Court Cam: Man SPITS on Judge, Then Starts Jail Riot | A&E

čas přidán 7. 05. 2021
A defendant gets additional jail time for spitting on a judge, and then some more for starting a riot in jail in this clip from Season 3, Episode 7.

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  • Tune in to Court Cam, Wednesdays at 9/8c on A&E, and stay up to date on all of A&E's premieres at

    • Let a BLACK man spit in the judge face.... WHITE COPS would throw a spit hood on him and choke him out... yet they let ole mr white folks.. return to court again and again .. NO spit hood on... Even skkkum like him gets that white privilege!!

    • @Sheep Dog ll

    • Throw Away the key

    • This dude Webb seems like a good dude. Not a selfish loser at all

    • Do yall get a thrill out watching lives be put to torture These PEOPLE Need psychiatric help Take Ones life is awful but your putting in your anger to take another life away!!! Help people Forgive people WORK TOGETHER!!

  • he got screwed himself. he have to service 92 years he will dead in jail a way he stupid for split to jury when you in court it don’t joke with that because them can change their mind and give more sentence of years. was 25 today it 92 i think he can’t live longer that he will get out of jail he will dead in jail by mate kill him or kill himself or he still live in jail forever. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • All Media?! Oh no! I'M next... 😱

  • Bring Back Public Execution.

  • … so who was the third rat? 😟

  • Crazy fr

  • Wow they gave him a chance for PAROLE. And after only 25 yrs smh. Somebody will regret it if he's released on parole bcz he's obviously a danger to society. But he's so mentally twisted, when he meets with the parole board in 25 yrs they may reject his release. He should remain behind bars FOR LIFE & NEVER get out.

  • The most shocking part is he is still eligible for parole

  • Pig

  • He needs to be punished.

  • If he ever gets out there’s something seriously wrong with the system.

  • Absolute menace to society.

  • Free the homie he’s innocent he didn’t even do anything 😩😩😩🦾

  • The world dosnt need people like that ,,

  • He is a demon incarnated

  • I hope this POS never gets free.

  • Monster

  • He would've been killed if he spit on me!

  • His had tatto😁

  • He should write his own name on his head, and draw a line through it

  • Ok lp pool

  • WTF? Parole after 25 years? What? Serious? Send him to solitary confinement for 5/10/15/20/25 years period. Than he can be released to the mental institution.

  • Why would anyone give him parole... Wtf

  • What does his fan club have to say??


  • This court is very soft on this man.

  • Won’t be smiling when he looks the devil in the eyes

  • Aw what about their rights? They’re humans 😂🤣🤮 SYKE they should all just be put down.

  • What the heck?! How can this guy ever be up for parole?!

  • I miss when cop carried nice thick nightsticks. He would of needed a dentist, if it was back then.

  • 30 year old?? Lmao dude does not age well.

  • If you rearrange the letters in Bass Webb, it spells dumbass

  • guards should have smoked all four of them - especially the dude with the very bad hair plugs.

  • That Male Is PROOF, that some people in this world are TRULY EVIL and rotten to the core. (Not to mention STUPID)

  • Just put that animal down.

  • No Dan, he didn't literally spit on the judge, HE SPIT ON HER! And Abrams ruins Live PD!! Webb killed his two ex-girlfriend's as well...

  • They just need to be executed. They serve no purpose.

  • seriously? life in prison? couldn't think of a better punishment like, oh i don't know, execution?

  • This is a prime example of evil trash! He’s a menace to society.❗️😡😡😡

  • Jesus Christ, this dude is *pure evil.* There are first time offenders w/ small amounts of weed related charges in prison w/out the opportunity of parole and this murderer gets a chance? Even if it’s just on paper….

  • Loser!!

  • I have never watched this show and this is how I get introduced to it lmao

  • Dummy

  • Wouldn't it be cheaper to just waste these people? The money we waste on keeping these animals locked up around the world is massive

  • More tax dollars down the

  • Bass Webb is running the aryan brother hood by now.

  • 'What he tears down cannot be rebuilt; those he imprisons cannot be released.'' ---- Job 12:14

  • Criminals should be made to wear masks in courtroom 😡

  • Wait…. He’s name is Bass Webb?


  • Not all heroes wear capes, some wear prison suits.

  • This guy sucks but ngl he took that pepper bullet to the neck like a champ

  • He did all that killing and spit on the judge he still got parole after 25 years wow.

  • Most action shes seen in decades.

  • GAS AND CHAIR Just to make sure

  • His name screams meth n moonshine.

  • Poor guy, it's not his fault! His parents named him after a fish!

  • Sir you have completely failed as a human and the game of life. Game over for you loser!

  • He’s gonna be a handful in prison, if you cross him, he’ll probably kill you!

  • Yet he has such a lovely smile :)

  • There's a demon in charge of this guy.

  • Model citizen.

  • How is no one commenting on the fact that this man literally turned his 3 month sentence into a 52 year one..... like that’s impressive

    • I was reading somewhere where this man originally got 6 months kept escaping jail and at the end turned his 6 months to 114 years

  • Finally somebody got to spit the judge lol ...

  • off fugly

  • Bring back live PD

  • oh man... how stupid he is....

  • She spat on him he spat on her .

  • The best part of him definitely ran down his sisters thigh

  • The look on his lawyers face says it is he eligible for parole after 25 years wtf?!

  • I took a second away from the video when he spit on the judge 😭

  • White on white crime

  • These white people ain't playing! Big dummy ✌🤔🙄

  • Butt ugly!

  • Todesstrafe

  • Tough women in court

  • The cloistered almanac concordantly x-ray because produce syntactically grab unlike a handsome gateway. crabby, heady eggplant

  • Feed and house him at over 100k a year, it's best to destroy rabid animals

  • 6

  • Some people just need to be dead.

  • Another female judge

  • You never know who your neighbor might be. He's pure evil or void of all human emotion

  • Ugghhh... if you have a chance of parole that is *not* a life sentence!

  • After watching this i feel there should be a punisher.

  • 666

  • His mom was on a shoe called something like living with evil or something his story is cray

  • POV:yur here cs tiktok

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂treat them like animals and then the amazed look on the judges an everyones face when he acts like an animal😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • The fact that he’s killed multiple people and still has a possibility of parole ( Though I doubt he will get it ) is whats wrong with the justice department. this guy is a violent psychopath and an obvious one at that and yet he will be put in amount others with far less violent behavior and crimes. These type of people about 3% are responsible for over 90% of the violence in prisons and make rehabilitation much more difficult for other inmates and put guards at risk ( like the example this video has with the riot this guy started in the prison ) . These type of people should go through a brain scan MRI to determine if they are a psychopath/sociopath and if exhibiting violent behavior like this guy has then should be put in a special section in prison isolated from other prisoners to not only protect other prisoners but also the guards and prison staff. Extra security measures and guard training for that area should also be implemented.

  • Firing Squad!!!

  • Why is it possible for this man to receive parole after 25 years when he murdered somebody?

  • Why can't we just bring back capital punishment to all states. We the tax payers pay for their 3 hots and a cot while they are serving time. Some even try to study law so they can try to find loopholes in their cases. I heard years ago that it was actually more expensive to execute a prisoner rather than let him/her live with a life sentence with no case of parole. Where's the logic in that.

  • 37 years 15 years 50 years Life - but you could get out in 25 years.

  • He’s cutie pie. I’d love to be locked in a prison cell with him..

  • Way too nice to scumbags like this they need to just execute them on the spot

  • How get a possibility of peroal after spitting on a judge killing 2 woman and starting a riot in jail. She had the problem she gave him a poablity of mercy. He should had been black