Cowboys Twitter account takes shot at Dak Prescott after playoff loss vs. 49ers | NFL | UNDISPUTED

čas přidán 23. 01. 2023
The Dallas Cowboys official Twitter account garnered a lot of attention yesterday when they tweeted out an article to the Cowboys loss to the San Francisco 49ers with the caption that read. “Dak Prescott gave away the ball twice in the narrow loss to the 49ers, in a matchup the Cowboys had a chance to win if they didn’t again generate self-inflicted wounds.” Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to Dak Prescott receiving criticism from his team’s Twitter account.
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Cowboys Twitter account takes shot at Dak Prescott after playoff loss vs. 49ers | NFL | UNDISPUTED
• Cowboys Twitter accoun...
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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    • 😂😂😂😂

    • Spot On

  • I really believe Jerry Jones was standing over the employees' shoulder as this was being typed out.

    • 😂😂

    • Imagine

    • could be

    • No ifs, ands, buts, or maybes about it someone within the Dallas Cowboys organization approved it. This wasn’t some peon going rogue

    • Told him write or like Donald Trump: You're Fired.....

  • Was the tweet Was the tweet true...YES. And I'm a Cowboy fan for life...the man missed 5 games and still led the league in ints

    • Twitters just the wrong place, they basically asking twitter kids to start slanging death threats at him by posting that.

    • It's bad when the back up does a more efficient job than the starter

  • I heard Dak even threw his tv out…sad thing is, it was intercepted before it got to break 🤣😂

  • “Ain’t nothing wrong with your TV. It’s your team you need to throw out!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • If I was Dak I'd be packing my bags bro. I've never seen a team do this EVER. This is insane bro

    • 😂😂don’t loook back

    • We would help him pack 😂

    • With all that money he making...he not going anywhere as long he on that huge contract that he doesn't play to...

    • Who’s going to pay him anywhere near the amount the cowboys are? Some poverty franchise (lions) could afford it but that is career suicide.

  • Jerry was like “ Post that Sh*t ”…..😤

  • That employee ain’t getting fired cause the employee was JERRY JONES.

    • Bro you are hilarious 😂 I really laughed out loud

    • Shannon should be talking about how he should have lost his job trying to fight a NBA team 🚬🧐

    • I’m glad

    • Realistically, if it wasn't Jerry Jones, Jerry knew about it.

    • @@thisguy8373 Lmaooo

  • 20:21 Skip never thought he would be saying those words. Almost started crying.

  • Damn Dak you really did it this time😂😂😂

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • He sure did😒. He bout to get the 👢.

    • You are very right! This is still unprofessional.

    • @@alldat2006he had it coming , don’t feel bad for him , he’s still catching that 40m check

    • @@Martin-mp5th if you know how his contract is set up, that’s not happening.

  • I knew it was only a matter of time before Skip started talking about getting Rodgers, but not only 2 days after they lost 😂

    • Why not? It's fresh off a game where it was prime for the taking and the qb failed to reel-in the miscues🤷‍♂️. People are highly discouraged to put it nicely by what they saw last game.

    • Skip must be desperate lol,he hates Rodgers

  • As an eagles fan this chaos is delicious

    • we beat u last time

    • @@214thugger ok….we play Sunday….when is the Cowboys next game….sorry the preseason schedule has not been released…

    • Chaos is a ladder

    • @@murphybrown1366 stacked team 😂 that team was bought , what players were drafted ?

    • @@murphybrown1366 cold world 😂

  • Him throwing away a Cowboy's jersey was priceless 🤣 Go Niners!!!!

    • 99% of Cowboy fans despise Skip. He’s just like the 1% that give us all a bad name because they’re always screaming “WE’RE WINNING THE SUPER BOWL!!” after every win. Been a Cowboy fan for 47 years…. I know how arrogant they are.

