Conor McGregor reacts after his submission loss to Khabib at UFC 229,Tony-Conor is scared

čas přidán 7. 10. 2018
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Dana White on Khabib,
Khabib's team get arrested,
Dana White on Conor McGregor,
Tony Ferguson on scared Conor McGregor,
Khabib gets a call from Mr Putin,
Conor Wants a rematch,
And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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Outro Music
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  • Que mal ejemplo para los que practicamos este deporte hermozo parecian delicuentas que verguenza.

  • This will be a great rematch please make it happen

  • Danna all the time was with Connor that's the reason that he feels bad because khabib win..and makes Connor cry like a baby and drink his fucking racist words...good and bye bye fucking Connor.


  • McGregor if you wanna win stop to talk Shit .

  • We love you khabib from Philippines..Allah loves you.

  • khabib is the best😚😘😘😘

  • child raping Muslim have no place in western societies. in fact the animals should be murdered.

  • those rushian pussy's couldn't even knock out conor even when they weir hitting him from behind (chicken shit move) bunch of hypocrites, for me conor is still the champ and i hope the Kabib will have the courage to face mcgregor one more time

  • Conor is more a screamer then a extreme good fighter and honour. I liked it how he lost. Silly figure with to much punches against his head. If he would change his personality and take it more seriously, he could be a better fighter.

  • Khabib kicked his ass big time.


  • khabib 💪👊☝

  • It’s funny cause, I’m listening to the media guy talk about Kabib and what he did after he won, but if he were a Fighter (Media guy) in much patients would he have if someone kept “Talking Shit”. While he’s fighting,...idiot...Kabib show a lot of patients he only went to react after the match.....I would of done the same, and people talk about what they would do to someone else if they fought them, but when that person in your face ready to hit you or hurt you in real life, (fighting) Hopefully, you don’t turn into a kitten.

  • Conor didnt want to press charges... are you having a laugh you bias prick, conor threw the first punch

  • never seen again a match before. BUT man i was so glad see that MAN beat the crap out of that red clown. Like i watch a python strangle a poor red chicken that takes his last breath out.

  • Conor stupid bustard fucker pussy ???

  • Connar " It's only business " McGregor

  • animals

  • that British commentator needs to shut up....


  • A lot of love khabib from pakistan ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • When Conner threw chairs and broke windows on a bus it ok double standard.

  • Who’s cares about the money and get suspended!! Man dissed his religion and family. Khabibi you are our Habibi.. love from BANGLADESH 🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • Só sorry for you foolish McGregor.

  • McGregor will lost for Khabib again.

  • Like McGregor so you are a motherfuck you

  • The people from Irish talk too much

  • Where is the irishman?

  • Conor would benefit greatly from just a tiny bit of humility. And FUCK Dana white I'm sick of that piece of shit playing favorites.

  • Khabib is right, you don't talk sh!t and expect to get away with it. When a match is over i don't care if you are Conor's mother,father or even his priest you don't talk sh!t to Khabib who just smacked sense into Conor and expect that this wont happen. Stay quiet, accept the fact that your partner lost the fight and outside do whatever the hell you want. Instead you have all this crap going on because our little blonde copycat princess wouldn't take Conor's defeat without having a say and they expect an apology. Just like Khabib said, you don't talk about a persons Religion,Nation,Family, you want to fight, lets do it in the ring. I respect Khabib for this a lot. Conor is a show off, a good fighter but a show off who talks smack and his partner is a blonde copycat princess who expects he can get away with copying Conor. Bet my as.s off you didn't expect a knee in your face from Khabib Ms. Blonde Copycat Princess now did ya? I admit it was wrong for all the other people to jump in and hit Conor on the head, that was very cheap to have the balls to jump in the ring and hit a person who is out of stamina and breath. I think all the people who jumped in the ring and attacked Conor should be banned from the UFC and that blonde copycat princess who purposely started taunting Khabib, its called Verbal Abuse and its a crime and he should be banned from the UFC as well because he caused all this.

  • Conor: Don't come back cause as a fan I would not care who and where you fight, I have no interest in such a scum.... F U Conor dk head....Even I can beat your ass... or how about this try fighting a random person from the public and if you can beat him then i'll think about it...

  • conor its not ur home town to rematch again win is win khalass


  • 5:50 whats the song?

    • Stemm - Face The Pain

  • I want to sea a rematch and this time khabib will smash conor and break his #bad mouth and win with tko


  • fuck you......fuck your mother😂😂😂

    • give the belt to khabib you nut😈😈😈

  • 2 min silence for those who think Conor could defeat Khabib if there would a rematch!!

  • Khabib wrestled with bears when he was a kid. And that Irish lad was busy in watching Pokemon at that time!!

  • Dana is bullshit he has not given belt to khabeeb he is shit go to you dad and ask what he thought you lier and Conor is already dead he is no more a fighter the real champ is now khabib and Dana will never tell the truth as he is not the real man as he is dog a pet dog of Conor

  • Love khabib💕💕💕🐻🐻🐻🐻

  • Khabib is best wrestler of MMA Conor is loser

  • What song is this at the end ?

