Converting a Van With No Experience - Start to Finish Timelapse

čas přidán 22. 03. 2023
In 2021 I decided to get myself an old Mercedes Sprinter to convert it into my own tiny home on wheels ready to live off-grid. I have no experience in DIY projects, but I have a big passion for traveling and building stuff, and a van seemed like the perfect combination of both. Join me as I build this van and learn anything from woodworking, electricity and even plumbing. Can't wait for van life!

Watch the full van build series here: • The Van Build

0:00 Intro
0:16 Cleaning the van
3:02 Building the structure
4:12 Swivel seat
6:19 Roof vent
8:14 Headliner shelf
10:20 Insulation
12:39 Wheel well covers
13:17 Vinyl flooring
14:16 Rear doors storage
16:02 Building the walls
17:24 Cabinet frames
17:58 Kitchen counter
20:49 Building a counter top
24:26 Painting the van
24:52 Electricity & Plumbing
25:17 Shower
28:19 Batteries' cabinet
29:44 Bed
31:42 Ceiling
33:57 Final Reveal

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This series was inspired by the incredible work of @WabiSabE


  • I have to say that I'm a bit skeptical about your never having built anything before. The angles being cut, high end tools being used, and methods like countersinking, using pocket holes, and predrilling elude to some experience working with wood. I base this on my years of home improvement projects, crafting, and building while still not being able to make my 45's line up perfectly or cut a straight line freehand lol. Either way, love the video and you did a great job!

    • ​@Bernardo Bacalhau W

    • @Patrice Lockert Anthony LOL YES! I really shouldn't type so fast. I was so excited by everything this person achieved though - he's clearly naturally talented, but you could see how he'd learned as he went along, and I was so inspired!

    • @Paula Unger One correction, @PaulaUnger. "And I see no reason to believe this was your first time -..." Based on the rest of your post; I think you meant to say, "And I see no reason NOT to believe this was your first time..." Is that right?

    • He actually measured the diagonals of the hole in the roof in order to check if it was square. Definitely experienced.

  • As beautiful as this van build is (and it is stunning!), I'd like to comment on how good your video editing, camera work, music selection and narration is. I found this whole video, so enjoyable to watch. Well done all around!

    • @Md Mehedi hose hook up to potable water tank. Via house hose/serviced camp grounds/ gas station exterior taps. Or portable water jugs kept inside the van.

    • @Cynthia Preston 😂

    • Agreed. Great editing. Amazingly awesome playlist.

    • 100% agree! so much fun to watch.

    • But how water comes in the van

  • This must be the best 35 minutes I've spent on the Internet this year. It is incredibly entertaining to watch the whole process of building the van itself, but combined with your videography skills and literally showing your ideas becoming a reality, it's incredible. Thank you so much for sharing the whole process with us Bernardo! Enjoy your van ;)

    • I was thinking the same exact thing the best 35 minutes of this year fasho.

    • Bro watch horgasm a love story

  • I really have to say. I saw a ton of van conversion videos before but YOURS was one of the best filmed, edited and enjoable videos i have ever seen :)

  • this is amazing!! probably the best van build video i have seen so far! the design, the overall skills on both building and editing, your perseverance, and even the genuine joy you express every time you make something. tbh i didn't want the video to end i feel like i could watch you do stuff for hours! more power to you and thanks for taking us with you on your journey to make this :)

  • I have never enjoyed a van conversion video so much. You’re a skilled videographer! Loved the music and everything. The van looks so good!!!!!

  • Dude this is soo cool and incredibly well made. All the shots, timelapses and stopmotions were so dope! Can't wait to see more

    • For a first timer,impressive work!!great skills,I’d love you to do our Sprinter someday.You’re amazing.

    • Like a house

    • Thanks man! Let's go on a roadtrip!

  • Not only did you build a beautiful home, you included everyone along the way in an amazing editing style with music and narration, absolutely incredible!

    • ↗️⬆️Áṕṕŕéćíáté your love Fam!!Thanks for watching 🎉 Telegram me above to claim your prize.

  • I put together all of my IKEA furniture in my apartment and thought I was a pro carpenter. Ego back in check, this is next level!