    • Skip typically throws them away and then takes them out after they have a good game. I think that trash can is just for his jerseys he throws away lol

    • Niners and Purdy will be crushed by the Eagles!

    • His wife probably pulls it out to wash it then puts it back in fresh.

    • @@maxgee8676 and if they somehow beat the Eagles, they're getting mauled alive by the Chiefs or Bengals

  • I've never seen an actual team account do this 😂. Nah that's crazy 💀. But I guess leave it to Cowboys to continue to provide entertainment and drama even after their season is over😭

    • It's definitely not crazy and I like it! It's called "accountability" and it will make Dak a better person/player (he'll still be terrible but a little less terrible)

    • The truth always sounds crazy to people

    • It's not about it being the truth this shows a lot about the team the scummy cowgirls are lol

    • It's Big D 🤣🤣🤣

    • @@michaelmentality usually it’s not the team account that’s doing it.

  • This is Jerry's way of telling Dak it's over.

    • My exact thought

    • Nice Jerry. You gave Tony Romo 16 years but Dak only gets 6? That's nice. I hope you don't draft anymore brothers because clearly there is a double standard. Troy Aikmen was right, you guys are the new jets

    • @@michael2134c Always gotta use the Race Card. LAME.

    • @@michael2134c nahh i dont think its a race thing its more so learning from ur mistakes and not trying to repeat them cause lets be honest how many more years does dak need?!

  • Skip been walking a fine line lately on his best behavior 🤣🤣🤣

  • Skip looks like he's been crying 😂

  • "He kept using the word 'sick' after the game" "Yep, 7 times." Shannon took a picture of the receipts in case the originals got smudged

    • I was looking for someone to catch this too 😂

  • I haven't laughed out loud at undisputed in a min but when Shannon said Aaron come on down was HILARIOUS. 20:23

  • When Skip’s calling for the Cowboys to trade for Aaron Bleepin’ Rodgers, you know he’s fed up 😂😂😂

    • I guess who would love top have Brady but is aware deep inside of his heart, that the Cowboys lack the means for a SB run, and Brady is well aware of it too.

    • Hate to inform him as a Packers fan, but Aaron Rodgers would have likely lost that game too. SF has been a thorn in his side the last decade or so. 6-6 Regular Season record. 0-3 Playoff record.

    • @@bluerisk they lack it because they don't have a good qb. Brady would change that if he isn't washed up at this point

    • That’s because Skip bout to hit his ceiling too.He’s in his 70s

    • why would the packers want Dak thou.

  • Whoever put that tweet up deserves a raise 😂

  • Cowboys never fail to surprise me🤣🤣🤣

    • Over the last 27 years...they never fail to fail...

  • Lmao!!! Skip asking for Aaron Rodgers 😂😂😂 this is unprecedented

  • As a Cowboy fan, that disgusted me. Teams should never single out players by name on social media. That is unprofessional and a slap in the face to Dak. Who has done nothing but represent the organization well on and off the field. If I was him, I'd want out now. There's snakes in the house that Jerry built. 🐍

    • If I were the organization I would show that nice guy Dak the door first. Nice guys finish last.

    • He needs to held accountable, it's definitely time for him to go

    • That's about all Dak has done,enough said.

    • Jerry and the organization had all the patience in the world for Romo, but Dak has be damn near perfect or his job is at risk.

  • I haven’t heard Aaron Rodgers being called the bad man in a long time

  • the fact they still have not taken down the post is what kills me they said “nah i said what i said 🗣️🗣️” 😂😂😂

  • Gotta admit skip’s good when it’s something he’s making a knowledgeable argument about

  • I’m starting to think Jerry Jones wrote that himself 😅

  • "So Aaron Rodgers come on down! Come on down!" 20:22 😂😂😂😂😂

    • lol cowboys couldnt take on dak and rogers contract pretty much cowboys are stuck with dak next 3 years

    • @@funtyes1970 He's talking about trading Dak for Rogers in some way, not having both Rodgers and Dak on contract together.

