Coronavirus in China: people of Hubei province treated as outcasts

čas přidán
With more than 2400 deaths and 77000 infections, the coronavirus epidemic has been tormenting China for over a month. And because it all started in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei, the province's people have since been the target of the hysteria that has taken over the country. They are now pariahs whether or not they have set foot in the region since the beginning of the outbreak. In some places, they are even tracked - leading them to sleep on the streets or be fired by their employers. Our correspondents Antoine Védeilhé, Angélique Forget, Charlie Wang and Charles Pellegrin report.
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  • Westerners just love to criticize is their country.., they make the rules... unlike the liberal Americans... they enforce them....for better or worse... the Aztecs would have been cutting their hearts out on a temple top.....the great Khan would have burned them in a pile.....the Catholic Church ? they would have burned a few thousand Witches and blamed it on the Millennials need to get a grip on reality.... Mommy did not spank you and Daddy did not yell at you and the School failed to be strict and authoritarian... so here you are... questioning every bit of decisive Authority in action. Worry about France and stop being like liberals in the US .. who cannot even manage their own Health Care System but see fault in China’s... look to your own Sins....jealousy will get you no where.

  • In italy now we have more than 2000 cases help us our health system can't contain so much people we are going to die without support from other nations

  • ‏فايروس كورونا درس لكل دوله بتستهتر بالواجبات المترتبه عليها لشعبها والاولويه لحقوق الشعب بالمرتبه الاولى الفساد وعدم الرقابه والجبايه من جيبة المواطنين والكذب عالشعب هم سبب فيروس كورونا

  • Well, we Uyghurs have been treated much worse discriminations and ostracized for decades. Now with the virus, some Chinese will feel the pain of the Uyghurs? One can only hope.

    • Is it true Ughurs are related to turkish ?

  • Heartless and... stupid.

  • Your country will soon have a virus too! Democratic westerners, I want to see how friendly and democratic you are with infected patients? I want to see if your doctor will come to wuhan from different provinces to help patients like our Chinese doctors! Now that China has controlled the epidemic, we are the safest country in the world! Good luck!

    • It effects only chinese

  • Just sad..

  • Wow. They. Can't. Even go. Back. To. Wuhan if. They wanted. To. That. Field. Cleaner. Had. The. Nerve. To. Say. That. All he wants to. Do. Is. Clean the. Streets. But. Can't. Cuz. There's. People. Sleeping. All over. Someone. With. Blankets. And. Others. With. Nothing. I wonder why.some. Have. Nothing. To. Sleep. With. Cuz. They. Can't. Go. Home. And. Can't. Even go. Stay. At a. Hotel. That's. Sad. They. Would. Never. Do. That. Here. In. The. United. States. People. Here at. Least. Have. Rights. As. A. Human. Being.

  • And when the virus came to France, I'd like to see how France gov, officials and medics handle the situation. LOL

  • So sad they even discriminate their own citizens

  • This is heartless ! The government must have places and food to help these people . Leave them out of the society ? Soon or later, they will rebel against the authorities of China

  • hm this is sad..if you are not ill you should have the rights to work to sleep in hotel doesn.t matter where you from !!!this is discrimination...very tragic hm hm so the ccp is in panic...

  • China is living in 1984 George Orwell

  • Good...Extinct Wuhan people

  • Y you people are dumb

  • Then why do countries raise travel restriction against chain and South Korea? Same reaction brought in two different way . I don't see any difference between two incidents. Whole world is in fear , this reactions are normal . Virus don't care about race and religion . As a human we all need to support those countries who infect and struggling not bringing Criticism and letting down them. Media should report thing in more analytical way in this critical period .

  • Welcome to China ! We discriminate against Africans, Tibetans, Caucasians, Uyghurs, and All of Hubei Province. Enjoy your stay. 😧

  • This is awful. Why not put them under quarantine instead and once cleared issue a certificate or something?

    • TravelerPat Hubei province has the population of size of Italy, that’s the problem() pat

    • Everything's a lie at this point

    • Why does US has only 50 per day testing capacity. China has 50, 000 per day.

  • China says the world is racist against then . Is the CCP not racist?

    • @Al 72 obviously the Chinese government is more stupid and racist they're the ones that caused it the virus would have never happened if they were eating nasty shit

    • No. Is the US Government racist for allowing virus enter US mainland?

    • @HDsharp Why not put them under quarantine? If they are infected and you let them roam around, China is never gonna be able to contain the virus.

    • Thats a bit different, those people in wuhan fled wuhan and made the situation worse, so its not a race thing, is it...They're all of the same race anyway.

  • W H O = Worthless Health Organization

  • you're walking in the desert. you look down and see a man from Hubei. you reach down and flip the man on his back. the man lays on his back, his belly baking in the hot sun, beating his legs trying to turn himself over but he can't. not without your help. but you're not helping. why is that?

    • you have clearly demonstrated your lack of knowledge in the humanities and judging by your low level bathroom humor in your reply your IQ is a pittance.

    • Nautilee Wind Darling Stop sniffing yer own farts, they cause severe brain damage as it appears in yer case

  • Please don't discriminate the people... Just virus. If he is healthy, let him in.

    • They ain't taking no chances which is smart but they're still screwed

  • So Chinese People Are Racist Against Other Chinese. Hmmm

    • I think they were separate countries in ancient times . They basically had their european union 5000 years ago

    • @HDsharp Did you actually say that bs out loud!!!!?

    • @Al 72 ''I am European and i value my Native European brothers'' Because you're racist, most eurpeans are inherently racist.. Chinese are more fair, they're not preoccuppied with race, thats why the perception you see is they are cruel to each other.