    • ↗️⬆️Áṕṕŕéćíáté your love Fam!!Thanks for watching 🎉 Telegram me above to claim your prize.

  • Wow! It’s definitely one of the most amazing van build videos I’ve seen, it didn’t get boring for a minute! Super impressed with the results as well! And that you made your own countertop!? - WOW!!! Must feel good that it’s all done. Well done!!! 🎉 Definitely a new subscriber here!

  • The way this was filmed was amazing! This is the first van conversion video that I didn't need to skip forward on because it was so relaxing and enjoyable to watch.

  • Wow, your attention to detail is amazing! Both in the actual build AND in your filming. The production value for both is so high, it's very impressive. Well done on finishing the van. I hope you have many happy memories in it.

  • Amazing! I’ve been following this project since the begging and I’m so happy about how it turned out! Can’t wait for you to take us with on your van adventures! 👏

  • So this man is saying he has NEVER build anything in his life, yet he is making it look so easy! Also the cuts are so smooth and the music is so groovy! Such a nice video to watch. Good job on all of your hard work! 😊❤

    • I’m also very sceptical. As someone who has been doing carpentry and joinery for 10 years, he is definitely not a beginner. It’s the little things like the tools he’s using and the fact he knew to pilot drill the holes etc which is a giveaway to me. And his jigsaw cuts are very smooth. And for someone who has “never made anything in their life” there certainly have a large variety of specialist tools.

    • I actually don't believe him, but I did enjoy the video. 😄

  • the attention to detail and effort in this whole video is amazing! the van looks fantastic and the video editing is great too. I was constantly smiling watching this video and kudos to you're perseverance :))

  • I loved every minute of it, your genuine excitement throughout the process and the discovery was very inspiring. Hope it brings you many adventures man. Good vibes bro

  • Love your van build! The exterior color is gorgeous. Making your butcher block countertop from palettes was amazing! I didn’t see any foam or insulation go on the floors before the subfloor went down, which probably isn’t a big issue unless you plan to travel in cold climates. Wonderful video all around with great music! 👍

    • ⬆️⬆️Áṕṕŕéćíáté your love Fam!!Thanks for watching 🎉 Telegram me above to claim your prize.

  • The pure joy on his face after successfully building his Ideas , the editing and music choices ... everything is so wholesome about this video ! I hope he's having the time of his life on This VAN !!

  • I have been watching this from the beginning. It was so cool for us to watch but since a beginer to build a van and vlog at the same time, i could imagine how tough it was for you. But you managed to get on with it and finally built the masterpiece. I could not wait to see your journey on road trips on this van. You are an amazing vlogger 👏. The camera angles and the content of the vlog and your talk, everything is clear and soothing to listen and watch. Thank you bernardo.

  • This time-lapse and build was absolutely stunning. You did an amazing job.

  • words cant describe how dedicated you are and how amazing this video is, deserves more attention to say the least

  • Can’t imagine how nice it must have felt when you were done, you literally built your own little home!

  • Absolutely incredible editing and time-lapse! me and my boyfriend have decided we want to do this too but we're in the same spot, I have some slight building experience but this is so helpful to see the things to look out for and where to go from, well done dude!!

  • This cinematography and editing is among the best i've seen so far, damn!! I know this take ages to do haha, but every shot is so perfect and detailed (synced to the music etc). Oh yeah, nice van btw ;)

  • It's just incredible to see how the Van turned out as I was seeing this transformation from the very beginning! Can't wait to see future uploads with the Van, I'm just amazed to see how well you were able to utilize the Van's entire space. Your very talented!

  • This is beautiful and it's an inspiration as a starting out builder. You got a huge amount of tools in the two years, it'd be really interesting if you went through them and what you thought of each(was it necessary? Why did you need it and what did you like about it? What difficulties you had?) Many videos about tools out there from experienced workers, but I'd love to hear from someone who did great work but was also starting from zero

  • I binged watched the entire van build series. My conclusion a beautiful, well thought out van build from scratch. Your attention to detail was spot on. I think your favorite tool is the jigsaw, it is mine as well. The fact you started out with limited knowledge and tools is inspiring. I want to also address the videography, your style reminds me of the channel Wabi Sabi, your music choices, the stop motion, angles and editing are phenomenal. Enjoy your beautiful van, the freedom you have following your passion.