    • @@davidyang3068 why in world packer take dak in a trade . i sure dont see it .

    • @@davidyang3068 if packers did trade rogers packers probably would want high draft picks over a player so they can rebuild . if there a team could get rogers in a trade probably would be NY Jets and pretty much that all jets are missing is a qb . jets have very good young team especially there defense is load with great talent

  • Social Media being honest and Shannon is furious about it...THAT'S what is shocking!

  • Dak has always been middle of the pack. In previous years where the Cowboys team wasn't as good, their fans would always point to how great Dak was because he was near the top of the league in passing yards. But they would neglect to mention the fact the reason he had so many passing yards was because they were constantly playing from behind and having to pass in attempt to get back into the game. Now that the pieces are around him, its obvious his limitations.

  • I love how Skip going thru every possible scenario how the Cowboys could've won . Woulda, coulda, shoulda....but couldn't 😂

    • Skip has an excuse for everything

    • I was just about to comment this lol especially with the points thing I'm like skip your team lost get over it

    • @@paulcross1561 As Always. Very annoying.

    • The Cowboys could've won this and many other important games if Dak didn't throw a pick with every other pass attempt. Not that hard to understand or explain. Shannon has made that clear many times, and Skip is stating to get it too.

    • @@paulcross1561 didn’t sound like excuses to me. Just sounded like he was talking about blown opportunities which is why they lost

  • Skip is trying not to laugh at the beginning when Shannon was talking 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

    • Hahahahaha

    • “Yah, yeah” 😂😂😂

    • I know you agree with me, but you gotta control your chortling so that I can finish my point SKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEUP!

  • The Cowboys broke Skips spirit 💔

  • I get that losing this close to being potential champions can be heartbreaking. But I feel like putting the blame on one out of however many people are on the field (I don’t watch football too much) is not the right move. At the end of the day it’s about the team executing the game plan correctly. They should’ve just took the L and be proud about the fight that they put up.

    • Except they’re paying Dak $40 Million dollars a year. To put that in perspective, that’s nearly the same as Mahomes. The defense and special teams played good enough for them to win, Pollard got hurt, and Ceedee Lamb played well. Dak and Zeke deserve some backlash for how they played, considering how good they are supposed to be

    • @@tylersprouse6861 What about Mike McCarthy? He could've done a better job too. This is a team sport.

    • @@urbaindelva7869 Yeah but I didn’t expect anything more from McCarthy tbh. I expected more out of Dak and Zeke

  • IVE been saying this since his rookie year, HES NOT THAT GUY. I’m glad that people now realize that

    • I've been right there with you. Game manager, Alex Smith at best

    • I been saying this since he took over my QB Tony Romo job. 2016 was Tony Romo last chance for a ring. Since that Dez catch. I watch dak at Mississippi state folding in big games. He did beat LSU his last year. I'm a football fan before I'm a cowboys fan. Cowboys just my hometown team. I never was a fan of dak I said he was average a game manager not a gunslinger like Romo. Post season TDs Ints ratio Dak 11 TDs to 5 Ints. Romo 8 TDs to 2 Ints in the post season plus tied 1st in post season 4th quarter QBR, and Comp%.

    • Literally he's Kirk Cousins with a better PR team. Actually after this season... he might not actually be as good as Kirk Cousins 😂

    • @@danlorett2184 didn't Kirk Cousins lose in the first round??🤣

  • More teams need to do this. Players need to understand that if they don't perform they aren't welcome.

    • I don't mind this at all. I'd love to see the Packers do this to their consistent choker.

  • Well they ain’t lying. He did cost the cowboys the game

    • Shouldn’t come from official Cowboys account. Great way to make every player in the league to think twice about coming to a team that throws one of their own under the bus.