    • Chinese are somewhat cruel to each other, it goes far back into history. None of the business of Europeans. I am European and i value my Native European brothers.

    • nope, because they're all chinese. Unlike people in the west not all asians are from china or have been to china, so thats racist.

  • Italy also banned travel in north towns. Please remember your comments today. Wish French ppl can enjoy healthy and free all the time! I do not appriciate the situation in the video, but I hope you can understand how panic and dangerous the virus is. God bless China. God bless French.

    • @Rick Morty yeah. god bless you. you are so kind.

    • @TravelerPat It is not perfect, just too many things to do. Doing 100% perfect will cost much more than 90%, but 90% will work good(not perfect). At this moment, 32k ppl get well and go home. 43k ppl are still at hospital, and this number is reduced at 2.5k per day. The virus is not that panic. but goverment needs to take action before it get widely spreaded.

    • @TravelerPat It will get much worse in the US. Worry about that. CoronaThanos.

    • Shocking that they just shun those people like that without providing help. At least put them under quarantine until cleared. If they really are infected, it would only make it worse to let them roam around like that. People at risk must be quarantined, not shunned and let go.

    • God bless Switzerland and Spain?

  • Hehe how great. The journalists used the clip that was posted on china social media a month ago as today's news. Shame on you

    • @COLIN CHEN 你知道什么是沙雕么?说的就是你 ,来啊 我在中国等你 来武汉火车站!来,别光说说,sb

    • @COLIN CHEN 我怕你?无知的垃圾!历史都不懂的垃圾!我会怕你这种文盲?

    • @COLIN CHEN 我在中国等你 !现在来 !脑残

    • @问心 廢話少說,帶槍見面. 尋找時間和地點

    • @COLIN CHEN 你果然是个垃圾!我在中国武汉等着你!臭不要脸的,别和我打汉字,你个sb,汉字不是你这种垃圾用的!

  • BIG BROTHER decides who eats and who starves . Who Lives. and who dies...

    • WOW...!! haven't heard that in a long time...!! it certainly fits right now...!

    • but bigger brother decides only the rich live in France/USA/Uk and the poor die.

    • Shocking that they just shun those people like that without providing help. At least put them under quarantine until cleared. If they really are infected, it would only make it worse to let them roam around like that. People at risk must be quarantined, not shunned. No wonder this epidemic got this bad. The people in authority have no common sense.

  • CRISPR genetic engineering changing the world

    • except CRISPR is never going to be permitted by the law

    • You may be right brilliant insight.

  • iran regime dont care about iranian people safety they want to bring corona virus intentionally to kill my people stand with my people

  • United States bans all Chinese travelers from entering the nation. Why is this journalist not reporting discrimination?

    • @horizon Such news reportings are discriminating indeed.

    • More like protection.

  • I went through a few discrimination cases in United States via EEOC first handedly. The news reporter is in error to call this discrimination. His accusation cannot stand legally. There is an epidemic inside Hubei, and these people are of the same ethnicity: Chinese.

    • China bad gets many likes 👍 CoronaThanos

  • This is the punishment for drinking ' Ye Ming Sha ' to cure your common cold. Dont believe in Chinese medicine using wild animal meat for making potions. Mother nature will punish all who eat things which are not meant to be eaten.

    • @Epikourios And 10% of population died from Spanish flu in 1918.

    • Humanity got here from a million years of hunter gathering, then on the adoption of domestication of livestock began to suffer epidemics as animals began to live within human settlements. As a response better hygiene practises were adopted. The problem is live animals in public markets, not the type of meat. A chicken clucking next to your veg stall, with some idiot along the street trying to sell pet squirrels is the problem - or perhaps your pets shitting in public parks. Not as you say punishment from mother nature for what you can afford to eat. In most western restaurants you will find raw dishes, game and poor hygiene. In halal grocers across European metropolis' you could probably find a home made abattoir out the back. Preach not unless is is scientifically constructive and anti - xenophobic.

  • I fully support the actions of Chinese people outside Hubei. For the last week, cases outside Hubei have dropped close to zero. The West does not wish China well. The West does not wish Chinese people, including the Chinese people living on Taiwan island , well. China should stand strong and trust common sense on the ground.

    • @Fulando Mcclarin Hahahaha! Yeah right. “高尚”和“高级”的美国人,吧呆湾黄皮耍成粉身碎骨。看看美国人当年如何让小印第安部落,打大印第安部落,然后把他们团灭了把。呆湾是一颗老鼠屎搅坏一锅粥。

    • @UV Gardener Taiwan not being a nation, doesn't mean anything. Taiwan signed a treaty with the United States. If China attacks Taiwan the united states will honor that treating which would trigger a nuclear war and then a nuclear winter.

    • @Fulando Mcclarin Throughout human history, Taiwan is never a nation. It never was, and it will never be.

    • That is not correct, Taiwan is autonomous but is governed by mainland China. They don't want to be ruled by mainland China. China cannot have Taiwan, China can never have Taiwan and if China do try to take Taiwan. It will mean the end to the world that we now know and the beginning....of Fire and Ice the Apocalypse.

    • @Fulando Mcclarin But Taiwan is still a province of China.

  • So you're saying that people from and thus likely have family and friends from, the epicenter of a lethal virus are being avoided?..... truly could these people want to avoid potential of getting the virus.... heartless I tell you...

    • Yeah, these people forget the basic principle of communism: One for all, all for one. If one gets the virus, everybody must get the virus too.

  • Go filming how is Italy dealing with the virus. It is an epidemy, do you know what carantine is???

  • Please stop eating bats, Sir!

  • I Don't Blane Them...I wouldn't any of them around me either.... !!!!!