Could You Pass the Bullet Ant Test? | National Geographic

čas přidán 20. 06. 2012
It's not much unlike sticking your hand into a nest of honeybees. It's a twist on a test of manhood in the Amazon jungle.
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Could You Pass the Bullet Ant Test? | National Geographic
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  • take painkiller, then you're god yourself gloving in 2 hour.

  • 0:58 "and i will do it" *Mouth didn't move*

  • Only have to see hamish's reaction to know how tough these guys are

  • Idiots

  • Ouch is an understatement.

  • 200 minutes I’ll pass

  • That was pretty remarkable how the gloves were knit together

  • Hey guys welcome back to my channel! Today I'm going to be doing the Bullent Ant Challenge!

  • *CULTURAL ENRICHMENT!* Put your hand in the weaved glove bigot!

  • No social justice snowflakes here

  • Girls: Okay we love the patriarchy now!

  • Those mints (bullet ants included) are the perfect gift for my mother in law. Can I get'em in Amazon?

  • This isn't smart.

  • Pls subscirbe to my channel and ik subscribe to you too

  • It's an 11 hour ritual that last 10 minutes with the gloves on and 24 hours of pain, the numbers don't seem to add up.

  • Answer: no. I could not pass. My motto is No pain, no pain

  • How can they get stung by over 100 but coyote could barely take 1 sting🙄

  • Yup, this is exactly how it feels to be an adult ALL the time.

  • I think I'll stick to the usual tequila and love with a woman to prove my adulthood

  • Girl's locker room: ''Look at these new mittens I got!" "Awe, they're so cute!" Boy's locker room:

  • So basically people have been stupid since forever.

  • If this is required to enter manhood...sign me up for gender reassignment surgery.

  • Coyote peterson has left the group

  • Wildboyz anyone?

  • I respect rights of passage. You really feel a sense of accomplishment and development when you put yourself to extreme tests periodically. Though mine was excruciating and painful, only twice, it did take 18 months to heal from it. But I came out victorious and feel proud of myself for following through with it. I think more people these days need that right of passage stage(s) to help them get scope on a bigger world than themselves.

  • What there women don't nag them enough and cause them pain? They have to get stung by ants. The women better step up there game. 😄

  • Our kids aren't even allowed to play tag at recess.

  • lol, ridiculous savage culture

  • There's a reason this tribe is still around, still unconquered.

  • NO

  • Me at 12:00 am sleep is beep

  • Great use of time and energy.

  • Nonsense rituals fool people bluster

  • Gi butang unta na sa ilang otin tan awon natog maka agwanta ba na sila

  • In my community we become matured adults by holding a job, nowadays easier said than done.

  • Don’t scroll down bunch of dumb comments

  • Guess I’ll be gathering pumpkins with the women

  • top 10 autisms

  • Nothing compared to stepping on a Lego

  • what if the bullet ants were actually BULLETS WITH LEGS

  • count me out

  • I can easily pass this by wearing the gloves and passing out 😂😂😂

  • Thsts the dumbest thing ever.. Other cultures are stupid...

  • sounds like it was created by our present law officials. brainless and pointless. don't forget the budget. half the national debt on war a year. stupid is, stupid does.

  • No wonder they still live in mud huts.

  • Yall the real ogs

  • Coyote Peterson passed the test

  • Come on why 20? Needs to be 50 times

  • An they just hit the ants with that bill cosby brew first lol

  • Easy Just gotta put ant repellent on my hand first

  • A Bullet Ant sting for them is probably same a mosquito sting

  • Coyote Peterson should watch this

  • I would pass this Woops I meant pass out!

  • Self-injury?

  • Short answer... No, you could not!

  • similar to gang initiations. aND WE FROWN ON THOSE.

  • Yes

  • I can't even pass math test

  • brave wilderness ?

  • 2:08 Narrarator: "They're agony is unmistakable" Guy: *Wolf howl*