  • This van looks so nice and cozy to live in. The music selection, the narration and that camera filming is so NOICE, cannot believe it man!

  • It was an incredible pleasure to watch such a transformation from a tin to a van. You told a very interesting story, you edited the film very well, it didn't get too long and I didn't get bored, and I enjoyed watching it for just over half an hour. This is a very different interesting opposition to other timelapses. You used unconventional and cool construction solutions, you are also very lucky that you had the right tools and machines. I wish you pleasant moments in the van, interesting journeys and a lot of great impressions.

  • For your first time? I can’t believe you, because you did such an awesome job bro. Love it. You really put your mind to it sir and the assist from your lady. Safe travels.

  • Hi Bernardo! I discovered your channel during the covid lockdowns and have been following your videos from sometime just before you started the build. I've been following your journey on the van since then and i can't believe you've pulled this off majorly on your own. This series motivates me a lot and I'm very happy for you that you made this dream of yours come true. Glad you completed it! Can't wait to see more videos on the road with the van! Goodluck!

    • "This is a beautiful day outside and So I am going to put a hole on the van"😢😢😢😢

  • Dude , this video was a delight . Idk but i feel so proud and emotional that you were able to achieve these feats in life and be able to do things for yourself . I see myself at your place within a year or two , i have a build in my bucket too ; ) . Cheers mate .

  • I dont normally comment on videos but this turned out amazing! I always love these projects and it makes me always so excited for no reason but this one really looks amazing tbh

  • Woa! You’ve seriously never built anything before?! This is perfection and such cool video editing. Your excitement and happiness makes me want to get started on mine even more Congrats!!!

  • Most impressive build I've ever seen. You can tell this man put his soul into making this van. A true perfectionist, not like those people that say they are perfectionists but are just lazy people. A true artist, congratulations man.

  • Que projeto fantástico você concretizou, meu caro! Sua vã foi muito bem construída e aposto que a experiência de fazê-la agregou muito na sua vida em geral. Embarcar em uma jornada dessas não é apenas sobre adquirir e exercitar uma habilidade nova, mas sobre como ela permite transformar o mundo a sua volta intencionalmente, pondo o tempo que temos nessa existência em bom uso. Ah, claro, sua edição e direção de vídeo é fora de série também! Tudo parece ter sido meticulosamente pensado para compor uma obra que representa não só um registro de seu esforço durante esses 18 meses, mas uma carta de amor para esse capítulo de sua vida. Meus parabéns e obrigado por inspirar pessoas na Internet como você faz!

  • Watching this entire amazing van build journey was pleasing Had to wait for a long time but it was worth it ❤❤

  • I loved all of the camera shots, music selections , stop motion, and all of the editing in general, and in the end, the van turned out incredibly amazing. Bravo! 👏👏

  • i have to say i normally skip through these kinds of videos but you made each section engaging and the whole video was organised and cinematographically amazing. i know those moving timelapses are insane to set up and require moving the tripod for every 'shot' of that timelapse. great pov/perspective shots, incredible integration of music. i mean sheesh you must have a film or photography degree.

  • Para além de o vídeo estar SUUPER bem editado e eu nunca me ter sentido aborrecida, o trabalho ficou incrível. Parabéns!

  • Wow, man! Massive congratulations to you on building such a beautiful van, and shooting a really enjoyable and satisfying video on it along the way! I'm very jealous now, not only of your van but also your ability to just get stuff done! Excellent content.

  • Hey Bernardo, Awesome build you made there. It‘s looking really nice. But actually I am impressed of your filming and editing style, too. I love it how you are telling the story and how you use unique filming and transitions paired with the music to really immerse the viewer into your story.

  • Amazing Bernardo ! It’s looks so beautiful the conversion ! And you’re videography skills never cease to amaze me . Can you share some tips of your process to find the perfect second hand van to buy ? I’m looking for one too and would love to see that kind of content from you , if you don’t mind :)

  • That is so well done, so much effort and love for detail! It really was your first time doing this? How long was the planning and learning how to do things period? This work is really impressive

  • I have to say, this might be the best van build I have ever seen! And I’ve watched a lot of them😄 Amazing work! Definitely inspired me!