    • @@hardeeps5295 being sorry don't cut it no more

    • So it's only Dak? Mike and Kellen have no responsibility? The fact that they didn't adjust when Pollard got hurt? They didn't even let Davis touch the ball. Could have used Turpin before the last play.

    • Mike and Kellen didn’t make poor decisions followed by worse throws. They can’t t play the game for him.

    • @@Jgip34 the African turnover machine keeps changing the play when he doesn't know how to read defenses 🚬☺️

  • Jerry: *"tweet it Steve"* Steve the social media guy: *"but sir...."* Jerry: *"TWEET IT STEVE"*

  • “Very very conscious not to throw their superstars under the bus “ . Who ever said Dak was a superstar? 😂

  • 15:50 lmao that pause was great 😂 “do I want dak prescott? no”

  • Dallas Cowboys social media team are just speaking facts.

  • As a non cowboy fan I laughed so hard at the last play of the game. As bad as the play was literally 2 guys were open on each side with blockers ready but only saw one guy in the middle. Dak was "good" one season but only cause zeke was getting fed when he actually wanted to play football....Classic cowgirls

    • I’ve been sayin the same thing for 7 years take zeke outta the equation in 16 n Dak wouldn’t even b in the league rite now

    • @@Dingoplexor exactly

  • Even as a casual fan I have noticed the pressure the media and the Cowboys put on Dak. It seems like everything always comes down to him. Like he is the cowboys. Idk if thats the result of them having a great team built around him and saying ok you have the weapons now its all on you to win or what... but the pressure they put on him is palpable.

  • Skip had hidden love for Aaron Rodgers, after all the comments he made about him, he let it be known that certain quarterbacks he likes

    • This is the same dynamic between Spider-Man and J Jonah Jameson 😂😂

  • Happy National Cowboys Elimination Day, 🥳 Cheers mates 🍻

    • Best day of every football season

  • I dont want whoever posted that to lose their job. They were telling the TRUTH. So whoever it was, thats the LAST person Id want them to fire. DAK NEEDS TO GO!!!

  • This Dallas Twitter account should be applauded for its honesty

    • I just said the same thing

    • It came from jerry not a big deal

    • Except it's not true. The game was 6-9 at halftime. So those two turnovers did NOT cause the Cowboys to lose. This game came down to the kickers. Dallas kicker 6 points, 49ers kicker 13 points.

    • @eudy Maverick Mentor THIS!! Cowboy fans act like they happened at or close to the end of the game. 49ers defense took those picks and the 49ers offense went down the field and scored on that defense

  • He's not good enough to win you a superbowl.. He's good enough not to hurt you if he doesn't play so recklessly, but he's not gonna put a team on his shoulders and take you to a superbowl that's never happening he needs alot of help..

  • I hate it that they don't show the video footage that they look at while discussing a play.

  • Fire a employee for telling the truth is crazy . The entire nation seen the game .

  • I said the same thing! I’m not a cowboys fan or 49ers fan (wanted 9ers to win tho) but the employee has to be terminated. Not only a unprofessional look for Dallas but going into the off-season with a bad taste in their mouths from that loss adds more negativity and potential divide going to the off-season. Which is what they definitely don’t need if they wanna get further next year. Furthermore, primarily if your Dak Prescott I don’t see how that leads you coming into next season in the best mentality to lead when the org is throwing under the bus indirectly/directly

  • Skip tryna hold dat laugh in at da end is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  • He's right, as a life long fan, this one hurts the most.

    • If I were a cowboys fan, Id be done with Dak by now

    • Worst than Romo interception in the EndZone against the Giants... or Romo fumbling the snap...

    • The turnover machine hurt there kickers feelings last week black just getting a taste of his own medicine 🚬😐

    • Goodnight munchie- great point

    • It’s hurts the most because we had a chance, they won by 7 with two take aways, this game was so winnable😖

  • Talk about creating resentment between the team and management 😂

  • I just saw him in a dream, in which, he was able to give me a shot to practice as a FB/TE at my old high school and helped my younger brother play as a WR. Just a dream, but, still cool.

