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Stream “Congratulations”:
Music & Lyrics: David Paul Brown
Music & Lyrics: Joel Gustaf “Roomie” Berghult
Music & Lyrics: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
Filmed & edited by
Mixed by Eric Johansson at
Beat production by Apollo V
Beat modification & vocal production by Joel Gustaf “Roomie” Berghult
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  • Remember the old days? When T-Series wasnt a problem?

  • 17-04-2019 : Indo : Pewjoko VS P- Series

  • Just realized the non alcoholic part refers to Roomie's alcoholic problems

  • India: You can’t watch this video anymore VPN: Am I a joke to you

  • why does pews thinks we are not a independent country ? WE ARE INDEPENDENT SINCE 1971 JUST REMEMBER THAT [ Bangladesh is not a part of India ... ]

  • He had 100,000 subs more than t-series... A few weeks later t-series has nearly 400,000 subs more (I’m not a t-series fan btw)

  • Sub to ajtessman

  • India ban Congratulations VPN: Hold My Burger

  • Guys please do your new part and report T-series

  • Pewdiepie istel more relavant than post malone

  • PeWdIepiE prob makes like millions of dollars

  • 😭😭😭

  • T-series more like sub bots

  • Its very catchy tho🙄

  • I like this song now

  • What a better way to make a viral video than another t series diss track

  • *video gets 85M views* *youtube:* Im gonna pretend i didnt see that.

  • Lets get one million comments on this video!

  • *T-Series has left the chat*

  • Theres so many refferences in this video. 1- Pirated songs 0:43 2- Investigations 0:56 3- Mafia 0:59 4- Genocide 1:21 5- Defamation 1:59 6- Caste System 2:22 7- Brofist 3:14 8- #MeToo 3:57 9- MrBeast 4:11

  • India: **blocks video in country** *9 yr olds with VPN:* YOU UNDER ESTIMATE MY POWER!

  • 85 million views in 2 weeks 😮

  • 85 Million + Views Waiting For 100 Million 😍😍

  • Polska?

  • Напишу сюда русский комментарий пусть иностранцы думают что тут написано

  • Download the video in case it is deleted :v


  • Pitbull is the enemy he joined t series

  • We die

  • Get rid of the autotune guy

  • We need a new plan v pitbull did a collab with t series Mr beast is not here is this it how the hell did this happen I'm actually crying we come so far I don't know what to do anymore I don't want this army to lose

  • Put Tfue in it so he can say suck my peen dawg

  • T gei

  • First T-Series won, then Pewdiepie won, then T-Series won again.

  • I am your Bangladeshi fan bro!😍


  • I got sad when you said you used to be nothing😢

  • I like he beat T-seris with a misic video when there a music channel😂😂😂😂😂


  • If you don’t sub to pewdiepie I will sure T-Series

  • Pewdiepie: 3:14 9 year old army: *excessive tears*

  • I felt sad when i heard "this is the last brofist from the no.1"

  • Anyone remember the Barrels, Brofist and Ducks?

  • Racistttttt pewdiepie

  • At the time of writing, I believe we have pulled a Switch Card on them

  • Hola.

  • How those dancing Indians will know his language.jpg

  • Breaking News! Almost ½ citizen of India support Pewdiepie

  • Bitch lasagna is better :v

  • Cool 🎶🎶

  • congrat....hope some day me will be so much sub and likes...i making my own channel too...hope have some feedback my idol^^

  • Keep going strong pewds. Australians are with ya

  • Just tell Pakistan

  • I’m literally in tears

  • It took 94 million subs but they did it

  • Wow congratulation 85+million views and 90+subscibers

  • even if t-series gets "most subs". you'll still be #1 on youtube... after all... SUB BOTS DONT COUNT T-SERIES

  • When you joke about a school shooting... ***FOR LEGAL REASONS THATS A JOKE***


  • Like -Pewdiepie Kill yourself- T-Series Comment-This is a joke

  • ͡°) ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • I love it 😍

  • After t serise won: congratulation After pewdiepie won again:bitch lazania3 Afther t serrise won again: congratulation2 After pewdiepie won:

  • *if T sires wins I blame this song LMAO*

  • Why you're doing a good youtub

  • Bangladesh isn’t India were a seperate country 😂

  • 👊

  • alguien de 2341 ? like si lo lees :v

  • I am sorry that t-series passed you but he did GET REKT YOU IDIOT

  • T gay fans are disliking this vid

  • Congrats Tgei

  • 85 million views - 6.1 million likes - Not Trending. ok

  • Here after T-series passed PewDiePie, AGAIN!

  • It's over T Series won they just hit 300000 ahead I'm very sad but please keep making videos


  • T-series is now leading. No one is helping Pewdiepie. Where is MrBeast??

  • There is some troubles with Russian subtitles but dat video still cool

  • WW3? Like i wonder if this is gonna be in the history books in the future¿?

  • Кто русский?

  • Nyc bosss....any onek like me..

  • this can be the whole youtube rewind for 2019 just play this 2times and no one will hate on you youtube just fucking do it

  • Vevo

  • [\_/] |O.oI |>🎂| Stay Thicc T-series

  • I honestly didn't know you could make music ya know what im changing sides im with you now

  • Every body report and choose sexual content on t series new song

  • pewds flipped off the camera 6 times. good job.

  • Now that I think about it why didn't he just go to CS-tv music

  • 🖕🏼tseries

  • Wow 2:50 got sad

  • that was sarcastic

  • Turn on ASL in captions (0-0)

  • Let's get more views India released slowly sokey

  • Rất hay

  • I’m hungry

  • We all know that T-series use bots

  • 9D version where are u?

  • T-siries is te bitch like si sos de argentina

  • Congratulations Lasagna

  • My jaw hurts from the long-lasting drop. This is dope.

  • Pews: *Back at the top with congratulations* T-Series:Omae wa, mou shideru. Pewds:Nani?! *T-series is now #1 again, Press F to cry.*