  • Honestly this has to be the best video I've ever seen, perfect edit, amazing music choice for this video 🔥 Not even for a second I was bored. Keep up the great content ♥️

  • how do you just suddenly realize you're talented at so many things what. like the video editing, camerawork, and the skills needed for the van conversion??? damn

  • Excellent 🎥 and build. I soooo remember that elated feeling you had when you build the drawers. It’s such an amazing feeling to have built something for the first time and be so proud in it. Happy adventures.

  • Incrível! A tua perseverança e vontade de experimentar coisas novas são inspiradoras, obrigada por partilhares connosco desta forma tão natural e poética. És um narrador de histórias nato, que maravilha :)

  • An absolutely amazing build! And of course the filmmaking, too. I'm wondering how has the clean plywood build held up so far now that you've lived in it, seeing as you didn't lacqueur most surfaces and it can get pretty moist in the van from time to time...?

    • @Bernardo Bacalhau aah! That's what I was wondering if you just didn't show because the final result does look like it's lacquered🤓👏🏼👏🏼

    • Good question, in fact I applied two layers of clear coat varnish to all exposed wood - not only that, all the plywood is marine rated, I just didn't have enough time to show all those details in the film. But so far it's holding up well, it's pretty much water proof.

  • Honestly dude, this was so cool to watch! You have such a cool vibe, and a lot of skill as well! I hope you enjoyed building it and make great memories in this gorgeous van!

  • Your editing and camera work are next level!! Amazing work!

  • Your editing on this is gorgeous and so amazing! And the van turned out great!! Love this video!! 😊

  • Not only is your handy skills impressive, but the video editing and positioning is SENSATIONAL! I can only imagine how much work went into all this. Thank you for making this video extremely entertaining!

  • Incredible work man,If mine looks half as good as yours I'll be happy! Hoping it will take also less than half the time 😂

  • That was just excellent. One of the best van builds I’ve watched. Well done!

  • loved this video! you did so awesome and you look so proud of your build every step of the way ☺️! so inspirational!

  • Be proud. That is a lot of work and talent to do something like that! To pull that off with that level of professional work all while filming an aesthetic freakin vlog is amazing! Keep up the good work.

  • I love to watch van builds, but usually they're not super fun to watch. With your energy enthusiasm, camera skill, editing skill, and just everything you do makes your video super enjoyable! When I saw you only have 165 k (I think) I was super surprised. You deserve so much more! Keep up the great work and I'm sure you'll get there, I wish you the best of luck

  • For never having done anything like that before all I can say is wow! You have a natural talent for building things. That thing is beautiful. Everything about it. And I love the color of the van itself.

  • I'd be quite interested in the difference in weight and how it feels to drive with the extra weight.

  • love the video and the editing skills are beautiful, the thing that surprised me most is that you dont use gloves when handling wood or when using any of the machines! the fact that you didnt injure yourself was by far most impressive.

  • I've been following you from the beginning. I enjoyed it a lot. Truly appreciate your hard work. Thanks for sharing with us

  • You’ve just made me want to convert a van myself even more in the next couple years!!! Fantastic video man, have a beautiful life on the road 🌴

  • Okay, but now i am in love with this man. Just the way he did all of this stuff, the way video was filmed and edited , the way he act and speak. I'm obsessed.

  • Excelente Bernardo! Grande projecto, grande boa vibe e grandes skills que ganhaste! O vídeo está brutalmente produzido! Parabéns e se vieres ao Algarve... avisa!

  • Hey man! Amazing build, even more so considering it's your first one. Just a tip, I'm getting anxious just thinking about the fact that the countertop for the kitchen and the wood underneath it that makes up the cabinets have no finish on. You should probably consider getting something food-safe for it, but that can protect it from moisture and keep it in the best condition!

  • The vibe that u give out is rly calming and sincere, love it! Rly surprised by the outcome!!! Pls do more!

  • I love the video editing and the sound design you really did a fantasitic job. The build is lovely aswell!

  • Dude everything about this was perfect. You did an absolutely amazing job!