  • I knew this would transpire sooner or later: Dak was hailed as the ultimate leader on social issues and standing up for his owner when the photos were unearthed, but, as my mother stated long ago: Nothing better than a bought lesson!!! He is damaged goods at this point; he'll never attain the heights that are expected of him.

  • I'm not a cowboys fan I was upset that Dallas snagged McCarthy from my team the panthers. I knew he'd turn that team around and I think he's just getting started I'd honestly be surprised if he didn't get them back in the playoffs next season. He's got a proven record and he had a pretty rough team to fix when he got there

  • There's NO WAY that Cowboys tweet gets released without the ok coming from the top!

  • They didn’t just throw Dak under the bus, they backed over him lol

  • ABOUT TIME, homeboy is TOO COMFORTABLE with the 40M and under-performing

  • “Come on Down….. Come on Down” 😂😂😂😂

  • I called it as a cowboys fan. Dak been throwing interceptions all year and the niners were perfect to make the most of it. Dak has shown after all these years he is nothing more than a 4th round QB

    • Nothing more than a 4th round QB? He's played terrible on big games but he is nowhere near a typical 4th round QB. Stupid comment

    • @@nich558 "he's played terrible in big games" that's exactly what a 4th round qb does

  • Thank you for getting rid of those obnoxious little boxes people were placed in. How refreshing it is to see Skip and Shannon full picture again.

  • Jerry Jones stood over the shoulder of that individual typing out the Tweet and said word for word what to tweet 💯

  • I feel bad for Dak lol he doesn’t deserve this hate from his team. Man got them to the divisional round in the playoffs. That’s no joke and they should be Happy they did so well this year.

  • Honestly I think the Cowboys organization has been giving Dak the benefit of the doubt, now he needs to take responsibility and they want to see how he responds.

  • He gunna loose on purpose now just to watch the fan base suffer

  • Feels like old skip and Shannon is back… gotta love it

  • There's throwing someone under the bus then there's being honest and that person was honest.

  • Fans smashing their televisions and team accounts throwing Dak under the bus. I love it.

  • That's the problem with society today. Holding players accountable is considered bad optics. Throwing them under the bus... This is EXACTLY what needed to be said! Dak has gotten a pass for too long!

  • Really going at lengths to not give credit of this loss, to how good SF’s defense is. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    • SF defense didn’t play all that well. The cowboys gave them that game period. SF will have a hard time against the eagles period….

    • @@tonijones83 LMAO y’all have been saying that to us since week seven. Always an excuse.

    • Paul Romero san Francisco won't stand a chance against Eagles. San Francisco is a great team, respect to them, but jalen Hurts is twenty times better than Dak Prescott. I don't think 49ers can contain him. He is too elusive and has a very strong arm. But we'll see. Just my opinion. I would like 49ers to beat Eagles too.

    • @@olblu8746 bet you were singing the same thing last week about the cowboys game 😂

    • @@paulromero4483 l knew SF would beat Dallas. Dallas chokes in big games. They just fall apart!

  • Pollard has been Dallas's offense for the last two years. The lose of Pollard had a bigger impact then the two early interceptions that only added up to 6 points.

  • Woooah when the teams Twitter account complains it's a real problem although unacceptable but accurate. I'm still a Dak and Cowboys fan no matter the outcome!!!! No bandwagoning over here homeh!!! It's too solid 💪💪💪

  • They are just spitting facts!! I thought these are grown men they are talking about!! I guess their little feelings get hurt!! Dak you owe a lot of people tvs and some sheet rock with that dog water performance!!!!

  • I actually like it when Shannon and Skip agree once in a while. Honestly, if chuckles at some moment, it’s usually a pretty good show

    • You're right. I like all the shows. For me it's just entertainment. I get what you're saying.

