Could You Pass the Bullet Ant Test? | National Geographic

čas přidán 20. 06. 2012
It's not much unlike sticking your hand into a nest of honeybees. It's a twist on a test of manhood in the Amazon jungle.
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Could You Pass the Bullet Ant Test? | National Geographic
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  • And i thought Coyote Peterson was build different.

  • Simply being born into this mental asylum planet is pain enough, thankyou. Those dudes just proved it.


  • umm no thanks

  • Title: "Could you pass the bullet ant test." I'll keep my answer short: *no.*

  • The western version of this is falling off a skyscraper for clout

  • Cyote Peterson couldn't handle one

  • Mha god

  • its ok.if i got sting. I just hate when there is something moving in my body.

  • I feel so bad like oml I wound dare go close to those I would be screaming and yelling and crying like a baby call me a cry baby idc I don’t wanna die

  • If being stung by a bullet ant has the same aftereffect as being stung by bees then after a few bites your body will develop immunity right?

  • And us in the more civilized world are worried about how our prom-night will be...

  • Why tho??? 💀

    • exactly what i said

  • I will do this to my son.

  • Why hasn't DCFS looked into this?🤔

  • I need boy friend

  • Seems unessesary

  • It was painful but I got past it....

  • 2:58 is that an egg

  • I could pass it easily. I mean pass away.

  • Seeing as the average person couldn't handle even one sting, they must slowly practice getting stung and developing an immunity/stronger tolerance to the pain over the years.

  • 3:40

  • coyote peterson has left the chat.

  • To quote my personal hero and mentor,Daffy Duck: "I may be a chicken, but I'm a *live* chicken!". My ex wife was deathly allergic to insect stings....i would hate to be that far out in the forest and not at least have an epi pen.

  • How does he know what a motor is?

  • I can pass this easily. I meant pass out

  • Yeah thats crazy, but i'm built different

  • Doesn’t your hand god num in a while or what?

  • they are not indian

  • Welp my hand is now numb

  • These Bullet Ant MUST be used on politicians and media personnel for spreading propaganda. Please comment.

  • This is how it feels to wear the infinity gauntlet

  • t w e n t y t i m e s

  • I think ill stay a boi

  • I guess you could say that the women born in this tribe... Dodged a bullet.

  • I'll pass out. That's still considered a pass?

  • Wow, true warriors. We should all appreciate our own cultures and cultivate similar practices in our transition to adulthood.

  • of course the girls and women don’t do it

  • I am fine being called A "LOSER"

  • That doesn't make sense what kind of warrior will fight ant in war that doesnt make sense

  • That’s nothing. Let me put you in a room with my ex who has BPD in one of her episodes.

  • These guys are super tough most would be on the ground from one sting they endured hundreds

  • After taking these stings, the boys can take on Thanos with their bare hands.

  • My population are stronk

  • Aren't most of the ants being half crushed/killed shoving them into the woven slots? Would it not be more of a challenge to place your hands inside a glove filled with fully alert/unharmed ants crawling around?

  • I can beat it cause I don't feel pain anywhere in my body it's kinda dangerous but I like like it

  • Part of you wants to believe that you could do this and be as stoic as these people, but be honest; you'd be screaming your lungs out in seconds.

  • I can do this I'm a real thug real g

    • It is like getting shot by a bullet 3000 times

  • Hold my gloves..

  • I would try it even tho I know it will be the most pain full thing ever

  • Imagine Thanos wearing bullet gloves instead of infinity gauntlet.. hahaha

  • Tribal people are really dumb

    • @Xyclops but its dumb

    • Its not dumb its just their beliefs

  • I saw a video on this a dude that did this for 14 mins with little to no reaction

  • When you realize these guys are tougher than coyote peterson

  • No

  • Eff that.

  • Did Joe Rogan Podcast bring you here?

  • I could easily pass, and when i mean pass, pass away

  • If you pass this test your a legend and a god. You are on another teir above everyone else if you do this

  • They do it 20 times but the reporter in the other video was screaming in pain before it began

  • U could pay me no amount to do that

  • Some guys are fine AF

  • Just watching this feels painful

  • Coyote Peterson could never... He was on the floor almost crying after bitten by only one xD

  • I'd rather take this test rather than my college exams

  • I hear that your hands will be black later

  • You probably came here from that other fire ant video with the thumbnail that looks like it was taken on a calculator. Don't worry, I did too

  • i watched this when i was 9 and it scarred me for life

  • Starving children in Africa could EAT those gloves

  • nope

  • เห็นพงกมึงก็ไม่เข้าละ ไอ่ดาวซินโดม

  • This is nothing compared to hitting a scooter on your ankle

  • Not as painful as not being able to crack open a cold one with the boys..

  • who else put this on their bucket list after learning about it?

  • I will cry like a little girl if 1 stings me

  • What if you started with the ant gloves, then when you got older ,the ant helmet , and finally the ant underwear

  • NO.

  • Coyote Peterson basically almost cried while being stung only once, I can't imagine how it is to be stung around a 100 times :| yikes

  • *Coyote Peterson has entered the chat*

  • old comments...

  • I wonder what’s in that _herbal solution_

  • I’d rather take an actual bullet in the forehead.

  • Yup this is how we do it in my house

  • Just chuck the inside of the gloves to a person

  • lol coyote peterson tho 1 bullet ant sting he goes insane but these people 100 and still dont cry.

  • Sou brasileiro gostamos de folha e agua

  • *_*coyote peterson has left the chat_**

  • Coyote Peterson: *is it possible to learn this power*

  • Well try getting a chisel and hitting the sciatic nerve on you leg, the nerve is exposed, now thats what type of pain i am use to, meaning that i am a amputee and every so often the neuroma flares up and its like hitting the nerve directly and every 5 seconds i have a massive burst of nerve pain,which is so bad that if i could i would really cut the end of my stump even more just to go under local anesthetic or general anesthetic, to knock me out that's how bad it is or even a epidural would help as well?


  • B I T E

  • "A true indian" smh. Disrespectful.

  • Even though it is painful, bullet ant venom isn't all that bad. It can cause severe pain, but it is only lethal is extreme doses or if there is an allergic reaction. I always wondered how these people didn't lose their hands, and it's simply because the venom isn't particularly harmful to tissue. Asian giant hornets on the other hand are a whole lot worse. Their sting isn't as painful, however it still causes more than enough pain. However what makes it worse is the fact that in can break down tissue leading to hemorrhaging on the sting area and necrosis. It can even cause hemorrhaging to your internal organs leading to death. Thus this initiation ritual isn't so bad when you realize that this many stings by a giant hornet would probably cause you to lose your hands, and would almost certainly kill you.

  • Coyote Peterson: "They stole my idea"

  • nah bro call me the tribe's girl i aint wearing that thing

  • Coyote Peterson gets stung once.....rolls around on the ground screaming. These dudes are like Chuck Norris level manliness.

    • I'm sure Coyote Peterson over does the pain drama for the camera and viewers. yes, it hurt but he also looks like he's exaggerating the pain for the camera. its like probably 70% drama...

  • Imagine wearing clothes filled with those ants and not just the hands ;-;

  • There was an American guy trying them gloves.... needles to say he lasted 5 seconds literally

  • It’s in reverse smh 🤦‍♂️

  • and here I am afraid of the common honeybee or yellowjacket flying near me