  • I flipping love the editing, video recording style thing, narration, music choises and the final project is amazing

  • YOU DID IT MAN👍 good job 👌 look forward to the videos of your journeys by this van 🤞

  • Wow this is such a phenomenal build, i love what you've done with van.

  • This video is amazing. The van looks amazing the editing looks amazing and the fact that he’s never built anything apart from this in his life is amazing

  • nice build man !! really liked the style of simply making a notch in the wood for the handles !! AND THAT COUNTER TOP !!! WOW !!! enjoy your hard work !!

  • You are amazing, this is never your first makeover! The van turned out great. Your video editing was amazing, just fun to watch. Keep it up!

  • Not only did you craft a home in a van, you also made one of the most satisfying vids to watch. Nice Work I'm truly impressed

  • Pleased to listen to his long missed voice

  • wow! Seeing this makes me want to build a van SO BAD! For now it’s just a dream, but after this video, a little closer to reality. I hope you have the time of your life with this van :)

  • 18 MONTHS??? Nah dude this guy is a legend he took extra time out off this project just to record it for our entertainment W mans

  • The amount of effort and energy you put in this is insane..

  • You are inspiring. This is something I wouldn’t even try to do on my own.

  • Que coisa mais lindaaa!❤️ Apaixonada no vídeo do início ao fim. Parabéns!! Você poderia dizer quanto ficou o custo final do projeto?

  • Nice

  • What a amazing build and so inspiring to see your craftsmanship. I would love to do the same but I would get stuck 5 min in with a panic attack.

  • The video is so well made, damn I would just watch this because the editing and camera work is very good

  • just want to say love your editing sm it got even me to stay interested for 30+ mins thats impressive only my fave youtubers and videos about my special interests also the van looks so pretty

  • This was so authentic and you didn't sugar coat timing or anything. Plus your video videography skills are phenomenal 👏

  • I rarely leave a message but this video is awesome. Gracefully filmed and have the main steps covered. Love it ❤😮so much

  • That countertop made out of pallets is beautiful! You've inspired me to make my own!

  • This is absolutely stunning. Your woodwork skills are amazing. Really want to build a camper one day but that will take some beating 😂

  • Elevated soul! This is amazing! … I love the way you do this! You make EVERYONE of us feel we can MAKE OUR DREAMS come true! THANK YOU!

  • This is amazing! From the van, to the shots, to the editing. A beautiful documentary :)

    • ↗️⬆️Áṕṕŕéćíáté your love Fam!!Thanks for watching 🎉 Telegram me above to claim your prize.

  • I love how the more stressful things get, the more you smile and dance. That's a really rare gift to be able to greet life's challenges with a laughing spirit, and so healthy physiologically (you nip cortisol surges in the bud).

    • @Bernardo Bacalhau You're inspiring!

    • Thank you for your words, it means a lot 🙏

  • Not only did you do an amazing job on the van (you must've learned a lot of skills along the way, I know the video makes it look easier haha), the video is so well done! Very enjoyable to watch :) New subscriber here!

  • Bernardo, the build is absolutely beautiful! I love how well-thought and utilized the space is; really did a fantastic job. But what makes this video stand apart from other build videos I've seen is the incredible video editing, cinematography, and audio engineering that went into this. Absolutely one of my favourite videos I've watched in recent memory. Awesome work and I look forward to more!👍

  • Hi Bernardo, great video! loved it! If it`s not a secret, how much the build cost you, like materials etc? excluding the tools you had to buy for this build. Thanks!

  • Love your honest comment, you actually made me burst out loud in laughter. "This video is a lie, it took me three days". How many vanlifers/builders admit that! Love the design and you have great videoing, narration and editing skills. 🤗🇨🇦

  • You are a talented man. I cannot believe that you bought all those tools planers star guards corner ring bright brackets pole stabilizers with pads jigsaws routers and learned how to do all that just doing this van. I am impressed. I wish you had been around when I owned my own company. You would've been the foreman. Such a great job.

  • Great project and beautifully done. Weird question, you used trigger actuated props several times in the video and I wondered if you could post the brand and model number? Or even where you got them? I’ve been looking for something like them for ages.