Connecting a Capital: London's Thames Crossings

čas přidán 8. 08. 2018
We take a journey down the Thames and look at some of the most innovative and impressive crossings keeping London moving. For more by The B1M subscribe now -

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Images and footage courtesy of Google Earth, Dan Cortese, David Iliff, Joe Dunckley, Fred Mills, Lars Ploughmann and Tom Bayly.

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  • As a local, I can tell you that the Dartford Crossing has become FREAKING a nightmare. When the toll booths were removed and the road network entering the northbound tunnels was redesigned in 2014-16, it introduced a whole load of new issues. The major issue being that traffic joining from Junction 1A can no longer move over to join the right tunnel, forcing all joining traffic to join more traffic aiming to leave the A282/M25 at Junction 31 (which you can see at 12:30). It's an utter nightmare on the Dartford side as the traffic then usually affects the local area, including Dartford town centre, the A2 London-bound (M25 Jc2) to at least the Bean/Bluewater Shopping Centre junction regularly & A2 Coast-bound backing up to at least Crayford or Bexleyheath on a bad day, the M25 itself backing up to Jc3 or 4. On average this happens 2-4 times per working week, not including weekends. People working in Dartford town centre using cars, can expect taking between 30-70 minutes just to get out of the centre when this happens; sometimes even longer.

  • As an expat Kentish pensioner, I cried , when I thought about how often I had had the wonderful experience of crossing the Queen Elizabeth 11 brought back very many happy times......Thank you.

  • Watching from Bihar 🇮🇳

  • Holy shit. If this video taught me anything, it's that there are barely any bridges in that city

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  • It's GREAT that this video uses BOTH metric and normal measurements. It makes it MUCH more enjoyable to watch.

    • With metric you mean normal right?

  • Very good journalism. Keep the up the good work.

  • blackwall tnl anyone ????

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  • How did you miss the black wall??? Tunnel???? Egut

  • How can they solve the turbidity of the river Thames?

  • I lived in London and it's wonderful place.

  • Those bridges are remarkable structures

  • London is a old city

  • Here a river ferry service would be needed. With electric motors and lithium batteries to avoid pollution. (round trip) between Paris and London.

  • A shame the water is a poo-brown color.

  • b1m wishes they used timber

  • As a car user apart from Dartford crossing 90% london traffic flows Blackwall tunnel and rotherhithe tunnel(only cars,motorbikes) old routes sure u can make a video covering all the rest of bridges and tunnels.

  • #EpicJourneyLiving : Excellent video!

  • Awesome docu series./

  • What an excellent video. I have never learned so much while being entertained. Many thanks.

  • Black wall tunnel???

  • All that 18th and 19th century bridges were constructed with looted money from other countries they were ruling and behind these traceable facts they call themselves as champions of modern civilization. Devastation was the only word to explain their rule which costed innocent lives with hunger and extreme poverty .

  • walk

  • these bridges are older than my whole country

  • Very interesting video!

  • Why do people drive backwards in Paris?

  • Shocked the rotherhithe tunnel wasn't mentioned

  • I'm not racist but yes, A city that made up looting almost half world's country

  • The first clip was played in reverse. Am I the only one who noticed this?

  • Its 4am in the uk heatwave and im watching a vid about bridges, what has my life become?

  • Fascinating. I would love to see a similar video of the bridges and tunnels crossing the Bosphorus and Dardanelles in Turkey. There are more than 6 intercontinental crossings there and since the straits are much wider many of them hold different world records. The Sultan Selim Bridge has the highest towers for a bridge in the world while the newly constructed Dardanelles crossing is the longest cable bridge in the world and the Marmaray crossing under the Bosphorus is the deepest underground tunnel under water in the world. I hope you can create a video on these as well someday.

  • Phenomenal how London is so connected in such a wonderful way. Thank You for the video.

  • That B1M addiction phase creeps up on you

  • forgot rotherhithe tunnel.


  • UK 🇬🇧 is a country who looted $50 Trillions from India 🇮🇳 & made economy of $3 Trillian.. 🤣 😂 😂 🤣

  • Buzz Killington would love this video

  • what about the Woolwich foot tunnel????

  • ty nice presentation ...hi from Canada

  • Maybe more bridges and tunnels to be built that London needs.

  • You forgot Rotherithe tunnel

  • @B1M, keep up the great work. I love your programmes!

  • Noticed a brief shot of the new Queensferry Crossing just outside of Edinburgh at the start of the video. It would be awesome if B1M could do a video about the 3 iconic bridges crossing the Firth of Forth between Fife and Edinburgh!

