandwagon it's just a rivalry I'm not a brewers fan im just rooting against LA. If you ask any other Giants fan they will probably say the same thing im saying right now.

  • Machado is a curse with his negative energy, cockiness and dirty player mentality. Hope Dodgers don’t push to try to get him.

    • Kaizerchiefable Sorry, that brings the team down with his distraction. We don’t need that here in Dodgertown. It’s all roses if they win, but if they lose, he’s seen his last game as a Dodger.

    • ahahaha stfu

  • Dave Roberts should win most terrible coach of the year why would you take out freeze ? Why put in grandal when you know he is messing up. then you start thinking about game 7 when score was 5-1 why would you think about game 7?? DODGERS are going to loose Dave Roberts is just terrible I want the dodgers to win but with Dave Roberts keep making changes it's not going to happen

    • 2nd year as coach and 1st year reached and now this close. I think otherwise.

  • Same old dodgers. Maybe if they spent 500 mill annually and trade for everyone by the trade deadline. They might. Huge might have a shot 😝

    • It's funny you're talking about payroll because the Giants have a bigger payroll than the Dodgers this year and still was buried in the NL West 4th place at 16 games under .500, ironic

    • Over three decades? Game 5 of the 1988 World Series was October 20th, so it won't be 30 years until tonight, you fooking idiot!!

    • JAIRO PEREZ the team of the decade. U know the one that won 3 rings this decade. Something the chokers haven’t done in over 3 decades 😝

    • HAVANA SCP who’s your team? Or you butt hurt so you in here hating on the dodgers since your team been out the playoffs?

  • Man. Miller Park's gonna be loud tomorrow.

  • Loving that series. But let’s be honest. They are playing for runner up.

    • Under dogs have won before! Don't get cocky or u mite get shocked!

    • Dont be so sure. Brewers are HUNGRY! I think they make Boston work for it. Dodgers I don't think have a chance against Boston

    • Suit remember what I said. I told my dad the same about Houston. That Boston this year was strong and they run the bases now. Not like years past. I love Houston. But they were just outmatched. But I did consider that series the World Series. Since the World Series itself will be boring since it will be pretty much one sided. Btw I did picked the brewers at the start of the playoffs. We should see

    • Doubt. With how long MLB has existed it easy to say that a more competitive series or league does not indicate that one set of teams is better or worse than the other

  • It's gonna be a bloodbath tomorrow.

  • Go Brew Crew!!!!!! Keep on truckin'!!!!!!! This has been the single most enjoyable season of Brewer baseball I've seen in my life (sadly I was only 2 years old when they went to the World Series in '82, so have no memory of it). No matter what happens in NLCS Game 7 this season has been simply fantastic! One more game guys and you'll be in Fenway on Tues.! GO CREW and thanks for bringing high quality post-season baseball back to Wisconsin...Just to see the Crew IN a World Series would be the raddest thing ever!!! Enjoy these rare days Brewers fans.

    • An Corey seager did go down. But you added Machado.....

    • I love how you are talking about farm systems when you guys have one of the largest payrolls every year lol. Your arrogance is why I can't stand dodger fans or any big market mlb team. What ever happens tonight, Brewers will be in good shape and I think it bothers you which I love Knowing.

    • +Danny Branderson Kratz is our backup catcher, not worried about that. Cain is only 32. Hardly retirement age. Braun is getting old but not an irreplaceable part of our team either, and when he goes so does his huge contract. That's a big chunk of payroll to sign new players.

    • Old players? You mean kratz an Braun? Jimmy Nelson comes back too. Do some research bud

    • +Danny Branderson old players? Who?

  • Am I the only one who has been noticing that cute fan in the pink with the nice knockers throughout the series? 4:26

    • Never misses a pitch.. only drinks water during the game and doesn't talk to anyone hardly.

    • She’s like in her 40s and she’s always there and her nickname is “Front Row Amy” and she writes down plays happening in the game or something

  • Puig is trash

    • Mike 90% of the dodgers are trash. 😝

  • i think rest of mlb wants dodgers back to the world series and win it this time

    • Why would the rest of the league want to see something everyone has already seen? Watched the Dodgers win twice in my lifetime already, let's see a team that's never won get in there!

    • Gotta beat milwaukee first

    • Roman Reigns who.? Why would anyone want chokers in the World Series. Sox would beat them in 4 easy games 😝

  • Just big pig pitcher....

  • we'll get game 7...go dodgers

    • Roman Reigns that is why Dean Ambrose is going to betray you

  • Dodgers always choke 😖😖

    • Ha world series bitch

    • John Winter I totally understand and agree with you

    • Steve Martinez, I'm going for the Brewers, but the point is HAVANA SCP is a clown for saying half century.

    • Good no one likes the dodgers.

    • John Winter lmaoo 1988!!!!

  • Thumbs up that took teamwork and resilience



  • 😢



  • Con Dios ganamos, este equipo puede hacerlo. La serie mundial es de nosotros.

  • Who wins game 7?!?!??!

  • What a great series

  • My Sox vs Brew Crew

    • The only man child is you Danny Braderson and I guess The League got what the wanted with The LA Bums winning

    • People still talking about the Brewers like they are where they are by accident...

    • Danny Branderson brewers aren’t gonna give up their chance, it’s not like the Red Sox are some sorts of gods.

    • Danny Branderson SMFH

    • Danny Branderson No it doesn’t matter who faces Boston. Dodgers had their chance last year

  • Lets go Brewers!

  • 5th

  • Red Sox vs Brewers world series

    • +Cameron Rotten Lemon so you a dodgers fan?

    • Benjamin Gomez Last year everyone thought the dodgers would sweep. But they chocked. You never know lol

    • +Cameron Rotten Lemon I think it will be close but Red Soxs will come out on top

    • Benjamin Gomez Dodgers are the only team that i think can beat them

    • +Cameron Rotten Lemon alright alright but we all know Red Soxs are gonna win the world series

  • The brewers deserve this game big time. The only team member of the dodgers to show up was Freese. Let’s go Dodgers in game 7

    • Freese with that world series experience

  • Let's go brewers