CRAZY man cuts pizza with a FAN 🤯

čas přidán 7. 02. 2023
Matteo, what are you doing? 😂😱

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  • bro went flying when he got hit by the frying pan 💀

  • Translation : Yup.. It’s drugs

    • أخييييىرا تعليقات عربية ف هالقناة 😂😂

    • i know im arab

    • 🥲 وش ذه

    • @البائس الحزين متنكرين يا حبيبي الزمن صعب 😂😂😂

    • مكنتش موقع تعليقات عربيه

  • In Arabic he said Yup it's the drugs lol

  • He was saying in the video “yes that's the result of drugs”😂

  • The person who was talking said :yes,it is drugs نعم انها المخدرات 😂😂 And that is a meme in Arabic 😂

  • Ok that pan was a little bit unexpected😂😂

    • still called for tho

  • "Yep! That's what drugs do" 😆

    • I was going to translate 😅😅

  • Bro got his head whacked by a pan.. while he was holding a fan.

    • The best replies I've seen 👏

    • @looney logic take my like and get out

    • @looney logic dayum

    • @S.J.C. Entertainment There once was a man with a coke can and a short life span flying to Japan his name Dan who was hit with a frying pan whilst holding a fan from his best mate Stan because things do always go to plan

    • The man cutting pizza with a fan who may be named dan got hit with a pan and he flew across the world all the way to Japan.

  • Matteo is always beaten and never learns! hahahahaha Tsk, tsk.

  • The frying pan was absolutely necessary. Bravo


    • I believe I can touch the skyyyyy🕊️ I think about it night and day

  • That hit was personal 💀

  • That guy is just a huge pizza fan 😉

    • Good one xD

    • Lol nice one with that joke 😂

  • "A person who thinks....has nothing to think about except thoughts" -wisest man

  • If u didnt understand what that guy said in that video, he said "Yeah, its drugs..." But matteo just flew to ohio 💀

  • Bro got teleported to the backrooms💀

  • How people cut pizza in ohio:

    • @qualte nah

    • @mr pizza did it die when I did

    • Just to let you know that this is dead

  • Love these guys! Lionfield legends❤

  • Damn, he got crit attacked by a pan

  • People say he's still flying till this day

  • Lionfeld you guys should react to dokaryan who makes some crazy combination with drinks and other things,pls

  • Im just wondering, how is your friend still alive everytime you slap his head with everything?🤣

  • The worst thing about that is that the pizza is already cut perfectly. Hell, there's even a piece already missing!

    • Common sense be damned When under the influence of مخدرات

  • I see you took the Pokemon thing seriously - the spoon evolved into a frying pan!

  • i literally just dropped my heart 😂

  • This time I was prepared for the slap, but not the frying pan! Poor Matteo!!

  • In Arabic he says Yes it's drugs

  • Why cut pizza? Just roll it and eat in a psychopath way. 💀

  • That’s not a fan, That’s a whole dang weapon😂😂

  • He went flying to the Alps💀

  • That hit was straight to heaven 🙂🤚

  • 💀💀😂😂 I wasn’t expecting that to happen

  • Modern problems require modern solutions

  • Pretty sure that fan had a cage around it so yeah xD

  • Ouch...I can literally feel that hit at the back of my head 😂😂

  • He got sent to the next dimension

  • Using a fan like a weed wacker?

  • pan slap

  • The end scare me 🤣🤣 !!!.

  • Headshot from Pan💀

  • The big pan this time!! Bam 💥

  • Translation: yep it’s the drugs 😅

  • I was NOT expecting that omg 😂

  • the title killed me 😂

  • I literally flew with him when he got hit by the frying pan 💀

  • The rapunzel vibes I got the moment Matteo was hit with the pan

  • BRUH 💀

  • translation: yes it's drugs

  • Bro got smacked so hard he went to the backrooms

  • I Literally Felt That Hit Through The Screen💀☠️

  • I was not expecting that💀💀

  • In Arabic: yes it's the drugs

  • someone someone besides me got a scare at the end lol

  • Bro Matteo always gets hit by Emiliano 😂😂😂

  • Forget the spoon, he went straight for the frying pan XD

  • the ones where he gets hit are the best 😂

  • Bro, if that was my fan that pizza would be covered in dust 💀

  • i hope matteo's okay cuz someone hits hard on matteo's friend

  • I Drop a slice of pizza yesterday. Today I literally Saw you guys in my dream💀

  • Bro got slapped by a pan 💀

  • 200 IQ! I will give it a try

  • I felt that...

  • Translation : yes , it’s drugs

  • “Yes, it’s the drugs.”

  • Bro went dead 💀

  • How are you surviving all those slaps 🤣😢

  • i’m a fan of this 😏

  • You just spawned an army of Arabs including me 😂

  • That's an accident waiting to happen 😂

  • Damn I felt that

  • Italin Style Sando Butter Caramel(It's a dessert available in Thailand and it's delicious. I'm not cursing your country. I want you to taste the dessert.😄😄😄)🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭

  • Was that nonna who acted with the frying pan?

  • as an arabic this was funny


  • The audio fits so well 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • The pan spawned out of nowhere and landed a headshot

  • Here comes the fryin' pan! -engineer

  • Bro got destroyed 💀

  • I saw that coming💀

  • the better way to saw cutting a pizza is with table saw propelled by Direct current magnetic motors

  • Man, I hope Matteo is ok after getting hit several times with a hand, spoon, rolling pin, and frying pan.

  • that ending😭😭

  • نعم انها المخدرات 😂😂😂😂😂

  • OMG- did not expect the frying pan hit...

  • For who, don’t know what he said, he actually said in the audio of the video in Arabic: yup, it’s drugs😂😂😂

  • Power of that Italian pan 💀....

  • one of them here is a big fan

  • When you pause for an milisecond it looks like he had the worst pain of his life and flew off to the PIZZA WORLD

  • Just put this man is a prison!!!!!!!

  • Skipped the spoon and instantly went for the pan


  • Where did Matteo landed after that slap? I think, He went straight to see Jesus Christ! 😇

  • EMI, what are you doing? He was only cooling down his hot pizza 😂

  • Who summoned captain America 😂

  • Wttfff🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣was that i'm Rolling on the floor

  • That caught got me off guard I almost dropped my food

  • legend says it that he was never seen after that 😂

  • Paano gawin yung philippines style ng spaghetti

  • Pain 🗿☕️

  • I “Fan” This Guy