  • Woolwich Ferry and Foot Tunnel???

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  • I'll learn there. I must much more know about its country. Wish the welfare and happiness always come together wherever i stand. Ameen 🌐🇬🇧❤️

  • The music is always so good! Where do you find it?

  • Very good video i really enjoyed it. The music simply perfect.

  • what is the name of music which plays from 11:05 onwards?

  • What music was in this video, I really like it

  • 0:23 0:24


  • I from India have a strong wish to visit London.

  • London Bridge is falling down 有只雀儿掉下水

  • 那些取名的真的很靠.....感觉和文学 泰晤士河

  • Wow you made a video about london's bridges and failed to include the oldest and most historically relevant bridge of the city, London Bridge.

  • It’s a pity you couldn’t have included the Garden Bridge.

  • dartford crossing was supposed to become free of charge after it was completely paid for by the initial charge. didn't happen. who would have thought that!

  • Londons bridges need investment. Hammersmith bridge is now closed to traffic and pedestrians because it is falling apart. They need to add pedestrian paths to Battersea railway bridge too!

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  • idk why this is in my recommendations but this is actually really cool 😀⁉️ ok guess i know what i'm binging tonight

  • Well, what I hate about Thames Crossings is that I live in Greenwich and I find my way around cycling. If I want to go to Canary Wharf (where I work) I would have to cycle to Greenwich foot tunnel, dismount my bike, walk, and cycle towards Canary Wharf. But, as sometimes the foot tunnel is closed I have to go all the way to Tower Bridge to cross with my bike. What the hell is that? That is like 12 miles more than I was supposed to cycle?

  • very good video,thanks

  • London very congested

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  • You let cyclist get off his bike for a tunnel, London? Not doing that in Antwerp Racing through like the tunnel is about to flood :D It's cold and stinky under the Scheldt

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  • This is so strange living in London and seeing the history of all these bridges you see all the time

  • very informative.keep up the good work i wonder how i can help you for your good work londoncture thames crossing is great piece of architecture

  • Guys, hear me out. Martians

  • What’s has happened to the new Thames tunnel have they started yet .

  • I can literally watch any video on this channel at any time. They are all perfection.

  • 9:36 - I live here, an that straw grass is now big buildings.

  • can you stop with that pretentious music

  • Great video. I live near them cable cars and still not been on them yet.

  • 'London Bridge, a much more humble structure' Sure maybe in it's current incarnation, but it's history is damn interesting.

  • Does anyone know the names of the composers of the music used? Thanks!

  • 2021 goal, to cross each of these tunnels/bridges. Half of them I’ve never heard of and have been living in London for 28 years [sighs]

  • The Emirates Air Line offers unique views of ... refuse processing plants.

  • Lots of crossings... except in East London. 7 miles of the River with barely a crossing. The Woolwich Ferry doesn't count as, since it's been "refurbished", it's only 1 ferry running, and seemingly, only if they have nothing else to do.

  • I thought that Tower Bridge was so-called because it has 2 towers. (Although it is also right next to the Tower of London.)

  • Which music sounds?

  • That poor river looks like pure sewage. 😕😕😕

    • It's looks greener / blacker when you're there yourself

  • The heavily utilized Dartford crossing- shows picture of huge traffic jam- yep looks about right.

  • Shame we never saw the garden bridge, that would have been amazing!

  • That’s what you get from imperialism! Wow such a great nation! Most of the bridges were built from blood money 💰

  • Great video but you missed out 4 river crossings. 1) The Rotherhithe Tunnel, 2) The 2 bores of the Blackwall Tunnel, 3) Although not a tunnel or bridge, the Woolich Ferry, 4) The Woolwich foot tunnel. There are also numerous tunnels for trains including the DLR tunnel at Greenwich.

  • Another 'Crossing' is the free Woolwich Ferry.

  • 5:22 is that someone base jumping off the crane on the left

  • ok it looks like I’ll have to go visit the UK again 🤣 I went to Greenwich twice and didn’t know about the tunnel....

  • Great video, even though you should have mentioned the London Bridge a bit more.


  • Super I am very very happy

  • How about Blackwall tunnel 😔

  • how about the hammersmith bridge? london's first suspension bridge

  • Didnt mension london bridge! It has the best history with all the different stages in history, and even the big arch in the middle that made it 'fall down'

  • Doesn't tower bridge get its name from the towers on it?