  • AllAh aapko salamat rakhe

  • Conner is a little punk ass... Talks shit and cant back it up...I hope he gets fucked up again...Pussy ass that he is... He is a joke of a fighter...

  • How can Michael Bisping sit there and go off on Khabib when his behaviour after he TKO:d Luke Rockhold for the title was beyond disgusting. Was mocking him constantly in the post fight. When Rockhold beat Bisping in their first fight Rockhold showed nothing but respect, but then Bisping goes and mocks him after beating him. Just fuck off from the sport alltogether Bisping.

  • Fuck you cornor

  • UFC double standardz

  • Love you bro khabib... I'm from Kashmir

  • My full respect to khabib!

  • Connor deserves death inside the octagon! UFC must empose punishments on that kind of insulting ANTICS and personal life attacks done by connor.

  • After watching Khabib spar with a bear as a kid I've got nothing but respect for him. If there is a rematch he'll probly knock Connor back to the other side of the rainbow

  • I wish somebody would beat the shit out of fat bald head ass hole Dana.


  • Khabib would certainly lose to nate diaz tho.

    • He'd ragdoll Nate's ass for 5 rounds.

  • I was a conor fan i think after that ps fight with floyd boring mayfeather he got lazy. Floyd fight was a fixed it should have been a wwe fight. For khabib damn another fight that look like it was fixed conor wasnt prepared at all. Even got hit by a sloppy right lol. I not buying conor fights anymore its bullshit. Tell me what you guys think

  • I am khabib fan

  • Khabib hero of the world 😘😘

  • 🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥🐔🐔🐔👎🏻

  • Conor, behave yourself first...

  • What was the name of the song of the outro? It reminded me of an old UFC game

  • For he being muslim i dont care but he being russian you do not mess with russian damm ..

  • Conor fan⚡🔥💟💕 indian.., Im Junior conor .i will bit u kabib

    • Indian and fighting😂😂 how you gonna beat Khabib? Maybe by hypnotize him with circle your head around for 2 minutes lol no disrespect!

  • That's what happened when u disrespect islam

  • Khabib is the best

  • Khabib is the best

  • Too bad Connor never learned to wrestle. His upright fighting style and wide stance make him vulnerable to takedown. I am talking about real wrestling. Not Judo. Not Jui jitsu. These are great sports but these are not wrestling.

  • Finally khabib made conor a “chicken khabab” . And He put Conor to a “corner”now .

  • I love khabib

  • 🤴🤴🤴

  • Conor dont go again habeeb will kill you

  • Fuck conor's cuntry

  • Fuck conor

  • Fuck conor fans

  • conor Major is a real mother fucker Son of a bitch I want to fuck his family

  • Love you khabib

  • Wow Dana is trying too hard to make Conor looks like the poor victim here!! the reason that prick didn't press charges to protect his image and play the victim card Duh not because he is nice!! he flew an entire friggin gang to attack khabib and other wrestlers and he got away with it

  • Conor is nothing but a shit talking little bitch. That's why he'll never be the best. No matter how hard he works towards it.

  • Dana motherfucker you are a Bastard of Donald Trump.. You are from prostitute family bastard..

  • because conor wasn't a warrior now ,he just fight for money and famous , but khabib fight to defeat or kill conor,so he was really scared on this moment ,he know khabib was angry and crazy at this time,and he knew maybe he will die if he didn't surrender for the strip

  • Khabib is number 1⃣

  • Conor is the most arrogant and misbehave/insulted all the time... Instead of shouting, Conor had to prove his skill in the match.... He was just blabbering like a kid.. when match started Khabib didn't give him a single chance to hit back... It was a stunning performance by Khabib and he deserve the championship ... Love you Khabib.. I'm a die hard fan of Khabib from India....

  • Dünyayı türk korkusu alacak.kokrudan İrlandalılar altına sıçacak. . NE MUTLU TÜRK'ÜM DİYENE NE MUTLU HAK YOL İSLAM DİYENE

  • Ma shaa allah! All muslims from Philippines proud of you Khabib!

  • Khabeeb ìs power man

  • cry fucking Americans :p

  • at 6:52 Lol hahahaha

  • The most boring fight I've ever seen.

  • Sorry

  • Khabib smash your boy.Khabib smash Conor Mc.Gregor.Smash.😤😤😤😂😂😂

  • Dana white is a super motherfucker his mom said that he slept with his wifes sister, so he stupid fat and racist And he looks like a pig

  • Khabib will definitely lose if Conor gets his rematch... This time Conor will K.O Khabib for sure..

    • I think u knew it that khabib gonna lose this time 😁

    • N Conor will punch you in ur face. #sting ray

    • Stfup you pussy......10 out of 10 times Khabib will win. And Conor does not deserve a rematch. The fight was a one sided beat down.


  • Conor will fuck him up in rematch foook dagestani smelly kebab

    • Conor couldn't do shit in his first fight. What makes you think the second fight is going to be any different??

    • Shut the fuck up inbred. Go fuck your cousin or something.

  • Goes to show other countries is not as civilised as America

  • McGregor doesn't want a re-match. "Good knock" my ass.

  • All the talk is you dillion. Hiding behind his glasses ahhhahahahah fake gay talk

  • all the world loves khabib

  • He's mad because connor lost,, hahahahahahaha