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  • helllooooo friends ur fav French CS-tv might make a comeback soon ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘

    • 00:46 Because the price is obscene, when I inquired the guy wanted $18,000. I'd have to sell 1800 Pizzas just to get my money back. A viable income would require at least 10 machines. If you've got $180,000 just buy a real pizzeria.

    • ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ

    • Hello Lia !

    • @Live the turtle life See future y did u need to say...?

    • Hi I am Scarlett

  • oh the fries i remember when i was 4 i ate some they were delicious the front desk gave us sauce and knew how to talk by then so i just asked and they specially have sauce behind the front desk

  • the mashed potatoes vending machine has been sashas favourite thing from now on

  • They should make hoodie vending machines. Or sock ones, or cats, dogs, ooooh maybe a icecream one, or a pc controller one, or games, cars maybe, or salaads, or laptops, or paper and pens, or... srry im gonna stop now.

  • The mashed potato one is for my dad when he was a kid his grandma made a batch of mashed potatoes just for him and my aunt

  • what website are you using?

  • 10/10 wood eat xD

  • hI ITS ME PIZZA LOVER ME WANT pizzaaaaaa

  • 1:09 love that

  • Still waiting until lia buy and review one of the vending on her channel

  • Did anyone els here a duck at 0:04 in the back round. EDIT: 0:02 Second edit: 0:03

  • Comment what vending machine you liked on this vid or which one you want to exist

  • Types of vending machines I would like in my room : Boba Vending Machines Taki Vending Machines Arizona Ice Tea Vending Machines

  • Burito pizza supreme most of those machines are in the upper states of America But I’ve seen the bait machine in Georgia outside of a bait shop

  • In Stuttgart in Germany there is a Pizza Vending Machine

  • I've thought about this a lot, and even though I really want to pick shaking the machine, I think I'll have to go with shaking the machine.

  • Yasssss mashed potato

  • hello I know how crazy vending machine I will shack the machine

  • I love your videos so much they make my day

  • Good for the people that live in U.S.A bc in awhere country in the philipines i cant see even one vending machine in awhere country

  • i am gluten free tooooo

  • In the Netherlands we have fresh meat dispensers.

  • A Milwaukee and UWM

  • The french fries fries machine is also avalible in a mall in UAE, Dudai Ps. I live in dubai

  • You were in marshmallows kitchen

  • There is a claw machine that has real lobster at China. Should not try.

  • The live fish vending machines are just animal cruelty . Like just stop

  • My dad is from Stepdad is from Russia I should ask him to buy me one next time I go

  • I love tea too so delicious 🤤 ☕️🥃

  • 1:34 people say that's in my country (Singapore) lol. Although I never saw that before in my life 😂

  • I saw a Frie maker vending machine it’s at Dubai where i live it’s at Sahara Mall i tryed it and it tastes awsome. Love you

  • Where's the ramen noodle vending machines??🤗😋🤤 That french fry one though 😍

  • Do a part 2 please and we love you sssniperwolf ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Hi SSSniperwolf🖐️🖐️🖐️

  • It's in India Mumbai Railway station (pizza vending machine)

  • Shaking the machine

  • My whole family knows russian-


  • not trying to be rude but i dont like gravy sorry

  • I have the same remote thing at home

  • I eat crabs as well and I love the,m

  • I love mashpatatos

  • I can’t have gluten either

  • If you ever have an allergic reaction to wheat take benadryl I promise it works it has saved my sister from her throat swelling shut

  • You have the best house ever

  • Hey ladies, and gentlemen that wear weave we can now get some stale af weave from vending machines

  • Sssniperwolf: the future Me:facts by the way there is guy in makes the food

  • My mom is gluten free

  • Sssniper wolf: Are you gonna shake the machine or shake the machine? Me: What was the first option again???

  • Imitation crab has gluten in it

  • Please tell me I'm not the only one who is screaming "animal abuse" in my head at seeing the crabs and gold fish in the vending machines..

  • We have an egg vending machine at a local farm. It’s great and it makes it so the farmer can sell his eggs without being there (the swing door shooting open scared me at first though..)

  • Something two of my favorite youtubers have in common: both Lia and Cristine love tea, loose leaf tea 🍵

  • How is that crab thing legal

  • Lia: USED UNDERWEAR VENDING MACHINE!!!!!!! Me: Doesn’t that give you a DISEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4:34 me be drinking pepsi

  • /\_/\ ( . . )

  • In event that food is stuck in vending machines smash glass with tomahawk

  • Would it be weird for a guy to purchase those panties😂😂😂😂

  • Well we rarely have drive thrus In India ugh!

  • Hit me up with that live bait

  • 0:100

  • That is a thing in Australia mini vending machines

  • That is thing in Australia

  • sniper you dont stand in a drive thru

  • How is it possible for it not to brack

  • 3:27 who ever did this shall never get namjoon's love

  • are u actually french xD? i dont even know anymore xDDD

  • I saw the farmers thing at an airport once.

  • I thought looseleaf was a type of paper

  • Imma make a Meme Vending Mechine

  • Damn why she look like Elsa though??

  • I somehow remembered that O'Hare had one of those hidden in a corner

  • 4:28 that's probably in South Africa

  • U like crab too the ms crab TYPE

  • T

  • S

  • I

  • O

  • I feel bad for the crabs I would buy all of them and release them and they shouldn’t be doing that to animals