  • Shannon- 'It ain't your T.V. it's your team, that's what you need to throw out. Unc Shay is too funny.

  • The miss throw to Gallop had running room but Dak straight up missed him

  • Aaron Rodgers C'mon Down! 😂 Skip mad for real 😂😂

  • As a Niner fan and respect JG, Dak is like JG to us. I felt the pain too.

    • Jimmy has been to a Super Bowl though and won many games for us this year. That said, perhaps they might want to make a trade with us for him.

    • I’ll take Jimmy G, Rodgers, or Lamar over Dak. Please I hope we land one of these 3 QBs

    • @@kevinstfort JG is a free agent next season if I'm not mistaken.

  • Idk why but I love it when skip goes “mmmmm” 😂 so funny for no reason

  • Losing a football game is never a singular effort, just like winning one isn’t.

    • He threw 2 interceptions that led to 6 points. That was the difference. Dak tied for most interceptions this season and missed 5 games. He cannot handle the pressure of being a Cowboy quarterback. He cannot handle playoff pressure.

    • INT before half was a potential 6 point swing, so 9 point difference. 12 + 6 = 18 (Cowboys); 19 - 3 = 16 (49ers).

    • @@TheRealfan1 Scott Steiner approves...

    • @@crundell34 Dak is the reason they lost the game. Jerry is the reason they've been dissappointing for almost 30 years now...

  • Love how recently skip has been agreeing with shannon on like non negotiable things sports related

  • Skip looks like he aged 30 years off this game!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I would support this tweet if we weren't still on the line for 65 million

  • This tactic can only do 2 things, get him to work harder or prove even more what Jerry already knew.

  • We needed to start fast and get the lead to force Purdy to throw more. Diggs has to catch that pick. Now, regarding expectations; we lost Dak in the first game. the backup goes 4 and 1 Dak gets us to 12 and 5. We were playing with house money.

  • The days skip was talking about is when Dallas had a real strong team a legendary coach ( Tom Landry Roger Staubach as QB the full team was solid from top to bottom.jerry is trying to relive those days of glory. He just doesn’t have the core he used to have.

  • If it wasn’t for the cowboys twitter, I would’ve never knew that Dak threw 2 interceptions.😂

    • Legit

    • Yeah they made a point to out Dak! High Five! 🤣

    • You don't get it.

    • It just means his own lost faith in him let the white rifle fly and trade the African turnover machine and have money to pay the players about to leave and still have money to improve 🚬😳

  • No accountability needs to be taken defense balled out and gave everything and Dak threw it away and he needs to be called out on it !

  • But Dak’s 2 interceptions where the actual reason they lost the game 😂

  • The decline of Zeke and the trade of Amari are affecting Dak a lot more than people realize. He always had that safety blanket in Cooper and when they need a run or at least a first you went to Zeke no problem, now coop is gone and zeke averages 2.0 yards a clip. Dak is trying to do things all himself I feel cause he doesn’t have as much faith in his running game like he used too, pollard is good but who was the guy right next to Dak since day 1

    • Zeke is as good as gone. As for Amari Cooper, you can bet that the defense wouldn't have locked down on CeeDee Lamb if another credible threat in the receiving game existed.

  • Total slap in the face to Dak, especially considering that he took responsibility for the loss immediately after the fact.

  • “Aaron Rodgers cmon down” 😂😂 skips crazy but I’m with him dak lost me after that last game Brady or Aaron we need y’all

  • “And I don’t even like Aaron Rodgers “ 😂😂😂

  • The fact skip wants Aaron over dak is MIND BLOWING LOL IM SHOCKED 😮😂

  • They threw Dak under the bus as fast as Dak throws interceptions!

  • the Tweet was a quote from the article it was linking, and I appreciate the writer of the article for being honest, the Cowboys lost due to self inflicted wounds

  • Sharp : that’s not right skip Sharp : don’t throw your tv , throw your whole team out